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Divya Mukta Vati Extra Power 120 Tablets

About the product:

Mukta Vati Extra Power is an Ayurvedic supplement to manage High Blood Pressure, gives immediate relief to patients without any side effects, completely herbal and natural.

Manufactured By: Divya Pharmacy

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Product description

Mukta vati Extra Power for High Blood Pressure is a herbal medicine based on ancient ayurvedic formulation and has ingredients like - Brahmi, Shankhpuspi, Vacha, Jyotishmati, guduchi, Ashwagandha, Moti pishti, Praval pishti etc. It is mainly benefits in Hypertension but also useful in Insomnia (Sleeplessness), Stress, Depression, anxiety, anger management and phobias. It is a very effective Herbo - Mineral preparation of Baba Ramdev.

High blood pressure was incurable till recent times, but with the advent of Ayurveda and use ofDivya Mukta Vati, hypertension can be managed effectively. Ayurvedic medicines have good management for Hypertension which was thought to be incurable. Patient suffering from High Blood Pressure should definitely consume anti-hypertensive medicine. Blood Pressure above 140 / 100 is considered high and one should take necessary steps to control the hypertension to avoid further complications. Baba Ramdev's Mukta Vati is the ayurvedic medicine of choice for high BP. This medicine can manage high blood pressure permanently if administered for long duration. It is also useful in associated symptoms of breathlessness, chest pain, heaviness in chest and uneasiness, anxiety, stress and depression. Mukta Vati helps in increasing cardiac output and normalize heart beats and blood pressure. It is a safe ayurvedic medicine for long duration. Chest pain, Palpitation, Angina, headache, insomnia, anxiety and stress can be managed by regular course of divya mukta vati.

Divya Mukta Vati Extra Power (Tablets)produced by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy is a proven Ayurvedic medicine to manageHigh Blood Pressurein Natural Way without any side effects.

Size / Quantity: 40 gram, 120 tablets

Uses and Benefits

  • Mukta vati manages high BP OR Hypertension due to heart diseases, increased cholesterol,Kidney disorders, tension, anxieties or because of Hereditary issues.
  • It is Free from side effects and if in rare cases patient has to consume Divya Mukta Vati for a longer period, then there is no harm as it does not cause any side effects.
  • Patients consuming Divya MuktaVati can stop taking other Allopathic medicines for controlling BP. People who have been consuming other allopathic medication for a long period and are habituated can gradually reduce the dose and start consuming Mukta Vati.
  • Divya Mukta vati also manages associated complications like :- Anxiety, Uneasiness, Palpitation, Insomnia, Pain in chest and headache. You do not need to consume extra medicines for relieving these complications. Intake of Divya Mukta Vati will not cause excessive sleep.
  • Divya Mukta Vati provides immediate relief to people whose blood pressure does not come to normal even after consuming allopathic medicine. It is great herbal remedy for Hypertension of Swami Ramdev.
  • Mukta vati has powerful ingredients and composition to manage the disease as compared to allopathic medicine which cannot manages High BP. Divya Mukta Vati controls the disease forever within a short period of time.

Mukta Vati Extra Power Ingredients

  • Brahmi (Centella asiatica) - It is very good tonic for Mind and Memory. It is also used in the recovery from exhaustion, stress and general debility. It calms the mind and relieves from depression, stress and anxiety.
  • Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) - It goes directly to the bone marrow and controls disorders related to Nervous system, relives pain, anxiety, insomnia and epilepsy. It convulsions & alleviates stress & promotes the integrity of your nervous system.
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) - It relieves stress, useful in Neurosis, insomnia, anxiety, excessive thinking, attention deficit disorders and Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is very useful in all disorders caused by stress.
  • Ugragandha (Acorus calamus) - Its primary use is to open the mind, enhance concentration, clarity & speech. Its stimulating effect on the bone marrow makes it useful in management of depression & mental sluggishness.
  • Gaajwaan (Onosma bracteatum) - It is useful as a spasmolytic, tonic, alterative, demulcent, diuretic and is considered cooling.
  • Jyotishmti (Celastrus paniculatus) - It is very useful in all types of heart disorders and also relieves stress.
  • Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) - It makes your immune system stronger and give you strength to fight diseases. It is very useful in fighting all types of fevers as well.
  • Pushkar mal (Inula racemosa) - It is a good Heart Tonic and is used in controlling High BP.
  • Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi) - It rejuvenates the mind, promotes good sleep, alleviates mental problems.
  • Manglyakusma (Convolvulus pluricaulis) - This herb is also useful ingredient in controlling High BP.
  • Mukta pishti - It is processed with brahmi (Centella asiatica)
  • Chandramaar (Rauwolfia serpentina) - Swiftly dilates the blood vessels and reduces high blood pressure and heart rate. Its affinity for the blood takes it straight to the patient's Heart.

