Super Sonic Power Booster 8 Capsules

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Super Sonic Power Booster Capsules for Men is a patent energizer, Enhance Vitality & Vigour. Super Sonic Capsule is an ayurvedic medicine and is totally free from side effects.

Super Sonic Capsule Benefits

  • It works as an patent energizer and helps to increase the interest in sexual activities for men.
  • Stops Premature Ejaculation problem while intercourse.
  • Beneficial in Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Gives a chance to enjoy the full sexual intercourse.
  • Controls Ejaculation while foreplay.

Super Sonic Capsule Dosage

One capsule one hour before desire. It should be taken preferably with milk or water. It should be taken not more than 1 capsule in a day.

Super Sonic Capsule Ingredients

  • Ashwagandha - 60 mg. - Its rejuvenating effect on Semen helps to alleviate asthenospermia (increasing sperm motility), oligospermia (increasing sperm count), and poor sexual performance, and helps to reduce impotence.
  • Safed Musli - 60 mg. - As it directly nourishes the Semen it is used as a sweet tonic and rejuvenative for the reproductive system. It treats infertility, premature ejaculation, impotence and low sperm count.
  • Kaunch Beej - 60 mg. - It is a tonic to the whole semen system treating low libido, infertility, impotence, spermatorrhoea, premature ejaculation. It is considered to be one of the ultimate Ayurvedic reproductive tonics for both men and women.
  • Satawar - 60 mg. - Whenever there is low sperm count and irregularity consider using shatavari.
  • Shuddh Vidhara - 25 mg. - Main male/female reproductive tonic. Impotency, infertility, increases semen, milk (progesterone), and other hormonal secretions.
  • Shuddh Kuchla - 25 mg. - It provides strength to the male organs to get good sexual timings.
  • Lauh Bhasm - 34.49 mg. - It restores the body energy.
  • Bang Bhasm - 25 mg. - It increases the sexual stamina and time.
  • Abhrak Bhasm - 15 mg. - It is used to boost body stamina.
  • Rajat Bhasm - 10 mg. - It provides strength to the male reproductive system.
  • Swarna Bhasm - 0.01 mg. - It is a well known aphrodisiac medicine used to improve sexual stamina.
  • Shudha Shilajit - 75 mg. - Used in male reproductive problems with premature ejaculation, spermatorrhoea, impotence and spermaturia. It strengthens the whole reproductive system and is a tonic to the sex organs.
  • Prawal Bhasm - 7 mg. - Strength giving bhasm.
  • Sura sar dust - 0.5 mg. - It provides strength to the weak body muscles.

Super Sonic Capsule Side Effects & Precautions

  • Super Sonic capsules do to cause any side effects.
  • Overdosage of this product should be avoided.
  • Unwell persons should avoid this medicine until their health got OK.
  • Persons having extremely high blood pressure should avoid this medicine.

Packaging size : 4 capsules pack.

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Super Sonic Power Booster 8 Capsules Reviews

papu sahu  (Thursday, 25 August 2016) Rating: 5
i want to super sonic power booster capsules for man and titanic k2 power booster capsules for man available in raigarh chhattisgarh address and contact number.please send me thankyou
selvan  (Sunday, 20 July 2014) Rating: 5
imran  (Friday, 21 September 2012) Rating: 5
i am want to super sonic power capsul.I am increase my sexual timing as much as long.I am very thankful to you for this.
Dhanasekar  (Monday, 13 August 2012) Rating: 5
Super Sonic Power Booster Capsules for Men Available in chennai shop and send address and contact number
yash  (Thursday, 26 July 2012) Rating: 5
i hv night fall frequently..pisab ke wakt jor se presure denese dhatu tapakti he.please help email id***
rajib  (Thursday, 05 July 2012) Rating: 5
i have no strength of my panish, and cant satisfied to my partner of i want to know how completely deserve in my life.and i have nightfall please.
mahbub  (Thursday, 05 April 2012) Rating: 5
I\'m 45 years old.I want to increase the sex power and bigest penis size.What kind of ayurvedic medicines are ?
Ajoy Kumar Das  (Saturday, 10 March 2012) Rating: 5
can i take super sonic power booster one hour after taking alcohol and what will be the effects if alcohol take one or two hour before taking capsules