Divya Churna for Constipation

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Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal
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Divya Churna Benefits & Uses

  • Useful in constipation & takes out the feces adhered in the intestines; activates intestines, so the internal layer of intestines does not allow the feces to adhere there again.
  • Totally clears the stomach; removes disappointment & makes the body active.
  • Helps in controlling abdominal pain, flatulence, heaviness & nausea.
  • Beneficial where there is constipation from heat drying the fluids in the colon.
  • In mild to moderate constipation, Divya Churna acts as an osmotic laxative.
  • Very useful in digestive disturbance from nervous tension, it can clear constipation by relaxing and lubricating the bowel.

Divya Churna Ingredients

  • Rose flower Good for ulcers, inflammation, acidity, enteritis and heartburn. Its astringent flavour is useful in diarrhoea from heat (use a high dose). Roses can help with fat metabolism and hence help to reduce blood lipid levels.
  • Dry ginger - Warms the digestive system, increases agni and the secretion of digestive enzymes. Fresh ginger especially benefits rasadhatvagni while dry ginger clears ama and is better for kledaka kapha aggravations.
  • Rock-salt - It is useful in digestion.
  • Leaves of Svarna-patri (Sanay/Senna) - Used in Acute constipation from heat. It clears pitta from the small intestine. Its affinity for purisavahasrotas treats lower bowel rectal problems such as piles, anal fissure and fistula where soft stool is required.
  • Jangha Haritaki (Harad) - Its sennosides treat constipation. It increases the digestive fire and clears undigested residues (ama).
  • Krishna-bija (Kala-dana) - It is a laxative herb used extensively for constipation.
  • Mishreya (Saunf) - Digestive discomfort; flatulence, borborygmus, cramps, nausea and low agni. Although a heating herb, it benefits digestion without aggravating pitta. In fact its sweet post-digestive action leaves a residual cooling effect.

Divya Churna Dosage & Administration

1-2 teaspoonful (5-10 gms.) to be taken at bed time with warm water.

Divya Churna Side Effects & Precautions

  • Divya Churna does not have any side effects if taken in proper dose.
  • It is advised to take it only at bedtime to get you bowel clean in the morning.

Packaging size: 100 grams.

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