How to take Mukta Vati?

  • If your Blood Pressure is 140/90 mm hg. while taking your regular allopathic medicines: consume 2 - 2 tablets of mukta vati twice a day, before breakfast and dinner.
  • If your Blood Pressure is 160/100 mm hg. or more while consuming allopathic medicines: then take 2 - 2 tablets, thrice a day - before breakfast, lunch, and one hour before dinner.
  • It is good to stop Allopathic medicines when Blood Pressure becomes normal after consuming Divya mukta vati for few days. Also if one can chew Divya Mukta vati tablet then it will be more effective.


  • When you start Mukta Vati then please check your blood pressure regularly, specially if you are already taking some allopathic medicines. If Blood Pressure comes down normal without taking allopathic medicines then allopathic medicines should be stopped.
  • Baba Ramdev's Divya Muktavati should not be consumed by pregnant women. If required then please consult your own doctor.
  • If person has been taking allopathic medicines for a long log time then allopathic medicine dosage should be reduced gradually and then stopped completely.
  • Tips for better results with Divya Muktavati
    • Consume less salt, salt increases blood pressure and water is also stored more in body.
    • You are recommended to consume light and easily digestive food.
    • Take 2 to 4 glasses of water early in the morning as per individual capacity.
    • Go for morning walks and do walking after every meal.
    • Sit in Vajrasana after food for 5 minutes.
    • Stress is a killer so do not take it, stress cause Hypertension.
    • Do no worry for anything as it is not permanent and will not last for longer.

    Prohibition: Take salt in lesser quantity. In the place of sea salt take rock salt.

    - Swami Ramdev Medicine (Herbal and Ayurvedic remedy), from Patanjali Yogpeeth

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    Divya Mukta Vati Extra Power 120 Tablets Reviews



    I was detected with high BP recently due to stress.I started taking mukta vati and my BP is back to normal


    Very helpful in High BP

    I am consuming this Medicine regularly for BP which was 132/96 an year before, now this has come to normal and reading shows as 120/82 ; 120/80 ; 120/85 like this.
    My Ayurvedic Dr. suggested me to continue this Medicine for 2 years and it will be permanent cure for BP.
    When I started initially, I use to get the taste of Camphor, but in some batches, I do not get this taste.

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    It worked for me

    Hi, I have been using this medicine since couple of months and looks like it's working for me. We have High BP or Hypertension in our heredity.


    Effectively managing BP

    I'm taking Mukta Vati from 2009 and effectively managing BP.Now from past 6 months my Uric Acid level is above normal i.e 8.0 or 8.7. Wish to know rise in Uric Acid Level is due to prolonged use of Mukta vati or some other cause ?


    Cured my depression

    I jasgagan from delhi, age 25, height 5'8, weight 68kg. suffering from hyper1- systolic 140 and diastolic- 90 due to depression after passing out my college in 2012. I went through allopathic medicines for depression but could get permanent cure, result my bp went up. One of my friend suggested me divya medha vati and mukta vati. Within just 5 months along with yoga. I cured my depression and mukta vati 1 tablet in the morning bought my bp to normal.


