Ashwagandha Churna (Powder)

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Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) Churna or Powder, also known as Indian winter cherry is a great rejuvenator that increases stamina, vitality. It is well known as Indian ginseng. The herb is also found to enhance physical and mental ability and it is a wonderful natural tonic for overall health. It is useful in Stress relief, Fatigue and an excellent male libido enhancer. Ashwagandha is a Sanskrit term that literally means horse’s vitality i.e. it vitalizes living body to give strength as that of the horse. It is a good supplement for Arthritis, Joints pain and solution to painkillers. It has immense benefits and used in many of the Ayurvedic formulations.

Ingredients of Ashwagandha churna

Pure extract of Ashwagandha plant which is an Indian ginseng also known as Winter Cherry.

Benefits of Ashwagandha churna

  • It has many significant benefits but best known for its powerful adaptogenic properties. It means that it helps mind & body adapt better to stress. IT IS A STRESS BUSTER.
  • It increases Strength, Stamina and Vigor in human body and very good tonic for sexual problems in Men and women.
  • It is good for people who do physical labor / exercise a lot, so that the body could adapt to physical stress. It is a herbal supplement for body for daily maintenance.
  • It nourishes your nerves and improves nerve function to help you maintain calm during stressful situation.
  • It nourishes all your bodily tissues, including the joints & nerves. It is good for people suffering from Arthritis.
  • It is very powerful rasayana which means that it acts as an overall tonic for greater vitality & longevity.
  • Ashwagandha powder increases the quality & quantity of Vigor (ojas) who is the master coordinator between body & consciousness. It helps pure consciousness slide into the physiology.
  • Ashwagandha enhances virility & has aphrodisiac properties, especially for men. It is a good supplement for all male sexual problems. It increases strength and stamina.
  • It is also very powerful medhya rasayana which means that it enhances all three aspects of mind power comprehension, memory and Smriti.
  • It nourishes the crucial mind - body connection & psychoneuro immune response. It is a immune booster. Ashwagandha is well known for its powerful immune enhancing benefits.
  • It balances the Prana Vata. This is essential for happiness in the face of mental, emotional stress.
  • It helps you coordinating the mind & senses as well, which is very essential for quality sleep.
  • Ashwagandha has a Sothara effect, which means it helps clear impurities (Ama) from the various channels of the human body.
  • Ashwagandha is considered among the best of all substances for balancing Vata. Ashwagandha also pacifies Kapha at the same time, which is a very rare combination.

Administration of Ashwagandha churna

Should be taken at bed time with warm water.


5 grams or One tea spoonful.

Medicinal properties of Ashwagandha

Boost Sexual power

Ashwagandha increases the sexual vitality, works as a great aphrodisiac. Most of the sexual problems arise due to stress and Ashwagandha herb acts as anti-stress natural supplement. Ashwagandha is a unique herb that works as an effective adaptogen that restores the neurotransmitters supporting the mental and physical energy and is a very potential tonic for whole body.

Ashwagandha is very much male friendly herb that enhances the productivity and quality of sperms. It increases the sexual power and provides long lasting endurance. It stops ageing and keeps the body rejuvenated. Ashwagandha capsules are known to have ‘testosterone’ like effects and are an important herbal formula for male reproductive system as it improves male libido and provide strength to male genital system.

Immunity enhancer

The herb is very much useful as a growth promoter, immune-stimulant. Ashwagandha capsules have shown its effect on increasing the white blood cells count and it helps fighting against various micro organisms and allergens. The herb works as a nervine-sedative and boast anxiolytic properties.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Ashwagandha supplied in any form has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, Ashwagandha herb can be used for various inflammatory conditions (swellings) and helps in the improving the blood supply. Ashwagandha is said to have vata shamak (pain relieving) properties thus Ashwagandha herb can be used for various musculo-skeletal disorders like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica etc.

Mind, memory and mental disorders

Ashwagandha capsule can also be given to a person suffering from vertigo, depression and other mental disorders. It provides nourishment to brain function and increases ability to work more efficiently. Intake of Ashwagandha capsules increases the cognitive ability and also boosts the memory.

Heart and blood circulation

Ashwagandha root extract is given to hypertensive people as it acts as an excellent supplement for the heart muscles and maintains the circulatory flow. Ashwagandha powder or churna can also be consumed in night before going to sleep with Milk or lukewarm water.

Respiratory disorders

As the herb Ashwagandha has the power to regenerate the dead tissues, Ashwagandha capsules can be safely given to patients of tuberculosis during their recovery phase. People suffering from asthma or some other upper respiratory tract infections can take Ashwagandha capsules to have wonderful results.

Ashwagandha Side effects

Ashwagandha is safe to use Ayurvedic / Herbal remedy and has no side effects. It is completely natural and friendly to human body. It is best for Mind, Heart, Sexual problems, Respiratory disorders of all kinds.

Ashwagandha FAQs

1. Who can take Ashwagandha? - Ashwagandha powder can be consumed by all as a daily supplement weather having health disorders or not. Students can also take it and it will help in their studies.

