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Divya Giloy Sat

Manufacturer & Seller: Baba Ramdev Medicines
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal

Divya Giloy Sat also called as Amrita sat is an extract of Giloya herb plant which is also called Guduchi, produced by Divya Pharmacy of Baba RamdevGiloya, Guduchi or Tinospora cordifolia leaves are of the beetle shaped or heart shape, matted and having lubricity effect. Upper layer of the leaves is very thin. Stem of the leaves is one to three inch long and flowers appear in the summer season.

Divya Giloy Sat Indications

  • AIDS, Pitta diseases, blood purifier, fever and convalescence from fevers, jaundice, digestion
  • Gout, chronic rheumatism, constipation, hemorrhoids, dysentery,
  • Kapha jaundice, skin disease, chronic malarial fevers, tuberculosis
  • Cancer (strengthens persons before and after chemotherapy).

Divya Giloy Sat Benefits

  • It helps to cure the excessive bleeding during menstruation.
  • Giloy Sat helps to cure pitta disease.
  • It also helps to prevent chronic disease.
  • Giloy Sat is one of the few tridoshic immune-boosting herb.
  • This medicine is also beneficial for platelets.
  • This is multipurpose medicine and used in several medicines and packages for diseases.
  • Giloy Sat works in number of fevers excellently.
  • It is very effective in increasing the platelets count of a person with reduced platelets.
  • Giloy Actions : Alterative, antiperiodic, bitter tonic, diuretic, febrifuge.
  • Divya Giloy Sat helps to boost up the immune system to fight against germs.
  • It is also beneficial in bleeding piles.
  • Divya Giloy sat is also beneficial in anemia.
  • Giloy sat is beneficial in asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Giloy Sat helps to give strength to dead brain cells.
  • It is also very effective in hearing problems, blood disorders, jaundice and tuberculosis.
  • It is very useful in bacterial infection care.
  • It strengthens the immune system and build resistance to fight diseases.
  • Divya Giloy Sat is very effective in case of jaundice.
  • It is also beneficial in case of bones disease.

Divya Giloy Sat Dosage & Administration

  • Children : 150 to 250 mg.
  • Adults : 500 to 1000 mg,
  • To be taken with Water/Honey.
  • Should be taken twice a day or as recommended by the physician.
  • Consume before meals is best but it can be taken anytime or as per physician recommendation.

Divya Giloy Sat Side Effects & Precautions

  • Giloy Sat is totally safe to use herbal medicine and is not having side effects.
  • Do no exceed the dosage by 3 gms per day.

Giloy is recommended by Swami Ramdev in fighting Swine Flu

As per Swami Ramdev's formula take a foot long branch of Giloy herb (Tinospora cordifolia) and 7 leaf of Tulsi plant. Mix them together and extract juice of this mixture in a pot. Boil this juice and drink it. This extracted juice will increase body resistant & fights infection of swine flu.

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Divya Giloy Sat Reviews

Krishno Chandrakar  (Thursday, 31 December 2009) Rating: 5
I am 26 yrs old and doing Yoga since last 4 Yrs and really since then nothing happnd to me yet.. I am talking about General Health like even didn't have fever since long back.
Manoranjan Naik  (Thursday, 17 December 2009) Rating: 5
I am an Advocate,faced the typhoid in 2005, from that day to onwards I always suffering under feverish and pain in stomach and headache.
Amit  (Monday, 30 March 2009) Rating: 5
I am suffering from thyroid disease from last 1 year. I am taking some english mediciens but i got repeated fever from every fever 3-4 months.

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