Divya Medohar vati

Manufacturer & Seller: Baba Ramdev Medicines
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal
Medohar Vati is a Ayurvedic medicine for Obesity, Weight Loss & Thyroid prepared from the herbs found in India's great Himalayas. Divya Medohar Vati is produced by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy contains tablets, weighing 50 gm. It helps you to reduce weight and get slim to fit in your choice of cloths and look confident. It also helps you fighting with diseases associated with obesity. It is also good for young obese children but doctor's advice should be taken before starting this medicine.

Packaging size: 50 gm / 100 tablets

Divya Medohar Vati Uses and Benefits

  • Best Useful in Weight Loss. Useful in obesity and also in Hyperlipidemia (High Cholesterol).
  • It first removes disorders of the digestive system and then reduces the extra fat in the body, making the body beautiful, compact, lustful & active.
  • Especially useful in thyroid disorders (hypo & hyper thyroid), rheumatic arthritis, joint pains, pain in lumbar region and knee, joints.
  • Digests the medas (fat) in the body & nourishes the successive tissue elements viz. bone, bone-marrow & shukra (semen). In other words, it converts the fat into other tissue elements as a results of which body becomes healthy & compact. It doesn't produce any adverse effect.

Divya Medohar Vati Ingredients

  • Triphala churna : In conditions of excess weight, high cholesterol and obesity. Triphala can be used as part of a weight-balancing programme. Also used to help prevent overeating and food cravings due to its balanced spectrum of flavours.
  • Kutki (Picrorhiza Kurroa) :  It scrapes toxic accumulations from the intestines and blood. This scraping action is also used to clear fat from the body and to stimulate the digestive fire in medas-dhatu so that it can metabolise the earth and water elements effectively.
  • Nishodh (Operculina turpethum) : Its affinity for the fat tissue enkindles medas-dhatau-agni
    and clears cholesterol.
  • Vayevidanga (Embelia ribes) : Traditionally used to clear vata from the intestines.
  • Harar (Terminalia chebula) : It reduces lipid deposits in the blood and liver and thus helps to reduce
  • Shuddh Guggulu (Commiphora mukul) : It reduces cholesterol (LDL) and prevents accumulation. It has a lekhana property that ‘scrapes’ deposits from the channels, joints and tissues (Bhavaprakasha). Guggulu is a specific herb for obesity and excessive weight; this works via its pungency, lekhaniya property and ability to enhance thyroid function. It stimulates medas dhatu-agni, which regulates fat metabolism.
  • Shilajeet (Asphalatum) :  Its scraping effect on the fat tissues can help to balance overweight conditions.
  • Babool gaund (Acacia arabica) : Helps in lowering cholesterol and reducing obesity.

Mode of Administration and Dosage

  • Half an hour before meals or one hour after meals with hot water.
  • 1-2 tabs, twice or thrice a day, according to the weight of the body.

Precautions and Dietary Suggestions

  • Sweet things & ghee (clarified butter)
  • Fried food, food prepared with fine-flour (maida) & things which promote fat.
  • Consume healthy protein rich diet.
  • Consume less  red meat.
  • Eat lot of salad.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Lifestyle changes

  • Stop smoking and consume less alcohol
  • Exercise daily once a day to keep your body fit.
  • Do pranayama and yoga regularly.
  • Practice meditation for self control of eating habits.
  • Do not eat junk food having trans fats.
  • Do not sit for long hours on the office chair.
  • Always walk after consuming food for at least 500 meters.

Obesity Home Remedies and Tips

  • Prepare porridge using 500 gm each of wheat, rice, millet and whole beans by roasting over low flame, add 20 gm of cumin seeds and 50 gm of white sesame. Cook 50 gm of this porridge in 400 gm water adding vegetables as per taste into it and regular consumption of this porridge helps in obesity and diabetes.
  • Consuming 1 leave of Ashwagandha by making a ball out of it on rubbing in between palms trice daily with water an hour before any meal helps in reducing many kg’s from the body.
  • Drink Hot water early in the morning as well as for regular drinking.

Divya Medohar Vati has any side effects?