2. What are the benefits / uses of Ashwagandha? - Ashwagandha reduces stress, boosts immunity, increases strength and stamina, induces deep sleep, cures respiratory disorders, strengthens heart muscles, good sexual supplement.

3. Are there any side effects of Ashwagandha? - It has no side effects.

4. Can women take Ashwagandha? - Ashwagandha can be consumed by any one male or females.

5. In what forms Ashwagandha is available? - Ashwagandha is available in powder and capsules form. Ashwagandha capsules are more potent then Ashwagandha churna as they have pure extracts.

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Ashwagandha Churna (Powder) Reviews

Rahul Shur  (Saturday, 13 January 2018) Rating: 5
I had knee joints pain regularly but after traking Ashwagandha powder regularly for 1 month I am relived in pain. I was told to go for knee joints replacement operation but I think I will continue Ashwagandha powder lifelong to avoid surgery. It is a great herbal remedy and also I feel better strength and stamina in my daily life.
Sandeep   (Sunday, 16 October 2016) Rating: 5
Very superb,and very effective to body and,mind,its so usefull of increased our sexual,capacity and,soo more powerful in vitality and relax from after intercorse
Jayesh T. Mehta  (Wednesday, 18 November 2015) Rating: 5
I take early morning while stomack is empty, one full TB Ashwagandha churna (Ramdevbaba) + 70 ml Hot DESHI cow milk + Cow\'s Ghee (Ramdev baba product) = 1tb Natural -un processed- Honey + elayachi-cardemom- powder to over come Ashwa smell/taste, is this combination ok for Ashwagandha\'s best results or should I take it as you may suggest----Please GUIDE Me--As how to take it for best results to obtain.
anonymous  (Thursday, 28 November 2013) Rating: 5

I am 31 year old, having try to get pregnant many years but no luck. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis for 3 month. My period become irregular and is very heavy and painful for last 2 years. I found Preist Hallifat Email li*** from the internet , someone got pregnant with his help. When I came to see Priest. Hallifat , I was on 24 hours delayed. I am overweight, and have weak digestive system. Priest. Hallifat checked my Details and . He gave me 1 week supply of herbs, and did acupuncture treatment. I got my period right after I took herbs, and surprisingly got pregnant that month. I was so happy that I became pregnant naturally. During my whole pregnancy I was doing well. My daughter was born in Aug 2006

Arch  (Wednesday, 23 January 2013) Rating: 5

I want to reduce melanin reducion churna. I am a lupus patient i was very fair ealier now because of taking lots of medicine now i am very black. Please.
ayurvijay  (Thursday, 15 September 2011) Rating: 5
Ashwagandha churna is also called Withania somnifera which is best rejuvenator and best stress reliever. The herbal medicine contains multiple properties that boosts immunity, and relieves stress and anxiety. Due to presence of many phytochemicals and other compounds withanine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, tropine etc, which acts as to boost immunity. Ashwagandha is very helpful for not only weakness but is also helpful for general body and Tridosha shamak, skin diseases, cough, sperm weakness, abdominal disorders, stress and anxiety reliever etc. Ashwagandha churna if used with other drugs like Lavang, Triphala etc, its mode of action is enhanced and it is helpful for various ailments. If Ashwangandha is used along with other spices like cumin etc, its effect is good for sperm count enhancer. Divya Ashwagandha churnam can be consumed with warm milk at bed time for long term usage and with the combinations, one can consume as prescribed. Though there is misbelief regarding ashwagandha that this is mainly used for sexual weakness, but this is wrong as Ashwagandha churna is helpful for many other disorders and to prevent many diseases. Divya Ashwagandha churna is helpful for cardiac complaints and controls blood pressure also. Overall Divya Ashwagandha churna is very helpful for general body weakness and safe to consume.
Bhavin  (Monday, 12 July 2010) Rating: 5
PURENDRA KUMAR BEHERA  (Thursday, 20 May 2010) Rating: 5
last 4 years i am suffering from sporisis in my head scalap small patches white screen of patches & joint pain of knees & ankels both side .I am suffering from hard pain in winter season & little pain of summer season, how to cure psorisis and arthities for my problems . I have used medicine home pathics & 777 oil in sidha medicine but it is not cure .please help me
nmoushumi  (Friday, 05 March 2010) Rating: 5
I am writing for my mother 58 yrs and she is suffering frm knee pain and dr suggested for operation. She is trying for babas med if she could be ok otherwise she will never go for operation. We really need help baba.
R.K.manchanda  (Tuesday, 23 February 2010) Rating: 5
I an 62 years young have none significant problem so far, but my wife has some arthirities /joints problem
vimal singh  (Monday, 25 January 2010) Rating: 5
i am vimal singh from hardoi Mr. Shusheel Dixit is my neighbour hi is fight with the pain of knee last 2 years so he join your camety i want the fees of joining if possible plzzzzzzzzz send ur contact No. as soon as possible
btjairam  (Friday, 08 January 2010) Rating: 5
i am aged 75 years old doing yoga with the grace of sri swami ramdev maharaj 15 to 30 min both morning and evenings daily- maintianing normal bp and nondiabetic, almost got rid off anal fistula which i suffered for the past 5 years, cured knee joint swelling and pains but for the present which i got medicines from your chikistalaya at ina delhi about three months back. i need your blessings and further guidance. i want to place some medicines which i am using at present pl write what should i do
banarsi  (Tuesday, 05 January 2010) Rating: 5
hii i am 55 year old, i am suffering from psoriasis from past 8 years and recently my hand fingers and knee joints have problem of pain and swelling
varsha  (Thursday, 03 December 2009) Rating: 5
Hi I am 30 yr. old female.I have 4 stones in my right kidney and 4 stones in my left kidney.I have under gone through two cesaration operation last on 11/1/2009. I have pain in knee.Please give me some suggestion as early as possible
Bibhu Ranjan Bag  (Saturday, 07 November 2009) Rating: 5
iam 28 years old unmarried now pursuing graduation from delhi university i belong to orissa iam suffering from low backache and which grows up during winters and joints pains some time
Vani Bala Sahukara  (Tuesday, 27 October 2009) Rating: 5
I am 40 years old staying at Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. I have been suffering from Gastric from 2002. I feel the stomach swelling (Pet Phula) all times. I feel heavy ness and pain in the whole stomach all times whatever I eat or not. I left Non-veg for last 4 years due to these problems. Even I cannot take any types of pulses due to this problem. I use non-spicy food and not taking much garlic, brinjal, potato, pulses etc. I had been to number of Doctors in all streams like Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic and not got any relief and Still I am facing the problem and the problem is growing more day by day. Endoscopic and ultra sound tests were conducted two times no result was found. But in the recent endoscopic test (before 15 days) it was diagnosed as Acute Antral Gastritis. Using medicines of Allopathic but not got relief till date.

