Livplus Syrup for Liver Problems

Manufacturer & Seller: BACFO
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal

Livplus Syrup Indications

  • Sluggish Liver Functions
  • Hepatitis A,B,C
  • Jaundice
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatty Liver
  • Other liver & Spleen disorders

Livplus Syrup Benefits

  • It helps to improve liver functions, restores appetite, protects liver from the toxicity of alcohol, drugs and rejuvenates liver damaged by hepatitis.
  • LIVPLUS helps to remove the accumulated toxins from the body.
  • The malfunctioning of liver leads to loss of appetite, fatigue, exhaustion, nausea, weakness, lowers resistance to infections and development of possibility of gall stones.
  • LIVPLUS is formulated to protect liver cells as well as to restore its functions.
  • LIVPLUS protects from reoccurrence of frequent digestive disorders like gas, hyperacidity and minimizes the complications induced by alcohol, tobacco products, drugs and other chemicals.

Livplus Syrup Dosage

  • Children: 5 ml twice a day with water.
  • Adults: 10 ml twice a day with water.

Livplus Syrup Ingredients

Bhringraj, Bhumi amla, Dugdhpheni, Kutki, Mulethi, Kasni, Punarnava, Arjuna, Giloy.
Packaging Size : 200 ml x 5 Bottles.

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