Arjuna Churna / Powder 100 grams (Pack of 3)
Arjuna is a heart tonic, Supports healthy blood pressure, Supports healthy cholesterol..

Arjunahills 120 Capsules
Arjuna is the best herb that helps in maintaining healthy heart(cardiac control)..

Arjuna 120 Capsules For Heart
Arjuna-Terminalia arjuna 120 Capsules Speical for Heart..

Vyas Arjunchhal Churna 300 gm

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Manufacturer & Seller: Vyas Pharmaceuticals
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal

Arjuna churna (Terminalia Arjuna) is made from bark of Arjuna tree and is helpful in High blood pressure, cardiac weakness, post heart attack condition, high cholesterol-Heart, etc.

Quantity: 300 gram.

Arjuna Churna Dosage: 1 teaspoonful (5 to 6 g), 2 to 3 times a day with lukewarm water.

"Bark of Arjuna Tree helps in opening up the blocked arteries."

When the fat accumulate in the three arteries of the heart then the blood flow gets interrupted. The blood flows in less quantity and the patient suffers from heart attack.There is a Tree by name Arjuna also called Terminalia Arjuna in Latin, whose life span is from 500 to 600 years. In Ayurveda and Unani methods, the bark of the Arjuna tree is used for heart patients and is one of the wonderful blessings for them. The julep made from the Arjuna bark helps in dissolving the fat present in the arteries of heart and strengthens it.

Benefits of Arjuna / Terminalia arjuna

  • For Heart diseases Take the bark from the Arjuna tree, boil and consume it. For cholesterol related troubles and to open the heart and arteries blockage, take three gm of bark, boil it in cows milk or honey and keep drinking continuously. This strengthens the weak heart nerves and gives them energy.
  • The high blood pressure patient should take the extract from the stem. This also helps in controlling anemia, piles, and stomach related problems. Ladies can use for their irregular menstrual cycle, patient suffering from jaundice can use it, and it is very useful in removing stones from the urinary bladder.
  • Pipal bark, wood apple bark, Arjuna bark, cinnamon, tea should be soaked and when consumed in the morning gives relief in fever, loose motions, stomach related problems, to get relief from wounds the bark should be boiled or soaked in water and this water should be used to wash the wounds. The powder of the bark is useful in cleaning teeth. Smell it to get relief from headache. Apply the paste of Arjuna bark and honey to remove acne. Consume the powder with honey to strengthen the bones.
  • For stones in kidney when the bark is boiled and filtered and consumed, the stones break into pieces and removed completely. Arjuna leaves are also good to get relief from pitta dosha, take the mixture of milk and grounded leaves. For ear ache take the extract from tender leaves and put in the ears.
  • Use bark of Arjuna tree to overcome any type of disease. Burn and mix the Arjuna bark in 3 gm of cow milk and consume, this will help in removing any type of disease or ailment.

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Vyas Arjunchhal Churna 300 gm Reviews

Nitin Kumar Jadhav  (Friday, 21 October 2011) Rating: 5
Meri Umra 36 varsha hai muze koi bhio hart problum nahi hai lekin bhavishya me hone vali hart ki bimariyo se bachne ke liye kya me abhi se hi ARJUNA Cap/Podwer k upyog kar sakta hu?

Krupya uchit rasta batai.
M. Deena Dayalan  (Friday, 07 October 2011) Rating: 5
Should Arjuna Choorna be taken in empty stomach? If it is so, how does one take 2 to 3 times as prescribed by you in your website and at what times of the day?

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