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Divya Chandraprabha Vati
Useful in Diabetes, burning sensation during Urination and for other Urinary Diseases.
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Calcury Tablets for Urinary Stones
Very safe and effective in patients who cannot undergo surgery. (Lithotripsy). Prevents recurrence of stone formation.
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Daru Haldi Powder - 100 gms - Pack of 2
Daruhaldi is considered as one of the best Ayurveda herb which helps correct metabolism, improve the liver function and nourish the skin. It is said to have hepato-protective, diuretic, anti inflammatory properties. It also supports healthy Urinary tract
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Patanjali Ashvashila capsule
Patanjali Ashwashila capsule is a combination of Ashwagandha and Shilajit which makes it a powerful remedy in Sexual weakness, fatigue, stress, generalized weakness, asthma, allergy, diabetes, urinary disorders and loss of immunity.
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Divya Giloy Sat
Divya Giloy Sat is a Multipurpose medicine used in several diseases and strengthen the immune system. Very useful in all types of fevers.
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Divya Gokshuradi Guggulu
Divya Gokshuradi Guggulu is useful in renal calculus & urinary tract infection. Helpful in problems occurring from retention of urine due to any reason. Also useful in Edema.
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Divya Ashmarihar Ras
Divya Ashmarihar Ras for Kidney Stones. It dissolves deposited calculi & takes it out from the body.
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Stonhills 60 Tablets for Kidney Stones
Has diuretic properties thus helps to flush out the stones, Helps maintain optimum kidney health, Helps maintain urinary tract functioning.
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Divya Punarnavadi Mandur
Helpful in Edema, Anemia and splenomegaly. Punarnava Mandoor is best useful for Kidney Problems and Anemia.
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Baidyanath Shodhit Shilajit Sat
Baidyanath Shodhit Shilajit Sat acts as a tonic, specially useful in genito-urinary diseases and General Weakness.
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Divya Vrikkdoshhar Kwath
Divya Vrikkadoshar Kwath Helps in dissolving & excreting renal stones & urinary blooded. Helps in relieving renal infection diuretic & relieves in swelling.
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Bangshil is an ayurvedic medicine indicated in Burning, Painful, slow, frequent micturition. Urethritis, Cystitis, Pyelonephritis, Pyelitis, Prostatitis, Crystalluria.
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Prostate Care Kit (Proscarehills)
Prostate Care Kit is a combination of 3 medicines for promoting prostate health. It is the natural way to a healthy prostate. Helps promote healthy prostate size. Helps to maintain smooth urine flow.
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Prostate Enlargement Ayurvedic Medicines
Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines useful in Prostate enlargement.
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Baidyanath Chandrakala Ras
Indicated in Dysuria, Burning sensation during urination, Burning sensation on palms and soles. Also useful in menorrhagia and haematemesis.
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SwetMusli (Safed Musli) 120 Capsules
It helps with nervousness, pain, restless sleep, disturbing dreams and people with weak emotional and physical heart. It improves uterine growth, mitigates dysmenorrheal and menorrhagia, augments fertility and imparts anabolic properties.
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Aluretic Tablets
Aluretic Tablets improves function of Kidneys, Heart, Liver & Lungs. Regulates urine elimination & excretory functions.
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Zandu K4 - 30 Tablets
Zandu K4 Tablets is indicated in Urethritis, Burning Micturition, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Crystalluria, Cystitis, Renal and Urinary Calculi disorder.
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Divya Vrikkdoshhar Vati
Beneficial in renal and urinary bladder calculi, also useful in urinary tract infection.
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Neeri Tablets for Urinary Disorders
Neeri Tablets are indicated in Urinary calculi / Stone, Recurrent calculi / Stone, Urinary Tract Infections, Cystitis, Burning micturition, Prostate enlargement associated symptoms like dribbling urination, interrupted stream of urine.
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Gokhshuru - Tribulus terrestris 120 Capsules
Gokshuru(Tribulus terrestrisis) is one of Ayurveda’s best herbs for the kidneys. The herb is very effective in most of the urinary tract disorders. This is because it will promote the flow of urine, will cool and soothe the membranes of the urinary tract.
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Urine Infection Ayurvedic Medicines
Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for all types of Urine Infections.
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Nephromed for Kidney Disorders
A Dietary Supplement for Acute & Chronic Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome, Chronic Renal failure, Diabetic Nephropathy, Urinary tract infection, Urethritis Dysuria & Prostatitis.
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Urinary tract infections in females

Females are very prone to UTIs or urinary tract infections due to the anatomy of their body. Repeated infections make urogenital system very weak and many complications may occur. The immunity of urogenital system also reduces and in turn increases chances of further infections. Generally simple infections are cleared just by increasing urinary output, as a reaction from body. But repeated, chronic and resistant infections need proper treatment for their full eradication. Ayurveda has strong diuretic, anti microbial and immunity booster medicines which clear chronic infections from urogenital track and controls associated symptoms. We recommend you to take divya chanderprabha vati and shilajit capsules with divya asmarihar kwath for almost two months to eradicate the urinary tract infection and strengthen whole urogenital system. These Ayurvedic medicines will cure fever, burning sensation in urine, increased urination and weakness in body due to excessive urination. Take these medicines and increase water intake to get the best results. These medicines completely cure UTI and increase immunity of urinary tract to avoid repeated infections.

Prostate problem in males

Prostate is a very important gland in male reproductive system and is located in close relation with urethra. Urethra forms a passage for urine from urinary bladder. The prostate gland secretes a major part of semen and it is very much prone to infections. With increasing age prostate gland starts increasing in size. This is called benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH. It is non- cancerous but can change to cancer of prostate. The increase in size of prostate causes pressure on urethra and becomes a major obstruction in urinary passage. BPH may cause even complete obstruction in urine but generally dribbling of urine occurs or only small amount of urine comes after putting lots of pressure and waiting for long time. We recommend you to take a complete course of full package for prostate cancer and prostate enlargement. These ayurvedic medicines are very useful in reversing the changes of Benign Prostate Hypertrophy and reduce the size of prostate. The infection, inflammation and cancerous changes in prostate gland, pain in lower anal region and urinary problems are cured by regular course of these medicines. We recommend you to take these medicines regularly for about three months and increase water intake. Take more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Practice pranayams regularly. Moolbandha kriya is very useful for prostate problems.

Urinary incontinence

You are suffering from urinary incontinence and as a result slight increase in abdominal pressure or urinary pressure bladder leaks. This is very common problem in females and increasing age increases more risk. Overweight, pregnancies, caesarian sections or other abdominal surgeries, UTIs and bladder tumors etc can cause urinary incontinence. All these factors or causative reasons reduce the strength and tone of pelvic floor muscles. So we recommend you to reduce weight and practice pranayams regularly to keep your muscles and pelvic floor muscles strong. Mool bandha is very useful to re-strengthen the pubococcygeous muscles and pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are very useful for urinary leakage. In addition to these simple home remedies try to empty your bladder at regular intervals before it is fully distended. We recommend you to start with a regular course of divya chanderprabha vati and DIVYA SHILAJIT CAPSULES to clear infections and weakness from urogenital system. These medicines are safe natural measures to cure urinary incontinence and infections quickly. In addition these medicines will strengthen the bladder and whole urinary system. Take medicines regularly to cure your problem completely. The last solution for urinary leakage or urinary incontinence (UI) is surgery. So take medicines regularly to avoid surgery and cure your problem naturally.