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Prostate Care Kit

Manufacturer & Seller: Herbal Hills
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal

Prostate Care Kit

  1. Proscarehills 60 tablets - Natural health Management
  2. Gokshurhills 60 capsules - Revitaliser
  3. Punarnavahills 60 capsules - Kidney health Support
Main ingredient Proscarehills Formulation supported by Single herb Gokshurhills + Single herb Punarnavahills to give Complete, effective & speedy result in Prostate Management

1) Proscarehills 60 tablets - Natural health Management
Proscarehills is the natural way to a healthy prostate. Proscarehills is a balanced formula of time tested herbs known in Ayurveda for promoting prostate health.
  • Pashanbhed has diuretic properties and supports healthy prostate functions
  • Gokshur also known diuretic and also known for its anti inflammatory and lithotriptic activity
  • Varun has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, lithontriptic (stone dissolving or destroying in the organs) and tonic (stimulant) properties.
  • Kanchanar contains Flavonoids quecetin which is considered to have anti inflammatory, nephro protective and antioxidant properties.
  • Guggul contains active ingredients Guggulsterones that have anti inflammatory properties & inhibits promoter activity of androgen receptor.

Proscarehills Tablets Benefits

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps promote healthy prostate size
  • Supports healthy reproductive functions
  • Helps to maintain smooth urine flow
  • Supports urinary tract & kidney functions
2) Gokshurhills 60 capsules - Revitaliser
Gokshur is considered to be diuretic and aphrodisiac.
  • Composition - Each capsule contains 100 mg Gokshur Powder and 250 mg of extract (as dry extract) from Gokshur whole plant  (Tribulus terrestris) (7:1) (equivalent to 1750 mg of Gokshur whole plant). When assayed these capsules contain Saponin NLT 14.3%.
  • In Ayurveda it is included in "Shukrayanan" family, i.e. the one responsible for healthy sperms.  Its aphrodisiac property helps in increasing the sperm count & improving sperm parameters.

Gokshurhills Capsules Benefits

  • Has proven spermatogenetic action
  • Has aphrodisiac properties
  • Improves quality of sperms
3) Punarnavahills 60 capsules - Kidney health Support
According to Ayurveda, Punarnava is believed to subside all the three doshas i.e Vata, Pitta, Kapha.
  • Composition - Each capsule contains 100 mg Punarnava Powder and 250 mg of extract (as dry extract) from Punarnava whole plant (Boerhaavia diffusa) (8:1) (equivalent to 2000 mg of Punarnava whole plant). When assayed these capsules contain Alkaloids NLT 0.1%.
  • The name itself suggests rejuvenation.  It mainly acts on the urogenital system by removing the extra debris & strengthens the system.

Punarnavahills Capsules Benefits

  • Helps in maintaining efficient kidney functions
  • Helps in toning of the urinary tract
  • Supports the body's natural ability to expel fluids & prevent water retention
Directions for use : Take one each of Proscarehills tablet, Gokshurhills capsule & Punarnavahills capsule twice daily after meals or as recommended by the physician. For better results it should be taken with warm water

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Prostate Care Kit Reviews

ravi  (Friday, 07 October 2016) Rating: 5
i am suffering from benign prostatic hypertrophy and undergoing allopathic treatment. since sept.2015.the volume of prostate which was +29cm during nov2015 has gone to 38cms now.I AM RISING IN THE NIGHT 3
I am stented in my heart and undergoing diabetes type 2 from the yr.1992.
kindly suggest me patanjali medicines for bph.

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