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    Hair fall a very big and common problem in both sexes. But generally men are more effected as only males get complete baldness whereas females get reduction in the density of hairs. Dandruff, pollution, nutritional deficiencies and genetic factors are most common reasons for hair fall. Shaving hairs is a good option as it helps in proper massage of skull with oil and clears skull skin problem like dandruff very fast. You should not use strong shampoos and hair cosmetics like hair colors, dyes and shampoos. Increase water intake. Take good timely meals and increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Ayurvedic medicines are very useful in controlling hair fall and other hair related problems. We recommend you to start with a regular course of DIVYA KESH TAILA on your skull and hair roots with gentle massage. Then rinse it after about half an hour with DIVYA KESH KANTI SHAMPOO. Regular use of these herbal hair cosmetics strengthens hairs by providing proper nutrition to the hair roots, clears the side effect of pollution, washes out dandruff and thus prevents hair fall and premature graying of hair. Just keep using these ayurvedic products regularly to get permanent and best results.

    Hair restoration

    Hair restoration is possible with hair grafting or hair transplant technique. This is a surgical method and is very safe and popular treatment to restore the lost hairs from scalp, eyelashes or any other part. Hair fall can be controlled naturally by ayurvedic safe and natural medicines. We recommend you apply DIVYA KESH TAILA on your skull and hair roots with gentle massage. Then rinse it after about half an hour with DIVYA KESH KANTI SHAMPOO. Apply oil daily and if you can apply it for full night then the results will be best. There is no need to shampoo your hair regularly. These medicated hair care products will help you in preventing hair fall and restore your confidence and beauty. These medicines will provide nutrition to your hairs and protect them from pollution. Avoid use of strong and chemical rich products to prevent damage to hairs. These medicines will also cure dandruff problem. So take use these medicines and take healthy diet. Your diet should include more fresh fruits and vegetables as salads. Take four liters of water a day. This is the best natural cure for baldness.


    Dandruff is very common problem and is one of the major reason for hair fall and premature graying of hairs. You are using amla and reetha for hair wash which are very good for skull skin and dandruff problem. Use natural products for hair wash and avid using chemical rich shampoos, dyes and hair colors etc. Use DIVYA TRIPHALA CHOORNA, reetha and shikakai for hair wash regularly to strengthen the hair roots, clear dandruff and stop hair fall. Apart from these simple home remedies for hair problems and dandruff, you can also use DIVYA KESH TAILA with DIVYA KESH KANTI SHAMPOOregularly to cure hair fall problem naturally. These are medicated products and are very effective in the treatment of dandruff, hair fall, premature rain of hairs, itching in hair and split hair problem. A regular use of these medicated hair oil and shampoos provide proper nutrition to hair roots, clear infections and dandruff from skin of skull and clears the side effect of pollution from hair. Take good diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Massage your hairs with Divya kaish tailum with gentle massage on your skull and keep it for half an hour or so before rinsing. These simple measures will give marvelous results.

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