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Henna Shikakai Shampoo
This herbal composition specially made for oily to normal hair will make your hair silky, smooth & conditioned. Henna conditions the hair & makes it silky & bouncy. Shikakai takes care of the scalp and also helps in cleansing and root strengthening.
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Protein Shampoo by Sri Sri Ayurveda
Protein Shampoo For Dry to Normal Hair. Fortified with Natural Protein & Nutrients of Green Gram, Fenugreek & Chickpea Extracts, this safe and effective shampoo provides essential amino acids & protein to your hair.
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Sudanta Toothpaste
Sri Sri Ayurveda's Sudanta Toothpaste for complete oral care. It keeps your breath fresh, protects and prevents gum and tooth diseases, and ensures healthier gums & teeth.
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Sri Sri Mehantaka Vati
Diabetes became big health issue for the world, Sri Sri Ayurveda’s Mehantaka Vati is a combination of 15 Ayurvedic herbs which treat the diabetes. Mehantaka also known as anti- diabetic tablet. It is very effective remedy to control glucose level.
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