Divya Avipattikar Churna

Manufacturer & Seller: Baba Ramdev Medicines
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal

Divya Avipattikar churna is Purgative, Carminative and indicated in Acidity & Hyper acidity, Indigestion, Constipation, Heart Burn and vomiting. This herbal remedy is completely safe to use and does not cause any side effects. It is made from natural herbs found in great Himalayas.

Divya Avipattikar Churna for Acidity

Avipattikar Churna is traditionally used to remove excess Pitta (Fire) from the stomach and small intestine. This ayurvedic remedy alleviates Hyper acidity, Heartburn and Indigestion. High Pitta (Fire) produces the problem of Acidity or Hyper Acidity. To reduce High Pitta (Fire) in the abdomen, Avipattikar Churna is very good. For hyper acidity and abdominal aches being a mild laxative it makes the stool soft, helps to check mild constipation and improve the appetite.

Avipattikar is recommend for complete cure of your acidity, burning stomach and indigestion problems. This is natural digestive tonic which helps in regularizing digestion process & cures acidity problem. A regular course of this ayurvedic medicine gives good results & generally no further medication is required. Avipattikar churna control acid secretion from stomach walls and helps in easy and timely movement of food from stomach to intestines.

This Ayurvedic medicine is completely safe and protect stomach walls from strong acids to prevent and treat gastric ulcers and pain. Regular course of these medicines is very helpful in regurgitation of food, hyper-acidity, stomach pain, indigestion, nausea and burning in stomach, neck and chest region. So take a regular course of these medicines for almost three months and control your diet.

Available in : 100 gm.

Divya Avipattikar Churna Ingredients

Sonth (Zingiber officinale) - 1%
Mirch (Piper nigrum) - 1%
Peepal (Piper longum) - 1%
Harar (Terminalia chebula) - 1%
Bahera (Terminalia bellirica) - 1%
Amla (Emblica officinalis) - 1%
Nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus) - 1%
Vayevidanga (Embelia ribes) - 1%
Elaichi (Elletaria cardamomum) - 1%
Tejpaat (Cinnamomum tamala) - 1%
Laung (Syzgium aromaticum) - 8%
Nishodh (Operculina turpethum) - 32%
Sugar - 49%
Salt - 1%

Divya Avipattikar Churna Dosage

Take 3 to 6 gm (1 tea-spoon to 1½ tea-spoon) of Avipattikar Churna with fresh water, three times a day after meals or as needed.

Causes of Acidity

  • Taking too many medicines and that too quiet a long time may cause disturbed digestive system.
  • Some people may have low digestive fire and over eating habit etc. which can also cause acidity problem.
  • Taking fatty, spicy and over cooked meals also increases risk of hyperacidity.
  • Tea, coffee and alcohol can also cause burning sensation in stomach.

Tips for Acidity

  • Slight changes in our dietary habits and diet can prevent and cure acidity problem.
  • Severe cases can be completely treated with regular course of ayurvedic medicines.
  • Timely emptying of stomach cures acidity and ease in digestion of food.  Practice pranayams regularly for better health.
  • You have to be careful regarding diet and avoid taking spicy and oily foods. Due to improper food habits, and improper lifestyle, there will be pitta or heat in the body.

Yoga and pranayama for acidity

Vajrasana, shavana, suryanamaskara, Bhujangasana, sarvangasan, Pranayamas like anuloma-viloma pranayama, other pranayamas like Bhastrika, shitali, shitakari, jalandhar bandha are very helpful.


- Herbal and Ayurvedic remedy from Love Natural Remedies

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Divya Avipattikar Churna Reviews