I had undergone two surgeries (1) Operated a Tumor on the Uterus in May 1996 (2) Surgery at the time of birth of my daughter in Dec. 1999.

I have also Rheumatoid Arthritic problem from 2004. I used several medicines of all streams. Although I feel pain in the joints if I work for a few minutes and get exhausted. I feel more threat due to this gastric. I also feel back pain and headache most of the times.
nitinkaria  (Sunday, 11 October 2009) Rating: 5
61 years old,medium built,widow,having kneepain problem,prostrate enlargement,myasthania gravis
mks  (Monday, 24 August 2009) Rating: 5
i m 42 yrs old. i have eczema oon my two legs near knee. sometimes itching is there. its dry. so plz suggest me to cure it
Shirish Shivkishore Soni  (Thursday, 13 August 2009) Rating: 5
I am married of age 36yrs.I have one Boy of 8yrs.
My wife is suffering from Blood pressure,Sugar,Thyroid & Knee Swalling (due to increase in Uric acid)
RASHIDA  (Monday, 20 July 2009) Rating: 5
Dear Sir
this is regarding my mother she is above 70 has too muchproblem ofbones she is unable to walk due to pain in er knees,doctor are asking to replace knee cap,she has blood pressurealso ,my mother want to get cure,kindly help
Rekha Rasaily  (Wednesday, 13 May 2009) Rating: 5
I am 37 years old, from Kathmandu Nepal. I am suffering from last 2 years with this. Specially in this year I found my hand and knees joint are swelling and have hard pain inside. I could not move as mush as. So that I need your help, please let me know your nearest treatment centre so that I have to visit there. Waiting your response.

Thank you and regards.

Rekha Rasaily
L.K.CHOPRA  (Thursday, 07 May 2009) Rating: 5
Rajkumar Saraf  (Tuesday, 28 April 2009) Rating: 5
I havejoint knee pain I am 60 ys old Joint knee pain is from many years I want to get relieve from this
aarti mhatre  (Wednesday, 01 April 2009) Rating: 5
For thepast 6 years I am on a wheelchair. I am 47 years old. My knee joints have fused is what allopathic doctors say. My elbow joints have also started paining and the wrists are also swelling and paining.
Sugar is on the higher side.
High BP since 1985.
Priti Audumbar Kokate  (Tuesday, 27 January 2009) Rating: 5
I am working in private firm.
I have consistanly pain in knee & if pain in knee stop then start in hand finger or in back or in anckle
alka  (Tuesday, 06 January 2009) Rating: 5
i am 11 yrs old i have allergy on my elbows and knees from last 3 months please tell me its yogic and ayurvedic cure
Hariom Tiwari  (Tuesday, 23 December 2008) Rating: 5
I am a software professional. I have been working in Pune for 3 years.I come from Banaras. From last 6 months I have been suffering from severe knee and back pain.
deepa mamtani  (Wednesday, 10 December 2008) Rating: 5
mu daughter is having knock knee. please advise exercise
sumant Mishra  (Tuesday, 18 November 2008) Rating: 5
I am 38 years old
I feel from last 5-6 years pain in my fingers from joints and after 10-12 month
soling & pain in my feet.
Mansha Mundra  (Thursday, 16 October 2008) Rating: 5
OM Swamiji,
I am a patient suffuring from an auto-immune disorder called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. I have got flares twice and was given steroids. Now I have also got Avascular Necrosis in both Hip Joints. Please suggest treatment. I am already doing Pranayam.