Manufacturer & Seller: Baba Ramdev Medicines
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal

Arjunarishta 450 ml is a well known cardiac tonic. Is an excellent adjuvant in the management of chronic cardiac diseases. Arjunarishta is formulated with chief ingredient 'Arjuna' which is excellent Cardio-protective. It corrects functioning of heart by enhancing the action of heart muscles. It is also useful for hypertension.

Dosage : 1 spoon, 4 times a day should be taken with water.

Given to heart patients. ABSOLUTE HEART TONIC

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Arjunarishta Reviews

Praveen  (Monday, 02 May 2016) Rating: 5
Hello Sir,

I have been diagonisted with ASH ie Asymetrical Septal Hypertrophy. I have been taking starpress RX 25 MCG and Arjin. Now patanjali Doctor advised to take this as well along with hridamrit vati. Is this ok to take all these medicines together.
shastri  (Friday, 23 January 2015) Rating: 5
doctor suggested for high BP 130/90 but I am not use any other alopathy medicines and also I am not suffering any other cardiac disease. i have taken daily it is suggestible not
shail777  (Sunday, 11 January 2015) Rating: 5
it\'s miracle for me my BP control with arjunarishta. i totally stop my alopathy medicine like amlo 2.5 and telma 20. i really thanks DIVYA ARJUNARISHTA
sandeep  (Saturday, 14 December 2013) Rating: 5
Is it ok to take arjunarist with other BP medicine like \"Amlopres\" ????/ My father is taking Arjunarist daily but he has not stoped taking Amlopres-(alopathy medicine for High BP) Is it ok???
Amruta  (Friday, 26 April 2013) Rating: 5
Is Divya Arjunarishta can be taken with other medicines suggested by doctor for the person who has gone through Angioplasty. kindly reply on am***
Krishna  (Sunday, 21 October 2012) Rating: 5
I am a 49 year old male from Chennai
I suffered chest pain and then was on medications then was done angioplasty, while continuing same medicines
Meanwhile, I suffered total Erectile dysfunction and approached a government Sidha doctor
He prescribed three medicines, including Arjunarishta, to be consumed till life time
When I had a chance to visit an Ayurvedic doctor and an on-line ayurvedic practitioner, I was told Arjunarishta should be taken only for TWO months and NOT life time
Can you guide me to an authentic medical practitioner, so that I can send him an e-mail querry and confirm which is appropriate - two months only or LIFE time