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Manufacturer & Seller: Charak
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal

Extrammune Tablets Benefits

  • Strengthens the immune system & builds resistance to infection.
  • Ensures therapeutic effectiveness of antibiotic therapy when co-prescribed.
  • Promotes faster recovery from infections.

Extrammune Tablets Indications

1) Prophylactic:

  • Immunity Builder
  • Long-term oral steroid therapy.
  • Seasonal outbreaks of infective diseases e.g.Influenza, Typhoid or Malaria.

2) Therapeutic:

  • As a complement for antimicrobial therapy, particularly respiratory tract infections and skin and soft tissue infections.
  • As a monotherapy in PUO (Pyrexia of unknown origin).

Dosage: Tablet.

  • Adult: Prophylactic dose: 2 tablets once daily for 2 to 3 months.
  • Therapeutic dose: 2 tablets twice daily till the symptoms subside or as directed by the physician.

Packaging size: 2 strips / 60 tablets. x 3 Packs

Note: It is advisable to allow an interval of at least 30 minutes between the administration of Extrammune and other concurrent medications.

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