Divya Laxmi Vilas Ras Tablets

Manufacturer & Seller: Baba Ramdev Medicines
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal
Related Products: Cough and Cold, Sinusitis

Divya Laxmi Vilas Ras is the best ayurvedic medicine specially advised for cough and cold, coryza, Sinusitis and other related diseases.

Lakshmi (Laxmi) Vilas Ras Benefits

  • It actively helps to dilate the bronchioles by preventing spasm in the airways.
  • It positively affects the flow of prana and udana vayu. Excess mucus accumulation, a sign of aggravated avalambaka kapha is ‘digested’.
  • It effectively eases wheezing and constricted lungs due to vata and cold.
  • Used where there is white and copious phlegm with high avalambaka kapha.
  • Also beneficial in sinus and nasal congestion; it stimulates and opens the channels of the head.
  • By clearing the lungs and throat, it opens the way for clear communication.
  • Human clinical trials report the efficacy of its anti-allergenic effect, proving beneficial in reducing asthma.

Packing Size: 40 gm.

Divya Laxmi Vilas Ras Ingredients

  • Abhrak bhasm - 31% - It is used in the treatment of digestive impairment, Malabsorption syndrome, Disease due to Kapha Dosha, Asthma, bronchitis, Fever, cough, cold.
  • Shudh gandhak - 16% - It is used in the treatment of skin diseases, itching, chronic fever, urinary tract disorders etc.
  • Shudh parad - 16%
  • Kapoor (Cinnamomum camphorah) - 3.7% - It comforts nasal blockage and cough.
  • Javitri (Fruit cover of Myristica fragrans) - 3.7% - Its hot and penetrating properties can help to clear excess mucus from the lungs.
  • Jayfal (Myristica fragrans) - 3.7% - clear excess kapha from the lungs and clears the air channel.
  • Vidhara beej (Seed of Argyreia speciosa) - 3.7% - It is very effective for alleviating coughs and clearing mucus.
  • Vidari kand (Root of Argyreia speciosa) - 3.7% -  Its cooling property helps to soothe sore throats.
  • Shatavar (Asparagus racemosus) - 3.7% - Where there is inflammation from dryness and heat shatavari increases moisture. Used in dry cough, sore throat and haemoptysis.
  • Nagbala (Grewia hirsuta) - 3.7% - It is said to be a Vata-pitta shamak as it regulates air (Vayu) and Agni (Pitta) of our body.
  • Atibala (Abutilon indicum) - 3.7% - Indicated in Dry cough, asthma, tuberculosis and haemoptysis; vata–pitta disorders of the lungs.
  • Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris) - 3.7% - Useful in all vata aggravations of the nervous system. It draws all three doshas downwards and can treat headaches, hives, itchy skin and eye inflammations.
  • Samudrashosh (Argyreia speciosa) - 3.7% - It removes unwanted fluids from the body and works well in nourishing the brain and intellect.
  • Processes with Pantaje (Fresh juice piper betel)

Divya Laxmi Vilas Ras Dosage

  • 1-2 tabs., twice a day with lukewarm water.
  • Laxmi Vilas ras can also be taken with Divya Sanjeevani Vati for more good effects.

Divya Laxmi Vilas Ras Side Effects & Precautions

  • There are no side effects known for using Laxmi Vilas Ras.
  • Avoid overdosage of this medicine.
  • Pregnant ladies should avoid the use of Laxmi Vilas Ras.

Ras-rasayan, prepared by Divya Pharmacy is at very cheap prices with high quality as compared to other pharmaceutical companies. The medicines prepared of mercury and its different minerals and sulfur etc. are called `ras rasayan`. Mercury (Shudh Parad) is used in very small quantity even then it enhances the quality of the ingredients, with which it is mixed. Hence, the `ras rasayan` is very important in this medical branch but the refinement of mercury needs extra cautions.

The preparation of its products need much labor and time and Divya Pharmacy keep special attention of it. When many injections or concentrated drugs like sulfa drugs fail and the diseases were left as incurable where as the use of ayurveda `ras rasayan` has given relief to several such patients. The medicines are prepared according to the methods described in the ancient texts.


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Divya Laxmi Vilas Ras Tablets Reviews

kaninn29  (Wednesday, 29 June 2016) Rating: 5
Laxmi vilas ras is an ayurvedic medicine useful in upper respiratory diseases mainly.
1.abhrak bhasam
2.shudh gandhak
3.shudh parad
8. nagbala

1-2 tablets twice a day with luke warm water.

1.Upper respiratory tract- Since it causes the dilatation of bronchioles thus treat phelgm in bronchitis.
2.it allows to treat spasm in airways thus relaxing the muscles of respiratory system in cough.
3.It effectively eases wheezing& constricted lungs due to cold.

it should not be taken in pregnancy and breast feeding. children below 10 years should not be allowed to take laxmi vilas ras.
Spoorthi  (Wednesday, 22 June 2016) Rating: 5
Laxmivilas ras is used mainly in upper respiratory tract infections like in case of flu, sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, respiratory infections, fever, cold , cough, reduces excess heat, nasal blockage, running nose, allergy caused due to dust, pollen, cold items , sunlight, morning sneezing, seasonal allergy, allergies due to extreme smell of scent, smoke etc.
So this medicines can be used in all these conditions which is very common these days due to low immunity level.
Jagdish trivedi  (Tuesday, 29 December 2015) Rating: 5
I am using laxmi vilas ras tablate for two months constantly. can I use this tablate for five months continuosly. Is this tablate has any side effects?
nag  (Sunday, 19 October 2014) Rating: 5
Iam using laxmivilasras1+1,Sanjeevanivati1+1+1 andShadbindu tel 1+1 for the past 18months for sinus and feel very happy.
Is there any harm to use them continuesly
G.N.Rao Hyderabad
suka  (Thursday, 06 June 2013) Rating: 5
can we eat laxmi vilas ras in pregnancy time.. i am having piles. so we have ing piles and pregnancy, i am havin it since 3-4 days but feel like have piles....