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Khadi Shikakai & Honey Shampoo
This shampoo will cleanse and condition your hair at the same time. It is mild enough to be used frequently and on all types of hair. It ensures that the natural oil balance of the scalp is not disturbed.
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Badvet Syrup
Badvet Syrup is Indicated in Controlling Bed Wetting during sleep in children.
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Strengthens the immune system & builds resistance to infection. Ensures therapeutic effectiveness of antibiotic therapy when co-prescribed. Promotes faster recovery from infections.
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Cytozen Capsules
Cytozen is an ayurvedic medicine made to be used in Alcoholic Liver Disease and Hepatitis. Used in liver disturbed after hangovers and in Alcoholism.
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Neo Tablets
Neo is an ayurvedic medicine made to be used for Premature Ejaculation in males and Bed-wetting in children. It is also best useful in Nightfall or Nocturnal Emissions.
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Xtra Man cream 50 Grams
XTRA-Man Cream is a male enhancement cream that works well to provide you with the arousal and performance support that you need to function at your best in the bedroom. The product works well for men of all ages and backgrounds.
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