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Divya Hing Goli Digestive
Divya Hing Goli is a Digestive remedy. Removes gas from stomach, Indigestion and is having a great taste. A best ayurvedic remedy for digestion.
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Patanjali Anardana Goli Digestive
Patanjali Anardana Goli made from dried pomegranate seeds has sweet and sour taste. Anardana pills are useful for stimulating digestion and helps in curing acidity, nausea, gastritis, indigestion and flatulence. Good taste.
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Patanjali Sweet Amla Candy
Patanjali Sweet Amla Candy helps in regeneration of tissue. Strengthens the teeth and bones. Give nutrition to brain and helps in good eye sight. Helps to increase blood circulation. Good for gums and increase immunity.
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Jeera Goli
Jeera goli is simply Digestive. It heals the digestive system. A very tasty product, Children eat it with joy.
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Patanjali Turmeric Powder
Patanjali Turmeric Powder 100 grams.
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Divya Gulkand (Rose Sweet)
Gulkand is hematinic & mild laxative made of rose petals. Good for stomach and digestion and is having a very good taste. Very much helpful in Indigestion. Strengthens the digestive system.
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