Divya Medohar Vati of Divya pharmacy of swami ramdev does not have any side effects. It is safe to use ayurvedic medicine for obesity, weight loss, thyroid, abnormal growth in body etc. One should follow the correct dosage as mentioned above at right time for the best results.

Customer's Reviews

"I am Beni Prasad from USA, I bought this medicine from your website couple of months and back and after consuming it for 2 months regularly I have lost 6 KG of weight from my bulky body. I am looking forward to continue this medicine and dream of getting slim fast. Thanks very much for this product."

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Divya Medohar vati Reviews

Nish  (Saturday, 28 July 2018) Rating: 1
I have been using this tablets since 6 months but I havn\'t seen any changes in my weight.
Rami  (Wednesday, 11 April 2018) Rating: 3
Pls sir help me can I eat rice while taking this medicine
Ramee  (Saturday, 10 March 2018) Rating: 4
Pls help I am not eating out junk food I am having thyroid that why I gain to much weights and reducing
rahul  (Tuesday, 06 February 2018) Rating: 2
I am rahul.
height 5.8
weight 81
can I use medhar
aakash  (Wednesday, 06 December 2017) Rating: 3
my age is 24
weight 79
can I use mehador vati for reduce my weight
Minu  (Friday, 10 November 2017) Rating: 5
3 months ago mh thyroid increased upto 20.Kindly Suggest can I go for this medicine.
kaninn29  (Sunday, 26 June 2016) Rating: 5
Divya medohar vati is ayurvedic proprietary medicine for reducing belly fat by correcting body metabolism and imroving digestion system.

3. Trivit
6.Purified guggul

It reduces the body weight by reducing belly fat.triphala and guggul in medohar vati have anti obesity effects.thus reduces percentage body fat effeciently.
Medohar vati increases body metabolism thus helps in accumulated fat reduction and preventing fat accumulation.
3.HYPOTHYROIDISM-Since it improves body metabolism hence is useful in rectifying hypothyroidism and similarily is useful in treating hypertension and diabetes(by regylating insulin also)
4.HYPERLIPIDEMEA-Fat burning property cause decrease in lipid profile

DOSAGE-1 tab twice or thrice aday with warm water one hour before or after meals.
it should be avoided in pregnancy.

Proper diet regime and physical activity alongwith divya medohar vati helps in reducing obesity and linked disorders effectively
Spoorthi  (Tuesday, 21 June 2016) Rating: 5
Medhohara guggulu have amazing results if taken consistently.
The combination of medicines like triphala, vayu vidanga, guggulu, katuki, shilajeeth, brugaraj, babool corrects or modifies the fat metabolism.
It reduces the cravings, helps to flush the free radicles which are the main cause for unwanted fat deposition. Reduce excess fire which leads to over eating, helps to melt or simplify fat molecules the fat in the presence of certain medicines like katuki. , guggulu . Generally when these medicines are taken people experience tiredness but presence of shilajeet makes it special because it strengthen the body by reducing unwanted fat. So there is good energy level along with weight reduction.
Any disease involved with obesity and bad fat Medhohar Vati can be given, like arthritis, cholesterol, gall stones, female disorders like thyroid, pcod etc.
vishal  (Wednesday, 21 January 2015) Rating: 5
it is such a great medicine. reduction of fat starts after 3 months 2 tab in the morning with hot water.it also reduce liver triglisride and cholestrol..
Jiban das  (Tuesday, 14 October 2014) Rating: 5
Respected divya medohar vati start 28.9.2014 daily two tablets hot water morning and evening.present weight 72kg. hight 5 foot 3inc.
archu  (Thursday, 07 August 2014) Rating: 5
hi i am 30year old nd now im unmerrid nd my t3 367.64 nd t4 16.20nd my tsh 0.01 so plz docter cunsult me what should take medicine in ayurveda for treat this proublem
vijji  (Saturday, 07 June 2014) Rating: 5
iam 41 years male with 179 cms height and 101 kgs weight having hypertension . i had been using triphalras , godhan ark, in the morning . please suggest me good medication for reducing the weight
nilam  (Sunday, 20 April 2014) Rating: 5
My name is nilam . I am married .my age is 26 year. i check my thyroid .my teat values is T3-96.56 ,t4 is 7.40
tsh is -6.94 .

