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Unjha Shilajit Vati
Shilajit Vati increases Strength, Vigour, Vitality, Complexion, Memory Grasping power & Constitution of the body. Body becomes like the prince. Ojas & Flesh improves & the perception becomes powerful.
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Herbal Blood Purifier for Skin Diseases
Raktashodhak Tonic is very effective in every type of minor and major dermatological condition that is caused by impurity of blood. It is a combination of blood purifiers, hementinic, hepatostimulant and cool herbs.
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Unjha Shankhpushpi Syrup
Shankhpushpi Syrup enriched with Brahmi gives strength to nervous system. It helps to concentrate those who are in studies easily compete in this competitive world. It is a tonic for memory, reduces stress and induces sleep.
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