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Shatavari Capsules for Women Health

Manufacturer & Seller: Herbal Hills
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal

Shatavari is the queen of herbs among all Ayurvedic medicinal plants. Shatavari literally means to have 100 spouses and Ayurveda says that such term is given because the herb provides a great strength to the female making her capable of generating hundreds, thousands of healthy ova.

Packaging Size : 60 capsules pack of Shatavarihills Pure Shatavari Capsules.

Shatavari Capsules Indications

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • General debility
  • Sexual debility
  • Poor reproductive system
  • Low female libido
  • Inflammatory conditions, especially genito-urinary
  • Intestinal and gall bladder infections
  • Weak response to sexual stimuli
  • Depression, nervousness and anxiety
  • Conditions that require overall female body enhancement

Shatavari Capsules Benefits

  • Shatavari Capsules is used in Menstrual problems, Leucorrhea, Infertility, Lactation problems in Females.
  • It is a Nectar for Women. Good for Long Term Use.
  • The herb is available in consumable capsule form. Shatavari capsules works wonderfully on female reproductive system.
  • Shatavari capsules contain bioflavonoid that bears a variety of medicinal properties.
  • In addition, Shatavari capsules are also found to have a very good source of essential elements like zinc, calcium and vitamins like B complex.
  • Shatavari capsules can be taken in almost all menstrual problems including amenorrhea and dysmenorrheal.
  • The herb is helpful in leucorrhoea (a white discharge).
  • Shatavari capsules are one of the choices of herb for infertility and are believed to be useful in decreased libido.
  • This wonderful medicinal herb is used for hot flushes during pre-menopausal phase and acts as an effective female hormone balancer.
  • Shatavari capsules enhance the production of estrogen in females that would otherwise trouble the female during the post menopausal phase featuring dryness of vagina.
  • Shatavari is one of the most essential herbs in breast developing products.
  • Shatavari Capsule is the unique product that can be used by females of all age.
  • In teenage, it helps in producing quality female hormones and in adult, it helps in ovulation and fertilization.
  • Even in females with hysterectomy (removal of uterus) or oophorectomy (removal of ovaries), Shatavari works wonderfully as in such cases, there is a deficiency of estrogen as a major complication.
  • Shatavari capsules are very effective as they contain phytoestrogen (the plant estrogen) that normalizes the estrogen levels in the female.
  • The product can also be taken by a middle aged female where irritability, anger, jealous, nervousness, insomnia are quite common complaints.
  • Shatavari capsules are thought to overcome negative emotions due to hormonal imbalance in the female and to promote positive thoughts and emotions by its soothing effects.
  • Shatavari is a woman friendly herb and can also be taken during excessive bleeding, mood swings, bloating.
  • Many sexologists and infertility specialist recommend Shatavari capsules to the female who is planning to conceive.
  • Also, in post-partum phase, Shatavari can be prescribed to produce more breast milk as it promotes lactation.
  • Shatavari capsules have anti-fungal effect. The herb stimulates the macrophage action and hence helps in battling against various candida infections.
  • This medicinal herb is found to have effects on the macrophages production as the capsules increase the immunity and simultaneously destroys harmful microorganisms.
  • Shatavari Capsules corrects gynecological disorders and makes women reproductive system stronger.

Shatavari Capsules Dosage

  • Take 1-2 capsules twice daily, preferably after meals or as recommended by a physician.
  • For better results it should be taken with warm water

- Herbal / Ayurvedic medicine, Natural remedy


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Shatavari Capsules for Women Health Reviews

santosh  (Friday, 14 April 2017) Rating: 3
I want to this tabs for enlarging my breast because my breast too small and I don\'t feel comfortable in this.
Some says that shatvari is usfull for this type of problem.and its helpful for increasing breast.
Sudhir  (Thursday, 03 November 2016) Rating: 5
Pranam meri daughter ko harmonal problem hai 17ohp ka kya satavari lane she think ho salt hai kripya margdarshan dijjiye ya phir appointment dijiye. Pl reply
Jui  (Saturday, 22 October 2016) Rating: 5
I am 27.can I am very slim.can I take satavari capsules for weight gain and breast enlarge ment.plz reply
And improve my dark complexion is this work??????
jassleen   (Wednesday, 14 September 2016) Rating: 5
I am 22 Year i have leucorria problem and i am so slim.Can i take shatavari churn for breast enlargement or to treat leucorria ?is it any age limit or side effect ?
arvindbhatia  (Friday, 17 October 2014) Rating: 5
what is the function nd availability of shatavari plants in India. how does it help to improve the woman health and how it is taken.. which companies in India are manufacturing it
AJAY  (Monday, 09 September 2013) Rating: 5
nari  (Monday, 12 August 2013) Rating: 5
Hi I have been using shatavari for 1 month onto my sevond month now. I\'m trying to fall pregnant. Hope it works. I did notic a difference in the first month bvleeding was not so heavy.any1 who has actually fell pregnant using this herb plz let me know.Thanks
pankaj  (Thursday, 08 March 2012) Rating: 5
pranaam baba ji,
meri patni(age 25) ko pre_menopouse ki problem hai,use mashik(period) kai mahino tak nahi aata hai,saath hi hypothyroid ki problem bhi hai,mashik regular na hone k kaaran wo pregnant nahi ho pa rahi hai,babaji mujhe margdarsan karaaye:
thanks babaji
ritu yadav  (Sunday, 30 October 2011) Rating: 5
namskar baba g
muje psoriasis ki problm h kafi salo se
or uski wjh se mere sir k bal bhut km or weak ho gye h
please koi aisa treatment btaeye jisse ki new hairs generate ho jae
meri email id h

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