I have no child . but i plan for child from last two month. but my period come. so please give me medicine and I give me ans for i become a mother in future ?
my weight is 48 . my e mail id is ha***al6520@gmail.com
amulu  (Thursday, 17 April 2014) Rating: 5
I am 35 yrs old female with 74.5 kgs and height 5.5 give me suggestion how to use medohar vati. As got utres operated at the age of 26
my email id is am***a2san@gmail.com
priyanka  (Saturday, 05 April 2014) Rating: 5
I m 32 yrs old and my weight is 73kg what to do to reduce weight I m suffering with thyroid also. which medicine is useful for me whether medohar vati but now and when

please answer me soon
Maya  (Friday, 07 March 2014) Rating: 5
I am 33, 5\'1\" weight 62.5kg. and detected with hypothyroid and taking medohar vati regularly but i am trying to conceive so i want to know whether should i stop taking this medicine or keep taking it? will this affect anyways in conceiving? Or what should be the right dose? 1 tablet to 2 tablet per day? Please let me know.
Thanks a lot, Maya.
kudrat  (Sunday, 23 February 2014) Rating: 5
Which product is more effective among all this .Divya Medohar vati
Herbal tea
Arogyawardhini vati
Reply me ...... its urgent
Because I am seriously very much problem regarding my weight I a am waiting for your answer
sheetal  (Saturday, 22 February 2014) Rating: 5
Sir My Thyroid function test result is T-3 is 7.12 ng/ml and T4 is 30.6 ug/dl and TSH is 0.02 ulu/ml plz my wait is very loss plz suggess me treatment call me 09###481803
puspa  (Saturday, 15 February 2014) Rating: 5
Namaste iam sufring thyroid from 2 year my tsh6.53.I have no chiled .I used strirasayanvati phalghrit chandraprbhavati.kya Mera thyroid dhik ho sakta hai .kya mujhe chilled ho sakta hai give an***ahil.rk2347@gmail.com
kamlesh  (Saturday, 04 January 2014) Rating: 5
dear sir,
i have been taking medohar vati since 1 month
doases 3 tab twice a day. but i did not get any result.
please suggest me that what i will do.

