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Divya Udaramrit Vati 80 Tablets

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Useful in liver diseases, gastric disorder, indigestion & Stomach Problems. Fights all types of abdominal diseases, suppression of the power of digestion, jaundice, anaemia, chronic fever, diarrhoea & constipation.

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Divya Udaramrit Vati 80 Tablets

Divya Udaramrit Vati 80 Tablets

Useful in liver diseases, gastric disorder, indigestion & Stomach Problems. Fights all types of abdominal diseases, suppression of the power of digestion, jaundice, anaemia, chronic fever, diarrhoea & constipation.

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Product description

Udaramrit Vati fights all types of abdominal diseases including abdominal pain, suppression of the power of digestion, indigestion, liver-diseases (e.g. jaundice), anaemia, chronic fever, diarrhoea & constipation.

Mode of Administration: To be taken in the morning after breakfast (or lunch) & dinner with lukewarm water or milk.

Dosage: 1-2 Tablets, twice a day.

Packaging size: 40 grams.

Udaramrit Vati Constituents

Each 500 mg tablet contains :-

  • Bhumi amala (Phyllanthus urinaria) - 12.50 mg
  • Punarnava (Boerhavia diffuse) - 12.50 mg
  • Makoy (Solangum nigrum) - 12.50 mg
  • Chitraka (Plumbago Zeylanica) - 12.50 mg
  • Amla (Emblica officinalis) - 12.50 mg
  • Harar choti (Terminalia chebula) - 12.50 mg
  • Bahera (Terminalia bellirica) - 12.50 mg
  • Saunf (Foeniculum vulgare) - 12.50 mg
  • Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) - 12.50 mg
  • Nishodh (Operculina turpethum) - 12.50 mg
  • Kutki (Picrorhiza Kurroa) - 12.50 mg
  • Atees (Aconitum heterophyllum) - 12.50 mg
  • Aam (Magnifera indica) - 12.50 mg
  • Bael (Aegle marmelos) - 12.50 mg
  • Pudina (Mentha spicata) - 12.50 mg
  • Ajvayan (Trachyspermum ammi) - 12.50 mg
  • Lauh bhasm - 12.50 mg
  • Mandoor bhasm - 12.50 mg
  • Kapardak bhasm - 12.50 mg
  • Mukta shukti bhasm - 12.50 mg
  • Shankh bhasm - 12.50 mg
  • Kasees bhasm - 12.50 mg
  • Ghrit kumari (Aloe barbadensis) - 25.00 mg
  • Atibala (Abutilon indicum) - 75.00 mg
  • Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) - 75.00 mg
  • Sanay (Cassia angustifolia) - 50.00 mg
  • Processed with Fresh leaf pulp of Ghritkumari (Aloe barbadensis)

Liver disease (also called hepatic disease) is a broad term describing any single number of diseases affecting the liver. Many are accompanied by jaundice caused by increased levels of bilirubin in the system. The bilirubin results from the breakup of the hemoglobin of dead red blood cells; normally, the liver removes bilirubin from the blood & excretes it through bile. Udaramrit Vati corrects liver disease symptoms & relieves from liver (Hepatic) disorders.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: My uncle is suffering from advanced stomach cancer. Below is the detail information: Age : 58 Gender : Male Duration : 3 Months Problem and Surgery Details : Advanced cancer of distal (pylorus) stomach causing Gastric outlet obstruction with peritoneal metastatic deposits with Ascites (fluid formation). Hence hing gastro-gejunal anastomosis & feeding jejunostomy was done. He has diabetes and Blood pressure. Please suggest any medicienes. Thank you!

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Guest We are sorry that we may not be able to do in this case. Its very difficult to do things now as the digestive system is compromised to the level he may not be able to digest medicine . However we may suggest that he may takeTriphala-Juice and Udaramrit vati BETS OF LUCK.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, Arachnoid cysts are formed when cerebrospinal fluid is covered by arachnoidal cells and collagen material that may develop between the surface of brain called arachnoid membrane. Though, you may need to depend on allopath medicines and surgical procedures whichever is recommended by allopath medicines. Along with these medical care, you can consume ayurvedic medicines and other system of medicines like siddha, homeopathy, etc. Keeping in view that Arachnoid cysts are related with brain layers, you can consume some medicines which are safer such as Ashwagnada Capsules, Udaramrit Vati, which helps to reduce cysts. Practice pranayama and yoga which helps to balance stress and anxiety levels which will relieve some pressure effects in brain. Consume plenty of leafy vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and avoid spicy foods, oily foods, which may aggravate the condition. In ayurveda, we do practice Panchakarma treatment called as Nasyam which is procedure of installing nostril medications which acts as detoxification property. If you have habits like smoking or alcohol or tobacco chewing, avoid those habits. However, you can consult a doctor for any doubts. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: Dear Doctor, I am a patient of Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS), gender : female; age : 41 years. Recently I was given ashwagandha liquid med. Is it true that ashwagandha can regenerate nerve tissues that are destroyed in MS and show as lesions in an MRI? If it is true then can I be completely cured and become healthy and normal like before :) even though allopaths say MS is incurable?