    Miracle for me

    I am suffering from high blood pressure since 7 years and using allopathic medicines but it remained 90/150 even after taking pills. I started 6 days back taking Mukta Vati morning and evening one tablet. It was miracle for me, my blood pressure is now 78/123. My age is 51 yrs. Now I am taking only one tablet per day.


    New Mukta Vati not effective

    I have been taking Divya Mukta Vati, old formulation in the brown and cream colored packet for the last 8 years and had kept my BP well controlled.
    I received the new Divya Mukta Vati extra power in the green packet about 1 month ago and it has been completely ineffective in lowering my BP. I don't know what to do except go back to allopathic medication.


    This herbal medicine for BP works

    I am a blood pressure patient since the past 20 years. I was under allopathic medicine for 10 yrs my bp remain 150/100 .as from yr 2003 I start with Ayurvedic treatment and now I take only 2 muktavati per day . I am happy now my bp is 120/80.I would like to purchase the 120 tabs, will you please send me your price per box and the minimum quantity can be ship.if possible I'd order other items also. Thanks Regards.


    Blood pressure still high

    I had been taking Divia Mukta Vati for more than a year and my blood pressure is still high. The lower it has gone have been between 135/80 to 145/82 but it does not stay at that level. I have the pressure most of the time between 150/85 to 162/87. I am taking 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. I chew the tablets and swallow them with warm water.


    Good ayurvedic medicine for Blood pressure

    Everybody should try this. No matter if not benefited but if it works then it is permanent solution. Believe this... Prof. Subhash Kumbhar (Pharmacologist, Pune)


    effective ayurvedic medicine for BP

    I have been suffering from high BP for more than fifteen years and have taken different allopathic medicines as many as four tablets a day. I started taking DMV for the last three months. I am feeling far better and have reduced two tablets of a day. It is really an effective medicine.


    amazing results

    I am taking the medicine since 10 days feeling easy pressure not increasing as well as not decreasing but hoping that the mukta vati will bring amazing positive changes with in days. sleep is very sound and not disturbing by any causes .


    For BP management

    Dear Baba JiI am taking mukta vati from 2-3 months for high bp, now my bp is under control.


    BP Ayurvedic Remedy

    Mukta Vati contains bhrahmi, shankapushpi, vacha, jyothishmati, guduchyadi,ashwagandha, moti pisti and praval pisti. All these medicines are used in hypertension also reduces those factors which triggers hypertension like stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, hysteria, phobia, anger,headaches, hormonal imbalance, which clams the mind, gives soothing effects and provides relaxation to mind.


    Blood pressure management remedy

    Divya mukta vati is medicine based on ancient ayurvedic formulation.

    2. Shankhpuspi
    3. Vacha
    4. Jyotishmati
    5. guduchi
    7. moti pishti
    8 praval pishti

    In moderate hypertension(ranging 140/90 to 160/90) with no any associated medical disorder it is very efficient in controlling the same.starting with one tablet once a day to 2 tablet twice a day with milk is useful.

    in any tyoe of insomania (continous sleep lap time less than 3 hours ) mukta vati is useful since it helps in relaxing mind and allowing the brain in release of dopamin useful in sound sleep. also its non habitual forming.

    3. DEPRESSION in all above cases the mukta vati helps in relaxation of mind and decreasing stress hormones thus allowing mind to relax and rest significantly.

    From 1 tablet to maximum 6 tablets a day is advisable.
    Best absorbed when chewed before ingestion

    Should not be taken with water
    Should not be taken by pregnant women and lactating mothers
    should not be taken for long duration as it is prepared in decoction of sarpagandha(rauwolfia serpentina) which may cause nasal congestion.

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    Wonderful medication for BP

    My blood pressure was begining to creep up a couple of years ago. It would often get to 150 over high 80's. I did not want to end up taking harmful chemicals from my doctor. They are not always effective anyway. My husband is on three different medications for high bp. They have only helped a little, and his bp is still a bit high. Mine is peetty stable and within the normal range now. I only take 2 tablets a day now. I believe that by taking them I have been saved from having to take prescription medication, and that is a good thing I think.


