Aluretic Tablets

Manufacturer & Seller: Alarsin
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal

Aluretic Improves function of Kidneys, Heart, Liver & Lungs. Regulates urine elimination & excretory functions.

A Herbal Diuretic for sustained diuresis. Aluretic is used in the management of all conditions and diseases where safe, smooth & sustained diuresis is required.

Aluretic Tablets Indications

  • Oedema : Mild to Moderate
  • Oedema : postural, anaemic
  • Routine Use: Idiopathic oedema, late middle & old age when kidney function is diminished.
  • Renal : Insufficiency, Malfunction, Nephritis
  • Cardiac: Mild to moderate High B.P., congestive heart failure
  • Pulmonary congestion
  • For short term reduction of intraocular pressure, particularly pre-operative and post-operative.

Aluretic Tablets Dosage

1-2 tablets at a time. Maximum 6 tabs. in 24 hours in divided doses. Last dose not to be given late in the evening particularly during initiation of treatment. (Interval between two doses is to be adjusted as per individual requirements).

Aluretic Tablets Positive Advantages

  • Onset of diuresis within one hour of administrating first dose of 1-2 tabs. This diuretic effect lasts for 5-6 hours.
  • Improves function of Kidneys, Heart, Liver & Lungs. Regulates urine elimination & excretory functions.
  • Safe, Smooth, & Sustained DIURESIS. Increases output of urine without causing strain or adverse effect on kidneys.

Aluretic Tablets Ingredients

Daruharida, Punarnava, Haritaki, Guduchi, Suntha, Ikshu mul, Jeshti Madha, Haldi, Anantamul, Saunf, Deodar, Bharangi Mul, Gokshura, Kala-kadu, Patola, Nirgundi, Nim Pan, Amala, Pashanbheda, Dusparsha, Eranda Mul, Vidanga, Apamarga, Sahianjan, Kavach Mul, Shankapushpi, Shilajit, Guggul.

Size available: 400 tabs.


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Aluretic Tablets Reviews

Mrs.Khorshed ASSUNDARAI   (Friday, 24 December 2010) Rating: 5
this for my Grandmother 80 years old she has stopped eating, weakness , not able to walk or sit ,
stool & urine on bed , loss of memory . Please help urgent , because Doctor (allopathy) has spoil the case , or help me for the address of dispensery at Navsari Gujarat. Its URGENT
NARAYAN MURTHY  (Thursday, 25 November 2010) Rating: 5
i have gone through several surgeries from the last 4 years for the urine coming slowly but not yet success
Gulshan  (Monday, 03 May 2010) Rating: 5
I am a student.i am sufering from ejection of sperm with urine and faeces.
deepak  (Tuesday, 16 February 2010) Rating: 5
my cystoscopy report is congested bladderneck and prostate urethra and proble is that dificult to pass urine is goes out in last as drop
R.Vathsala  (Tuesday, 09 February 2010) Rating: 5
I am 40 years.Some days before, I had severe pain in my left lower abdomen.It was scanned and known that I have stones in the urinary tract and have fiberoid in the uterus of 6.8cmsize.
Roopa Joshi  (Monday, 04 January 2010) Rating: 5
I am in my 6th month now in pregnancy. I have developed urinary infection. Though it does not show in the culture report, I have all symptoms for the same. So the Doctor(Allopathic) has started some treatement. She said if within 2 days if this doesn't stop the problem, antibiotics will be started. I don't want to take the same. If there is some natural medicine that I can take, please suggest
Manjeet Virdi  (Friday, 11 December 2009) Rating: 5
My 13years daughter can not control her urine. She also can not concentrate on her studies.
kanwal  (Friday, 20 November 2009) Rating: 5
i'm 30 years old and under my regular medical check up, found substantial amount of protein and blood in the urine..after few blood and urine tests , doctor established that it is some type of nephritis and suggests boipsy for further investigation.My blood pressure when checked was 140/90.Doc says it could be serious kydney disease .I am concerned.could you please guide me on this.
Pankaj Pande  (Thursday, 13 August 2009) Rating: 5
I have a Problem of Lower Urethra Obstruction. It’s a urinal problem. My urine goes very slow with heavy burn. Its need an operation called "optical surgery" after every 3 to 4 month.
History is too long basically when I was 11 yrs. old there was a stone in my left kidney and paining daily. One day suddenly its obstruct my urine and doctor was operate it through my penis. In that time I feel Relief but cause of that many screeches had made in my urinal pipe. After some time when its shrink my urine goes slow and burning. From that day I am continuously facing this problem and too many operations had been done in last 25 years.

So please suggest any treatment for me. I thankful of you hole Life.

Waiting and hope for your positive response.
Thanks & Regards

Pankaj Pande
luna banerjee  (Monday, 13 July 2009) Rating: 5
my son is the patient.He is 10 years old now.Due to this birth defect,the nerves of his spinal cord got entangled at the lower part of the vertebral column.It had to be operated within 24 hrs of his birth.As a result no nerves are there in both his legs.So he cannot stand up or walk.He is on wheelchair.However the upper portion of his body is active and he is studying normally in class 5.I would like to seek some yogic advice for his urine and bowel movements and also exercises to keep his spine straight.I'll be visiting your ashram between sep 29th to 4th oct.Kindly if you can please arrange to have a look at my son and advice us it would be of great help.Since I am an school teacher I cannot afford to stay longer.Please let me know at your earliest convinience.
Thanking you,
sincerely yours,
luna Banerjee
ph:033 24###247
e-mail: lu***
Deepak Kumar Gupta  (Saturday, 04 April 2009) Rating: 5
I am Deeepak working at kolkata
age 25ye ,I observe problem during urine and after checkup doctor told me that your kidney is not functioning properly your blood elements are coming out so suggest me to be Healthy .
Pankaj  (Wednesday, 10 December 2008) Rating: 5
My urine was stop Dr. Says this is because of stickcher and to operate it,

have you any medicine for this deases
Praveen Kumar  (Wednesday, 29 October 2008) Rating: 5
Sir, I m an engineer & posted in Jammu. My father (age 58), has urine probled after hernia operation.
Naresh  (Wednesday, 06 August 2008) Rating: 5
My kid is 4 Years old now has been suffering from progressive myoclonic epilepsy for last 3 Yrs. He was borne under normal delivery to non-related parents, with no familial history of epilepsy. After two days of mild fever three years back, he developed slow swinging of all four limbs, he was on several allopath anti-epileptic medications, including steriods & immunoglobulins. He Seizures don't last more than few seconds with no loss of conciousness. All the limb movements have stopped for last two years. Hoever during this period he has lost his neck holding, swallowing difficulty, diffcult in sitting, gross incoordination movement of all the four limbs. The reason for progressive myoclonic epilepsy is still unknown to medical fraternity. For last one year he is on Homeopathic treatment. All his reports, Body, Spine and Brain MRI, Detailed Organic and Inorganic Blood & Urine Reports, Spinal Tap, EEG, Skin Biopsy reports showed normal results. Swamiji we pray if some help can be provided to our small kid. He has normal growth with good height and weight.