Divya Stri Rasayan Vati

Manufacturer & Seller: Baba Ramdev Medicines
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal

Divya Stri Rasayan Vati is useful in menstrual and other gynecological disorders. A unique ancient preparation which helps in strengthening female reproductive system.

Packaging size: 40 grams (80 tablets).

Divya Stri Rasayan Vati Indications

  • Dysmenorrhoea
  • Amenorrhea
  • Menorrhagia
  • Abdominal Cramps & Pain.
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding.
  • Female Infertility
  • Miscarriage related problems
  • Weakness after delivery
  • Low breast milk
  • Fibroids
  • Cysts
  • PCOD
  • Endometriosis
  • Leucorrhea
  • Excessive Vaginal Discharge
  • Used in almost all kinds of Gynecological problems.

Divya Stri Rasayan Vati Benefits

  • It is a wonderful tonic for the female reproductive system.
  • Its cooling and unctuous properties make it very effective for treating the hot and dry symptoms of menopause.
  • It is a very useful ayurvedic medicine to treat menstrual disorders associated with excess bleeding, pain and congestion.
  • Helpful inĀ uterine spasms, abdominal pain and dysmenorrhoea.
  • Its affinity for the uterine muscles and endometrium indicates its use as a uterine tonic to help with prolapse, miscarriage and irregular menstrual cycles.
  • Excellent tonic to the uterine muscles.
  • Used in menstrual imbalance caused by a deficient condition with an aggravation of vata and uterine spasms.
  • It helps to prevent excessive uterine bleeding by clearing pitta from the uterus.
  • It reduces uterine inflammation and pain and also dries any excess discharge.

Divya Stri Rasayan Vati Ingredients

Each 500 mg tablet contains :-

  • Shivlingi (Bryonia laciniosa) - 28 mg
  • Paras peepal (Thespesia populnea) - 28 mg
  • Naagkeshar (Mesua ferrea) - 28 mg
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) - 28 mg
  • Sharpunkha (Tephrosia purpurea) - 28 mg
  • Shatavar (Asparagus racemosus) - 28 mg
  • Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - 28 mg
  • Amla (Emblica officinalis) - 28 mg
  • Devdaru (Cedrus deodara) - 28 mg
  • Kamal gatta (Nelumbo nucifera) - 28 mg
  • Shwet chandan (Santalum album) - 28 mg
  • Putrajeevak (Putranjiva roxburghii) - 28 mg
  • Shilajeet (Purifies asphalatum) - 28 mg
  • Praval Pishthi - 28 mg
  • Vanshlochan (Bambusa arundinacea) - 28 mg
  • Arka (Calotropis procera) - 28 mg
  • Guggulu (Commiphora mukul) - 26 mg
  • Lauh Bhasma - 26 mg

Divya Stri Rasayan Vati Dosage

  • 1-2 tablets, in Morning and Evening or as directed by the physician.
  • Should be taken with lukewarm water.

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Divya Stri Rasayan Vati Reviews

Nicky   (Sunday, 10 June 2018) Rating: 3
For irregular periods, this medicine to be taken how long?
rupa  (Friday, 18 December 2015) Rating: 5
hi im 33 years old mujhe last 10 years se periods irregular .so can i take divya stri rasayan vati with out ayurvedic doctor consultation . and how long should i take this medicine kindly revert back and do the need ful .
rosh  (Tuesday, 10 March 2015) Rating: 5
hello, im 21years old mujhe last 1ndhalf years se periods irregular hai 4 ya 3 months tak periods nahi aate hai can i take stri rasayan vati for this problem plz help me. mera weight bhi gain ho raha hai aur hair fall bhi ho raha hai aur body me acne problems bhi hai aur face aur body pe hair ki growth bhi ho rahi hai
Natural Remedies  (Monday, 03 February 2014) Rating: 5
These are great for menstrual disorders. I have PCOS condition since childhood, and I\'ve been using them for over 8 months and they really work!! Everything is getting back to normal. Talk to a Ved and they will suggest the appropriate dosage.
Michelle  (Sunday, 03 June 2012) Rating: 5
Good product, I take it everyday. Some improvement but, I need to take it longer to observe its effect. Onset menstruation does not mean stop taking it. Also, not taking the medicine while beginning the shedding of the lining, may not help or ease your condition. I am not a Doctor, just know from experience.
antara  (Friday, 13 January 2012) Rating: 5
hello. im 23years olg married girl..no child.i take stri rasayan vati for 20 days..and also take kanchaner guguul for thyroied .my thyroied level is 6.53..my question is can i take stri rasayan vati during periods time?