    Best product

    My BP was 160/94 in Jan 2016.I started Aginal AT and Cardipin Retard 1 aginal AT in morning and half Cardipin Retard in night it controled my BP 120/84. In December I came to know about Muktavati . I staretd using it and now my BP is 110/ 76. I chew 2 tablrts of Muktavati in morning and 1 tab in evening before sunset. I reduced my dose of Aginal AT by Half . And now my BP is 104/72 .It seemsMuktavati is good and powerful medicine to cure BP.I will continue further and reduce dose of Allopathy medicine .And one day will come I will be free from BP . Thanks to Baba Ramdev ji


    Blood pressure control

    t is very useful medicine for High blood pressure.

    But it has side effects like. uneasiness, suffocation and nasal congestion due to which your night can sleepless.

    But overall it's good rather then going with alopathic medicine


    High BP Ayurvedic Treatment

    oh my god ....what a medicine baba it worked wonderfully ..with allopathy my bp never got controlled before..but now it is always under 110/70....thank u baba u changed my life totally..

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    Blood pressure normal

    I am using Mukta vati since 3 weeks. Earlier my blood pressure was 145/85. Now it's gone down to 124/68 and pulse 49. I am really feeling wonderful like child enjoying all the moments. I am taking this medicine every day night 1 tablet with warm cow's milk (2% fat) I also tried with D vitamin milk and both got the same results. And I don't have any nasal congestion. Great medicine. I observed nasal congestion if you take with water.
    Thanks a lot.


    BP Natural Remedy

    I have been using Divya Mukta vati and got very relief after taking it . It's away from any side effects at least I didn't experience any side effect. Thanks Ramdev ji


    BP Ayurvedic Medicine

    Swami ji I am using mukta vati since last one year that time my BP. was 110/180 after that I feel very good at present my b.p. is 90/140, but I feel some congestion. Over all it is very useful medicine, I am using is regularly since last year, my b.p. is normal. Since last 6 months I am using mukta vati power tablets. I am taking it with water, now I am using less salt in food and nothing about pickle, and paneer etc.This is very good medicine.


    For High Blood Pressure

    hello, i am 36 years old and taking divya mukta vati from past one year. first my BP was around 180/100 then i started taking 1-1 tablet with in a month my bp came down to normal and after two months i stopped one tablet. now i am taking one tab in the morning and my bp is 125/80. it is a wonderful medicine.


    Hight Blood Pressure

    4 pills per day - bp dropped from the 150s/100s down to 120/80 just in about 10 days - BUT.. pulse is a bit to low - 43-58..(It cycles back and forth between those 2 numbers) I think I'm going to reduce dose to 1 pill per day until my pulse comes back up some.


    High BP

    BP always fluctuate all the time.To have precise reading one must try 24 hour BP monitor. One or two reading can NOT decide that one have high BP. It also depend on your age,weight,environment,circumstances,weather,work/job,diet,exercise and stress. So try ambulatory BP monitor.Beetroot,carrot & reddish juice also very beneficial along with MV & cocoa powder in hot water without milk & sugar for BP patient.Gd Luck


    For Hypertension


    Divya mukta vati is a classical rasa preparation which is used in ayurveda primarily in patients with hypertension. This medicine is one which is prepared out of pearl.

    The chief ingredients present in this preparation are purified pearl and rose water.The preparation and use of this medicine is clearly defined in classical ayurvedic texts centuries ago.

    It is seen in tablet form and shall be taken at a dosage between 60 and 120 mg once or twice daily after food as per directed by your physician.

    Apart from its action on dilating blood vessels it is seen helpful in treating several conditions such as bleeding diarrhea and mental issues. It shall be noted that over dosage of this medicine shall be fatal to the body and can cause hazardous effects.It is seen to balance both raktha and pitta.

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    Divya Mukta Vati Extra Power 120 Tablets

    Divya Mukta Vati Extra Power 120 Tablets

    Mukta Vati Extra Power is an Ayurvedic supplement to manage High Blood Pressure, gives immediate relief to patients without any side effects, completely herbal and natural.

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