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LNR (Love Natural Remedies) offers quality herbal products with perfect composition of herbal extracts and powders for best health benefits. These products can be used as daily health supplements and also good for health problems related to Heart, Mind / Memory, Blood Pressure, Stress, Diabetes, Digestion, Reproductive system, Infertility, Eyes, Joints, Strength, Immunity etc. LNR products meets all International Food Safety, Quality Guidelines & Certificates like USDA, GMP, NPOP & NOP (USDA Standard), ISO, HALAL etc.
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Triphala Powder
Triphala Powder is the combination of three pure dried fruits called Amalaki - Phyllanthus emblica, Vibhitaki - Terminalia bellirica, and Haritiki - Terminalia chebula and best herbal formula for constipation, gastric troubles, digestive and eye disorders
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Triphala Churna
Triphala churna is a herbal powder, which cleanses and detoxifies the body system. It is best for colon cleansing, constipation, weight control, eye disorders, digestion, acidity etc.
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LNR Shatavari Powder
Shatavari is the main rejuvenating traditional herb for women. It supports maintenance of healthy female reproductive organs.
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LNR Brahmi capsules
Brahmi enhances memory, increase concentration, anti-stress, reduce anxiety, cognitive ability enhancer. Brahmi is very good for enhancing memory in students of all age. Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) extract Capsules.
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LNR Triphala Powder 500 grams
LNR Triphala Powder is widely used as a laxative. It is a powerful body stimulant that helps to promote health and assist in managing overall conditions of the body. It is also a detoxifier.
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LNR Amlaki Capsules (Antioxidant) 120 Capsules
Emblica officinalis Capsules. Amalaki or Amla is used for reducing inflammation in the digestive tract, assisting the bowels and strengthening the heart. It is the richest source of vitamin C.
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LNR Ashwagandha 120 Capsules
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is a Anti-stress, Anti-Aging herb which is greatly used for vitality. It is also called The Indian Ginseng used for better physical and mental fitness.
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LNR Triphala Tablets for Healthy Digestion
Triphala Tablets Acts as a safe & effective colon cleanser, Excellent digestive & metabolic tonic, helps in toning up the Digestive system, Supports effectively in relieving mild to moderate constipation.
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LNR Arjuna Capsules for Heart 120 Capsules
Arjuna Capsules reduces hypertension, stress, nervousness, Helps maintaining healthy heart, Promotes effective cardiac functioning & regulates BP, also improves blood circulation to the heart.
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LNR Ashwagandha Capsules (5 Bottles/300 Capsules)
Get relief from stress & depression with Ashwagandha Capsules. Good for long term use. An Anti-stress, Anti-Aging herb which is also greatly used for sexual vitality. It is also called The Indian Ginseng, maintains physical and mental fitness.
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LNR Amla Powder 500 grams
LNR Amla Powder is a rich source of vitamin C. It contains pure & high quality amla good for Eyes, Hairs, Immunity and Anti Aging.
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