Gout Ayurvedic Medicines

Manufacturer & Seller: Shivalik Herbals
Category: Ayurvedic / Herbal

Ayurveda Package for Gout and associated problems. It helps in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Gout Causes and Symptoms

  • Gout is a metabolic disorder that is caused by excess uric acid.
  • These crystals enter the joint creating severe pain.
  • The pain will be very acute and progresses within few hours.
  • It may be accompanied symptoms like lethargy, fever, indigestion and swelling.
  • In an acute stage, medicines must be taken as a combination to reduce the symptoms.

Gout Package Ingredients

  1. Divya Kaishore Guggul - 40 gm
  2. Divya Punarnvadi mandur - 40 gm
  3. Baidyanath Mahanarain Oil - 100 ml
  4. Baidyanath Chopchinyadi Churna - 100 gm

Gout Package Administration

  1. Medicine no. 1,2 - 2 tabs. from each thrice a day with lukewarm water.
  2. Medicine no. 3 - Apply & massage locally on the affected area.
  3. Medicine no. 4 - 1-2 teaspoonful with milk twice a day.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Try to include coriander, kokilaksha, barley, drum stick leaves, cumin and gokshuram.
  • Reduce excess purine rich foods like organ meats, cauliflower, mushroom, yeast, peas, fish, meat, chicken and spinach.
  • Drink enough water and trying to keep the weight under control will be beneficial to prevent relapse of an attack.

Note:- If there is pus in the gout area then use Triphala guggul with the above given medicines.

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Gout Ayurvedic Medicines Reviews

gaurav  (Thursday, 22 March 2018) Rating: 2
I am 31 years old,having height 5.6\" and weight 83 Kg suffering from uric acid from last 3 years.

medicine using -furic/Febutas 40mg

Is there any permanent solution or else i have to use this whole life.