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Divya Udaramrit Vati
Useful in liver diseases, gastric disorder, indigestion and Stomach Problems. Fights all types of abdominal diseases, suppression of the power of digestion, jaundice, anaemia, chronic fever, diarrhoea and constipation.
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HERBOIRON - Iron Supplement
The most common Anemia is due to iron deficiency in the blood. HERBOIRON provides natural metallic iron in micronized form along with blood forming constituents.
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Abhraloha Tablets
Abhraloha is an excellent ayurvedic iron supplement with the combination of Abhrak Bhasma & Loha Bhasma. It is best used in Anemia and Iron deficiency. It is a supportive therapy for women from menarche till menopause. Abhrak Bhasma alleviates general deb
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Divya Punarnavadi Mandur
Helpful in Edema, Anemia and splenomegaly. Punarnava Mandoor is best useful for Kidney Problems and Anemia.
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Hemohills Kit
Hemohills acts as a Blood purifier, Helps in Healthy Digestion, Treatment of acne and Skin care. It is a Detoxifier & Carminative.
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Divya Swarna-makshik Bhasm
Divya Swarna-makshik Bhasm is useful in Iron deficiency, anaemia and in jaundice.
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LNR Amla Powder 500 grams
LNR Amla Powder is a rich source of vitamin C. It contains pure & high quality amla good for Eyes, Hairs, Immunity and Anti Aging.
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Charak Manoll Malt
Charak Manoll Syrup Malt rejuvenates & strengthens body tissue. Ensures healthy Pregnancy and lactation. Reduces oxidative stress and increases immunity. A ‘tonic’ effect for all ages of people.
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Punarnava Capsules
Punarnava has Diuretic properties, Punarnava Capsules maintains effective kidney function. Very Helpful in Edema. Indicated in oedema of the body, jaundice & dysuria. (Punarnava) Boerhavia Diffusa extract Capsules.
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Amla - Emblica officinalis 120 capsules
Amla (Emblica officinalis) Capsules Special for Immunity system, Blood and Haemopoeitic tissue.
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Divya Lohasava for Iron Deficiency
It is an excellent combination of Lauh bhasma with other essential herbs. Lohasava is indicated for Iron deficiency anaemia. Lohasava rapidly improves Haemoglobin level.
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Maharishi Raktda Tablets Iron Supplement
Indicated in Iron Deficiency, Anemia, Malnutritional Anemia, Prenatal Anemia, Anemia following Malaria and other Haemolytic disorders and Chronic Infections, Post Operative Convalescence.
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Livomap Tablets
Livomap energizes liver and improves flow of bile and prevents formation of gall stones. Helps in the treatment of amoebiasis, infective hepatitis, anaemia and gastro-intestinal problems.
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Triphala 120 Capsules
Triphala Capsules is an herbal compound comprising Terminalia bellirica, Terminalia chebula and Emblica officinalis. It helps in supporting the digestive system. Triphala capsules strengthens the digestive system. Also Useful in Constipation.
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Divya Kasees Bhasm
Useful in anaemia, hepatomegaly etc.
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Patanjali Giloy-Amla Juice
Patanjali Giloy-Amla Juice is indicated in Immuno Deficiency Fever, Rheumatism, Gout, Jaundice, Anemia.
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Divya Vasant Kusumakar Ras
Divya Vasant Kusumakar Ras is used in Diabetes and general debility. It is a best Aphrodisiac. Best useful in controlling sexual problems. Available in powdered form (1 grams).
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Charak Manoll
Charak Manoll is a tonic, anti-oxidant, immunity booster for the patients suffering from debility, metabolic disorders & Anemia.
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LNR Ashwagandha 120 Capsules
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is a Anti-stress, Anti-Aging herb which is greatly used for vitality. It is also called The Indian Ginseng used for better physical and mental fitness.
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Divya Lauh Bhasm
Divya Lauh Bhasm is Haematinic & restorative. Indicated in anaemia disorders of liver & spleen jaundice, oedema & general debility.
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What is Anemia?

If your body does not have enough red blood cells, this condition is called as anemia. There are many factors involved and anemia is classified according to its deficiencies. Usually Red blood cells origin is from bone marrow, and healthy red blood cells last from 90 days to 120 days. Hemoglobin is a part of red blood cells with oxygen-carrying protein capacity, if the hemoglobin is low, it is the condition of anemia.

Types of Anemia

There are various types of anemia such as Anemia due to some vitamin and mineral deficiencies like B12, Folate, Iron etc., Hemolytic anema, Idiopathic aplastic anemia, Anemia due to chornic disease, Megaloblastic anemia, secondary aplastic anemia, sickle cell anemia, pernicious anemia, Thalassemia anemia etc.