my email id is ka***sh7706@rediffmail.com.
please take it seriously and reply me soon.
i am waiting.
sheetal,em***id-pubheal.sss@gmail.com  (Monday, 02 December 2013) Rating: 5
can a person take divya medohar vati along with allopathic antidepressants like escitalopram and arpiprazole? the antidepressants are taken since long duration of 6-7 years and continiuing.please give the suggestion through the email id given.
Lucky   (Tuesday, 19 November 2013) Rating: 5
my age is 49 and suffering from Thyroid for the last 8 years and using 150 mg per day and my weight is 88and height is 5and getting body pains , whether the said Divya medohar vati is useful for weight control and other problems,if so please indicate how to use
prem  (Sunday, 01 September 2013) Rating: 5
Dear sir pse help me
my age 28years but i am heathy approx 70 kgs.i like 60 kgs pse suggest for me shortly. mera id ba***emchand@gmail.com
aarti  (Sunday, 11 August 2013) Rating: 5
i am aarti, my age is 28 and my height is 5. am suffering from thyorid last 8 months , Now my TSH is 9. what treatment should i take??
Please help me in this & reply me \"aa***budhraja13@gmail.com\"
rekha  (Saturday, 10 August 2013) Rating: 5
i am taking this pills from last 2 months but there is no effect Pl.Note i am also taking divya Kawath plus 2 pills in early morning after half an hour only i take tea in evening also i do the same thing but there is no result.
pl reply on rd***ia123@gmail.com
Neel  (Sunday, 28 July 2013) Rating: 2
Namastey sir.mera naam neel hai,age 27 years,weight 58kg,height 5\'1 hai,maine 2 months tk subah shaam divya medohar vati li,lekin mera weight nahi loss hua,mujhe 2 saal pahle hyperthyroid tha borderline par,but kuch din medicine li phir thik ho gya.mai kam se kam 12 kilo weight kam karna chahti hun,jaldi se jaldi,1 months k ander.meri shaadi ho gyi hai.but baad me mujhe pregency concive krne me koi problem to nahi ayegi ye medicine lene par,plz suggest me.my email is ne***nagvanshi@facebook.com
mona  (Tuesday, 09 July 2013) Rating: 5
my weight is 73 kg please suggest pls mujhe 3 month mai 2 kg kam karna hai mai subah yoga bhi karti hu par weight kam hi nahi ho raha hai
pls kuch batao kon si medincine mai lu jise jaldi kam ho weight mera my id is mo***neema@gmail.com
monu  (Tuesday, 30 April 2013) Rating: 5
my height is 5 inch and my weight is 58kg. I want to reduce 10 kg,,,please suggest me if i will use this medicine then Is i can reduce my weight effectively....please reply I really want to know about it.
Divya  (Tuesday, 30 April 2013) Rating: 5
Mera wajan 65 kg h aur meri height 5.6 h. mai daily aadhe ghante subah aur sham ko yoga bhi karti hu. Maine junk food bhi bilkul kam kardiya h plz mujhe 2month me 10 kg kam karne ka koi upay batao.
Umma  (Wednesday, 27 February 2013) Rating: 5
I am 32 yrs old and my height is 5\'1 inch and I weigh 94 kgs. I have problems moving around and do not have any other health problems. Please tell me what products to use as I want to loose 20kgs.
vishal  (Monday, 11 February 2013) Rating: 5
i am 30 yrs my height is 5ft 6inch and weight is 80kg and i m also suffring from hair loss plz give me detail about the medicine my email vi***lku4u@yahoo.co.in
sandeep  (Sunday, 27 January 2013) Rating: 5
Ashok Dey  (Tuesday, 22 January 2013) Rating: 5
I am 43yrs person.my height is 5ft 5inchs.But I am suffering from obesity.Now my weight is 89kgs.Iam working in insurance sector.Naturally it is very difficult to me to do my work.secondly I have loses my hair randomly. pls give me appropriate medicine for these case.
neha chandr  (Monday, 10 December 2012) Rating: 5
Mera vajan bahot jada h from my age.22 yrs 78 h to ap mujhe jalde kam karne k lye medicine batao pl.
rashmi  (Friday, 30 November 2012) Rating: 3
I am 23 yr girl I have hypothorid problem 1 and half year I m taken english medicien recommeded by my dr thyroxin 25 mg regularly it was control by my thorid report but still my weight increases and I have face low period problem.before thyorid problem I have no period problem I was come good for 6 to 7 day in a month.but after thyorid probelm it will came only 2 day in a month and miner flow in period.and my weight 63 kg my hight is 5 fet 5 inch plz help me to loss the weight and help out in my period problem should I take divya medohar vati for thyorid.and for weigth loss and also take after start taken the medohar vati I stop english medicen and I hv start hevy hair loss also plz help out answer the question to my mail rashna.1989@ gmail.com plz plz
Monika  (Monday, 29 October 2012) Rating: 5
I dont know its effective or not ......but today onwards i start taking medicine ...i hope its helpfull for me
Pawan  (Sunday, 09 September 2012) Rating: 5
Which one is the best divya medor vati or divya kanchanar gugul in hyperthyrodism? Please inform me at jh***wan804@gmail.com
lucky  (Tuesday, 17 July 2012) Rating: 5
i hve been taken this vath,realy now i feel active then before.the most important thing is there no side efect.hve u any problem with obesity so pls take this medicine.
