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50 BREATH for Healthy Mind

I would share with you a very simple Breathing Technique "50 BREATH", which will vanish all your problems related to Mind such as Headaches, Migraine, Stress, Depression, Sleep disorders, Anxiety, Fear, OCD, Hypertension, Memory problems etc. with many more health benefits. This technique relaxes your mind and nerves immediately. It makes you calm. You will have more positiveness in your life and you would be able to tachle all your emotional and mental problems easily and effectively. It is so simple and easy that it can be practiced anywhere and anytime when you feel you need it.

So what is the Technique?

The technique is very simple and I have name it "50 BREATH" as per my own experience. I have been practicing "50 BREATH" for more then 10 years and believe it or not "it has changed my life completely". So let me share with you how to practice it.

  1. Find a peaceful place and sit in a comfortable position. You may sit on floor, table, bed etc. crossing your legs or you may also sit on a chair.
  2. Close your eyes and take 20 deep breathes while inhaling (Breathe in) and exhaling (Breathe Out) forcibly. After 20 deep breathes stop and relax for 30 seconds while concentrating on your breathing pattern. Observe your breathe going out and let it go as far as it goes exhaling, and only inhale when your body wants to inhale.
  3. Take another round of 15 deep breathes in the similar manner mentioned above and then again gap of 30 seconds while concentrating on your breathing.
  4. Then take 10 long and deep breathes and 30 seconds rest.
  5. In last you take 5 breathes and after that sit still for 2 minutes observing your breathing pattern.

Open your eyes and:-

  • You will observe that your life is more positive, calm, relaxing, fearless.
  • If you had stress then it will reduce or go away.
  • Headaches would vanish instantly.
  • Anxiety will reduce.
  • Positive approach will come.
  • Thoughts would become clearer.
  • If you have High / Low BP then it would normalize.
  • You would be able to solve any emotional issues easily.
  • You body will be oxygenated up to cellular level. Your internal organs will replenish with more oxygen supply.
  • If you have other physical issues then with regular practice those health problems will disappear as only healthy mind produces healthy body.
  • Your memory will be sharper in few days.
  • Your vision will improve.

Important things to consider

  1. Make sure you that you concentrate on your breathing pattern while breathing in and out.
  2. Relaxation of 30 seconds after each cycle of breathing is important.
  3. Observe your breathe at micro level.
  4. Sit in a peaceful, clean and calm location.
  5. It is preferred that you do this technique early in the morning, empty stomach but you can also do it anytime of a day when you need it.

Share your thoughts and experience after you try "50 BREATH" and comment below.


Author: Yoga Guru

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Amit   |2018-03-18 19:25:55
Very nice technique. I have used one of its pattern breathing in and then
breathout hot air that have proved very successful for lowering bp. I will
definitly use this technique.
Nitin Sahni  - Anxiety and Fear   |2018-03-21 17:46:57

I have problem of anxiety and fear. I have tried doing 50 breathe
technique and it relaxes me. I will continue doing it for a month and hopefully
I will have better results.
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Ayurvedic Medicines - Memory and Mind Strength

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