Causes of Anemia

There are many possible causes like medications, chronic diseases like cancer, colitis, arthritis, kidney failure etc. If there is blood loss due to menstruation, anal bleeding etc may also lead to anemia. Other causes like in pregnancy, and poor diet, there may be chances of anemia. If there is lymphoma, leukemia, or myeloma where bone marrow is involved, chances of anemia is possible. In many individuals for those who have hypothyroidism may also suffer from anemia.

Diagnosis of Anemia

Anemia is diagnosed when symptoms become acute and many individuals have anemia without even aware of it.

Basically, anemia is treatable and manageable with proper precautions. Even, in children, if there is any kind deficiencies, that can be noticed with their acts, like consuming mud, nails, or chalks which indicates lack of calcium, or iron etc.

Preventions for Anemia in Ayurveda

Diet for Anemia

In ayurveda Anemia is compared with Pandu Roga or kind of jaundice. As ayurveda focuses on prevention is better than cure. One should understand that usage of adequate nutrition and balanced nutrition and diet is very important. As anemia is mainly on dietary deficiency disease, it can be prevented by improving quality of blood and quality of the blood can be improved by consuming balanced diet with sources like folic acids, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin C in diet. Dietary sources are mainly Green leafy vegetables, Dry fruits, nuts, and seeds, beet root, lentils, meat etc., that contain iron, and folic acids. Eggs, meat, milk products to contain vitamin B12. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C.

Here precautionary measures are taken while on supplements that one should not consume excess supplements which may cause hypervitaminosis. In few cases, for proper synthesis of these vitamin B12, iron, folic acids, and vitamin C, few products may hamper like beverages (tea or coffee), egg yolk, and these kind of food products should be avoided or minimized.

Herbs for Anemia

In ayurveda, there are certain herbs which are helpful for anemic condition such as Fenugreek, Wormwood, Chicory, Gokulakanta, Ash Gourd, Bitter melon, Onion, Chicory, and Dill etc. these herbs can be used in different modes like in cooking or in the form of medications.

Supplements for Anemia

In different stages of life and males and females, there may be chances of variation of hemoglobin and there will be anemic condition and as supplement, a lady who is trying to conceive may need to consume supplements like folic acid supplements as mentioned earlier, during pregnancy, there will be chances a anemia and in order to compensate, one can consume supplements like folic acids which is important.

In few individuals, though sources are available, there may be chances of hampering synthesis of vitamins, or minerals. In this case, there are many ayurvedic remedies and medicines which are supportive for managing anemia and for the synthesis of dietary sources.

Ayurvdic Medicines for Anemia

Following medicines are examples which are indicated for anemia such as

Punarnava Mandoor, Abhraloha particularly for pregnant ladies. Another herbo-mineral medicine Divya Swarna Makshik Bhasm which is particularly helpful for iron deficiency anemia. Few more examples of ayurvedic medications for anemic condition such as Livomap Tablets, Divya Lohasavam etc.

Tests for Anemia

It is recommended that every individual may go for regular blood checkups to assess their health condition and if there is anemia, one should try to plan their schedules with dietary supplements and one can prefer medications in alternative systems as they not only act as a source, also helps to synthesize and metabolism.

You can go for regular CBC or complete blood cell count which is important to and relevant for diagnosis of anemia. Following tests are included in CBC such as Red blood cell (RBC) count, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, White blood cell (WBC) count, Differential blood count, Platelet count. In this Red blood cell (RBC) count, Hemoglobin, and Hematocrit are important to assess anemia.

Take Doctor's advice for Anemia

However, in order to tract your vitamin and mineral requirements, one should be in touch with doctor for doubts and clarifications. Because there are some exclusion criteria like in elder people and with the individuals with chronic medications for lungs and heart diseases must follow-up with doctor for expert advice. One should not ignore unnoticed bleedings like excess menstrual bleedings, or bleeding per rectum, should contact doctor immediately. Other disorder is sickle cell anemia where you need regular followup with doctor though you are under supplements.

Yoga for Anemia

The role of alternative medicines are simple so as to enhance metabolism. For example, yoga and meditation involves a rhythmic breathing method where one can give adequate oxygenation to the cell levels which is very important


After understanding the concept, one should be aware that anemia in initial stages can be controlled with diet and herbal medications or herbo-mineral medications as mentioned above. However, one must not overlook by thinking anemia is simple disorder. In Naturopathy fruit diet and unique diet methods are effective to treat anemic conditions with chronic and acute symptoms.