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PUTOME PLUS (Pack of 3)
Putome Plus is a safe, effective and natural, multifaceted approach to female health from Puberty to Menopause. It arrests excessive bleeding and regularizes menstrual cycle, tones up endometrium and stimulates ovarian tissues. Rich in phytoestrogens alle
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Evanova Capsules
Evanova is an ayurvedic medicine made to be used for Menopause Symptoms. Management of Perimenopausal (Menopausal transition)to Postmenopausal signs and symptoms.
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Asthiposhak (Ayurvedic Calcium Supplement)
Asthiposhak tablets are indicated in osteoporosis (especially related to old age and menopause), non-healing fractures, calcium defiancy during pregnancy and lactation, hair fall.
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Abhraloha Tablets
Abhraloha is an excellent ayurvedic iron supplement with the combination of Abhrak Bhasma & Loha Bhasma. It is best used in Anemia and Iron deficiency. It is a supportive therapy for women from menarche till menopause. Abhrak Bhasma alleviates general deb
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