sachindevare  (Monday, 06 May 2013) Rating: 5
muze pitt ka problem he or body me bhi bahut heat he mere hot bhi phat gaye he to usket liye avipattikar churn acha rahe ga kya kunki usme lavang use kiya hua he.
prem singh  (Saturday, 07 July 2012) Rating: 5
i have an acidity,indigestion.gastrc,pitta,alergic cough,heart burning problem since last 10 years.i have also fatty liver problem,fluctuation in sgpt,sgot.kindly advise me treatment.
Siddhesh Bhoir  (Wednesday, 21 December 2011) Rating: 5
I have an Acidity,Indigestion,Gastric & pitta Problem from since last 3 years.so can i buy this Avipattikar Churna for me....!
ayurvijay  (Sunday, 11 September 2011) Rating: 5
Avipathikar Churna is a combination of multiple medicines which are helpful for gastric related complaints and it is widely used medicines for correcting gastric related complaints. Basically Avipathikar Churna is used for Pitta problems and for constipation. Usually hyperacidity do occur due to secretions of acids and Avipathikar Churna is helpful for preventing the acidity nature. Avipathikar Churna is good for preventing burning sensation in stomach, and it is used as purgative. The presence of spices like Dry ginger, Piper Nigrum, Peepal or Piper longum, cyperus rotundus, cardamom, Cinnamomum Tamala, clove etc., are very helpful medicines for increasing appetite and it acts like carminative. Other important medicines are the powder of Triphala is also a combination for Avipathikar Churna which helps to relieve constipation, and is very useful for relieving constipation. The presence of Embelia ribes or Vayu Vidanga is very useful medicine for worm infestation which is very helpful, hence Avipathikar churna is very helpful for deworming purpose also. However, for healthy persons, Avipathikar Churna is recommended in short intervals like weekly once in large quantity. Avipathikar Churna is also used for cough complaints in combination. Avipathikar Churna is said to be consumed one teaspoon with lukewarm water after food twice or once.
Anul kumar.P.N  (Tuesday, 16 February 2010) Rating: 5
Having gastric problems and chest burns whenever I take oily and spicy foods. Some times gas gets formed when I take some kinds of foods which i can't specify particularly. I have got gall bladder stones too and waiting for key hole surgery for removing gall bladder.
pankaj kumar  (Wednesday, 10 February 2010) Rating: 5
my mother suffering from arithrities, gastric problems, blodd pressure and etc.
bidyut choudhury  (Sunday, 24 January 2010) Rating: 5
I am of 25years and for past four or five years suffering from IBS and gastric. Want a better cure for that.
Deepty  (Thursday, 12 November 2009) Rating: 5
i 26 years old and anemic, also suffering with gastric troubles and gain weight after cesereiun delivery, need to reduce, also got tummy after same.pls suggest proper medicine and course period for same.
Dilip vishwakarma  (Wednesday, 30 September 2009) Rating: 5
I am b.pharm student suffering from digestive problem before 5 years.like that lower abdomen swell.and fill of gas and right upper abdome normaly swell and pain please give some ayur.medicine to cure it.thank's baba ji.
Ajit   (Sunday, 06 September 2009) Rating: 5
have been doing yoga regularly for past many years. require advice on natural remedies for floating specks and acid/gastric problem. thanks.
hema  (Saturday, 27 June 2009) Rating: 5
I am having gastric issues since 4 yrs. I keep getting pain in upper abdomen and have lots of gas after eating any food. Please suggest what shall i do.
Mamta  (Monday, 25 May 2009) Rating: 5
Pranam Guru ji

My name is Mamta.I am currently based in Bangalore working here in since last 4 years.I am 27 years old.Last week i found I am having ITP platelet probelm this has happend 3rd time.where i get bloodclot on body and gums starts bleeding. I am currently on medicine- Wysolon its a streroyd. As i am taking heavy dose of medicine which they have told will continue for 4 months i m having severse gastric problem.Even dnt know how i can take care and make sure this doesnt happen again.

Please i need your help and advice.

Please advice.

MADHAV TIWARI   (Wednesday, 11 March 2009) Rating: 5
gur ji namste
mere pet me dard rehta hai maine bahut dr.dikhaya koi kehta hai ki gas hai koi kehta hai infaction altra sound me bhi infaction keh rehe hai magar dwai khane ke bad bhi dard nahi hata hai please mere ko bataen ki main kaun sa yoga karun aur kaun si dawai khaun
Subhasis Sen Sarma  (Monday, 22 December 2008) Rating: 5
I am 37 yrs. old. Some time I am suffering with Gas problem with sticky stool. Beside that my energy level is low.
Anilkumar  (Saturday, 08 November 2008) Rating: 5
Iam 33 years old, i'm having gastric problem since from 3 years