bushra parveen boora  (Sunday, 10 June 2012) Rating: 5
i have a very thin hair since childhood.it is so thin when i apply oil.the scalp is visible.i use hair spa regularly once a month.i want strong and fat hair.please help to give me your medicines.
patanjali is the best for me.
rekha  (Sunday, 10 June 2012) Rating: 5
i m 28 yrs old i want to lose weight upto 20 kgs, plz if u can suggest me some medicine plzzzzzz. my id ;dl***.83@gmail.com
Susiz  (Tuesday, 08 May 2012) Rating: 5
Hi, i recently start to take this pills, and i want to know if theres a problem if i take them less than an hour after meals or little more than the hour.
Tnks a lot for ur answer.
venkatasubramani  (Sunday, 01 April 2012) Rating: 5
I have been taking medohar vati 1 two times a day for past 6 months and I have only reduced 3 kgs, how long should I take it to reduce 15 kgs. Is it safe to take for long term. kindly please advice
sana  (Wednesday, 29 February 2012) Rating: 5
i m 20 yrs old i want to lose weight upto 20 kgs, plz if u can suggest me some medicine.
bharti  (Saturday, 31 December 2011) Rating: 5
i am detected with hypothyroid and taking medohar vati regularly but i am trying to conceive so i want to know whether should i stop taking this medicine or keep taking it? will this affect anyways in conceiving?
vikas chauhan  (Saturday, 17 December 2011) Rating: 5
Madem plz mare chest ladkiyo Jase ho rahi h Jo ab bilkul achi nahi lagte dosto k sath rehna ab muskel ho gaya h man bahut kachi kachi baat aate h . problem ki medicine bata do.m bahut problem m hu plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
guest  (Wednesday, 19 October 2011) Rating: 5
Hi all!I have been using Divya Medohar Vati for some time now(1 month)without any result.They have instructed to use the tablets according to body weight.Can anybody tell me how many do i need to take for effective result?My height is 5\'1\'\' and i weigh 67kg.
ayurvijay  (Thursday, 15 September 2011) Rating: 5
Divya Medohar Vati is very good medicine for controlling weight and to excrete excess fats through proper metabolism. As Divya Medohar Vati contains many herbal medicine in combination and those herbal drugs are having the appropriate properties to reduce weight and related complaints. As Divya Medohar Vati contains Triphala churna which is helpful for hyperlipidaemia also. Presence of Kutki (Picrorhiza Kurroa) : It scrapes toxic accumulations from the intestines and blood. This scraping action is also used to clear fat from the body and to stimulate the digestive fire in medas-dhatu so that it can metabolise the earth and water elements effectively. Presence of Nishodh or Operculina turpethum is helpful for controlling cholesterol. Vayu Vidanga or Embelia Ribes is helpful to fight worm infestation as obesity do occur due to mal-absorption and Mal-absorption do occur if there is any worm infestation. Presence of Commiphora Mukul or guggulu helps to maintain weight and have scrapping property, so fats will be reduced. Shilajeet and Acacia Arabica are also helpful for controlling cholesterol. Hence, overall, Divya Medohar Vati is useful for reducing weight, for cholesterol and even it can be consumed with Divya Kanchanara Guggulu for thyroid related complaints and obesity due to thyroid.
Guest  (Friday, 02 September 2011) Rating: 0
what is the cost in INR if I buy if from a patanjali store (not online). I have hypothyroidism and unable to loose weight despite all the measures.
Alok Kumar Ghosh  (Tuesday, 14 September 2010) Rating: 5
I am working in an multinational organisation.At present I am sugffereing from " Trigger finger"," Obesity"," Joint pains" and "over weights".
NISHA BHATT  (Thursday, 02 September 2010) Rating: 5
This product is extremely help in weight loss.rnI am using this product for about 6 months.rnI am feeling better and my digestive system is betterrnalso. I will highly recomand this to anyone
navneet1  (Tuesday, 25 May 2010) Rating: 4
I have used this pruduct for almost a month and also do prayanam i am surprised to see the results.rnNavneetrnSacramento
JAYA KALYAN  (Monday, 03 August 2009) Rating: 5
i am 25 years of age female my only health issue is my obesity and costipication. my height is 5'6 and weight is 55kg.i got tummy and hips portion is heavy.
Krishna  (Monday, 06 July 2009) Rating: 5
M 27 I am following the steps for Weight loss and its working for me
moushumi  (Wednesday, 06 May 2009) Rating: 5
i am 43 years old lady, i am having problem of obesity, basically i want a flat tummy. please advise me .
amrita  (Saturday, 11 April 2009) Rating: 5
want to order package for obesity
Hanumant Ramchandra Khire  (Thursday, 22 January 2009) Rating: 5
I am 57 year old (Male) having chronic problems related to Diabetis, Obesity, Renal problems. I intend to join one months yoga shibir with my family members (3 persons)
Bushu  (Monday, 08 December 2008) Rating: 5
I am 19 years old.
I am suffering from obesity.
divya jain   (Friday, 19 September 2008) Rating: 5
i m 24 yrs girl..suffering from obesity.