Charak Lunarex Forte

Manufacturer & Seller: Charak
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal
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Charak Lunarex Forte Capsules Indications

  • Used during absence of "menstruation" .
  • Cures irregularity of menstruation.
  • For scanty menstrual periods (Oligomenorrhea).
  • If delayed onset of menstruation at "puberty" (rule out evidence of any congenital or anatomical abnormality)
  • For secondary amenorrhea.
  • For primary amenorrhea, without the evidence of any congenital or anatomical abnormality.
  • Used for treating Hormonal problems.

Charak Lunarex Forte Capsules Benefits

  • These capsules are having natural herbal formulation, which regulates & initiates menstruation.
  • It is a safe non-hormonal remedy for generating and regularizing the menstruation by maintaining the hormonal balance.
  • It improves the blood supply to pelvic organs.
  • Lunarex Forte Capsules improves ovarian function.
  • There is no side effects like vomiting, breast tenderness, headache unlike other hormonal pills.

Charak Lunarex Forte Capsules Dosage

  • Twice daily to be started a week before expected date of menstruation.
  • Medicine should be discontinued during menstruation & repeated in each cycle for the best benefits.

Charak Lunarex Forte Capsules Key Ingredients

  • Kasis shuddha - Works as haematinic.
  • Kumari - Works as menstrual regulator.
  • Moolaka beej, Ulat Kambal - It initiates & regulates the menstrual flow.
  • Jatamansi - It relieves stress & anxiety.
  • Manjishtha - Works as anti-oxidant, anti-stress.

Packaging Size : 20 Capsules x 4 Strips = 80 Capsules


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