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Hamdard Imyoton Capsules
Imyoton tones up the immune system and provides effective protection against free radicals, infections and stress. Imyoton helps in speedy recovery during illness.
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Hamdoroid Capsules for Piles
Hamdoroid Capsules is a stronger, more effective double line treatment for piles, relieves pain, itching, reduces swelling, stops heavy bleeding, cures swelling of hemorrhoids and heals the wounds faster.
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Habb-E-Mumsik Tilai
Habb-E-Mumsik Tilai is a Unani medicine and treatment for sexual debility and impotency.
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Sualin 50 Tablets x 7 Bottles
Sualin tablet is a natural & effective remedy for sore throat, cough & hoarse voice. Made from chosen ingredients and herbs it is also helpful in case of influenza, bronchitis and tonsilitis.
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Hamdard Kaminividrawan Ras
Hamdard Kaminividrawan Ras is indicated in Erectile dysfunction, Impotency, Loss of Semen, Premature ejaculation, Gives Strength and Vitality. Size - 10 Grams
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Joshanda for Cough and Cold
Joshanda is an age old trusted remedy made from beneficial herbs. It fights cough and fever due to cold and is also useful in sore throat. Highly efficient in cough and cold. Available in decoction form.
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Hamdard Labub Kabir
It helps to give strength to brain, nerves and the muscles of the male sex organ. Improves vigour and vitality. Increases sperm count and checks spermatorrhea. It removes general & sexual debility.
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Jawarish Jalinus
Jawarish Jalinus is a Unani Medicine best Indicated in Strengthening Stomach. Improves Stomach Functions.
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Hamdogen Capsules
A special mixure of stimulating healthy and effective medicines it is useful in regaining lost vigour and improve sexual health . It increases sexual desire even in healthy men. A very good tonic for young and old people.
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Hamdard Itrifal Ustukhuddus
It is specially useful in chronic catarrh. Its regular use maintains black colour of the hair and reverts premature grey hair to black. It also strengthens the brain, stomach and intestines and removes constipation.
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Badam Rogan
A preparation of 100% pure sweet almond oil that refreshes body and mind. The oil strengthens the brain and provides nutrition to the nerves and improves body strength and helps remove constipation in a natural way. It also fights dandruff.
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Hamdard Qurs Kushta Qalai
Increases retentive power and sex virility. Rectifies Nocturnal Emissions, Spermatorrhoea and impotency. Strengthens the nerves and increases memory.
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Jawarish Kamuni
Jawarish Kamuni is a Unani medicine best indicated in Improving Digestive Functions.
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Marham Dakhilyun for Uterus
Marham Dakhilyun ointment is useful for removing uterus swelling, cures hardening of uterus and dissolves the glandular nodes.
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Hamdard Dynamol Tila
Hamdard Dynamol Tila is indicated in Weak Erection. It Strengthens the tissues of male organ (Penis). Removes sluggishness & feebleness of the Penis.
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Hamdoroid Ointment for Piles
Hamdoroid Ointment is a stronger, more effective double line treatment for piles, relieves pain, itching, reduces swelling, stops heavy bleeding, cures swelling of hemorrhoids and heals the wounds faster.
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Hamdard Dynamol Cream
Hamdard Dynamol cream strengthens the tissues of male organ Penis and removes its sluggishness, feebleness.
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Khamira Gawazaban Sada for General Debility x 6 Pack
Khamira Gawazaban Sada is a Unani Medicine best indicated in General Debility & Body Weakness. Provides internal strength to the body. Sweet Taste.
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Lipotab for Cholesterol
Hamdard Lipotab is a proprietary formulation of time tested herbs like garlic, turmeric and catnip, Lipotab helps in reducing the elevated level of cholesterol to the normal level.
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