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Inflammatory bowel disease is commonly seen in those with multiple sclerosis. Irritable bowel syndrome is seen due to diet that trigger either constipation or diarrhoea, stress and sedentary lifestyle. Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Sarva kalp kwath, Divya Udaramrit vati and Vilvadi lehyam - 1tsp after food twice daily can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Include curry leaf, buttermilk, fennel, coriander leaves, ginger and asafoetida. Reduce excess oil. canned foods, meat, salt, sugar and raw foods. Yogasanas like Marajaryasana, Navasana, Sukhasana, Trikonasana, Paschimottasana, Trikonasana, Vajrasana, Pavanamuktasana, Padmasana ad Savasana are beneficial. following healthy lifestyle will be beneficial to prevent flareups and to reduce the symptoms.
Question: dr ji,me 55 years,ht 165,wt 45 kg only,suffering from diabetic,from bp,last two years back my hb was 9.7 ,now 7.0 ,and also now protein in urine,recently done kub ultrasound,and kidney function test, in kub normal,except post urine output is only significant,and serum protein is less,please advice some medicine, when i do little exertion then swelling in foot and eyes occur,but after sleep in night morning my selling gone.reason for this?

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As a part of diabetic related complications, you may be suffering from loss of weight and due to your diabetes and hypertension issues, there would be poor metabolism. By considering your reports and your given per given reports, it shows that Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 16.6. This means your weight is within the Underweight range. Hence along with your regular medications, you may need to follow proper diet which is necessary and as per rule, you need to follow split meals method. Avoid habits if any and consume less oily foods. Following medicines are helpful such as Diabetes Medicine Pacakge which contains Divya Praval pishti, Divya Giloy sat, Divya Vasantkusumakar Ras, Divya Madhunashini Vati, and Divya Chandraprabha vati which are helpful. For anemic condition, you can use Udaramrit Vati twice daily after food. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: i have been suffering from dysentary for three days . stools are frequent & green & watery I consulted DIVYA yog centre . Vaidya ji has given meKuta jaghan vatichitrakadi vati udramrit vati Kutajarishta. I am trying these but what else should I take as precaution rajesh

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, Greetings from myyog.com , Due to any kind of gastric disturbance or food irregularities, there may be dysentery in you, you can continue those medicines which has been prescribed and along with be on good diet which is very important. You can consume fresh buttermilk which is helpful. Along with given medicines such as Kutajaghan VAti, Chitrakadi VAti, and Udaramrit vati, and Kutajaristha, you can consume the following medicines Kutajavleh for internal usage. In order to avoid further complications, you can be on supervision of qualified doctor. You can consume pomegranate juice which is also very helpful. Avoid consuming oily foods. If you are not following proper diet, there may be chances of recurrence. Usually, appetite is decreased in this condition and hence, you can consume light foods which is easy for digestion. Consuming curry leaves is also very helpful and curry leaves can be consumed with buttermilk which acts as good home remedy. For more details, you can contact us. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: My report says: "Gall bladder is normally distended and shows thick sludge and crystals within.A calculus of 4.6mm is seen in GB.An impacted calculus (aggregated calculi) of about 16mm is seen in neck of gall bladder, possibly extending to cystic duct with focal GB wall oedema.Gall bladder wall thickness appears normal.CBD is normal in caliber, measuring 2.6mm.No evidence of stone in CBD." Please tell me how to treate them?If there is no other way I would undergo a surgery. How about Himalaya Cystone?

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As you are suffering from gallstones with related issues and in that case, in order to avoid complications, usually allopath doctors do suggest surgery, and if you are not willing for it and if the condition is not affecting your day to day activities, there are certain natural remedies which include ayurveda, siddha, and other system of Indian medicines. As per reports there is possible blockage and calculus is bigger in size. So, along with ayurvedic medicines, you may need emergency care according to the condition. Following medicines such as Udaramrit Vati which is helpful because, most of the times the individuals who suffer from gallstones may suffering hyperacidity problem and therefore you can avoid by consuming this medicine. The other medicines such as Hajrool Yahood Bhasma can be consumed with honey early in the morning or with the plantain pith juice which is helpful and the dosage would be very minimal 50mg per day. Avoid consuming excess oily foods, spicy foods, sour food items which may aggravate the problem. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: babaji mere pait mai gas banti hai upay bataye

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, Usually, flatulence do occur in every individual depending on foods and the diet style, it will be considered as normal if it is mild. If the is moderate to severe, it can be considered as medical illness, and if the flatulence do occur with offensive smell, we can suspect indigestion and irregular bowel habits, which has to be corrected by correcting the timings of food, types of food, etc. consume the foods by avoiding spicy foods, oily foods, and follow appropriate timings and avoid potato, and other gas forming foods. Following medicines are helpful such as Package Medicine for Gastric complaint which contains Divya Gaisahara Churna, Divya Udarkalp Churna. Apart from this you can start Divya Udaramrit Vati. While consuming food, chew the food properly and do not talk while eating food which is very important and this practice helps to increase proper digestion and after eating food, try to walk for 100 meters minimum which is also essential. Practicing yoga and pranayama and exercises will help you a lot. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: hi sir am 27 male... suffering gastritis problem since last 1.5 yrs.. taking patanjali medicine from last 20 days but no relief... taking gashar churna...divya udaramrit vati.. chitrakadi vati.. kumaryasav syrup... 2 times daily with warm water but no relief... pls advice something best... pls help

Answered by Dr.Saurabh : Dear Gokul, For treating Gastritis form the root cause , we have to be very clear about what to eat and what not to eat. Avoid all kind of junk food and outside stuff in your diet. never take alcohol or smoking. If you take non veg also then it should be taken in very less quantity and without high spices. As you are a patient of gastritis, any food rich in chillis and salt will aggravate your problem as well as pain and acidity. Its great that you are using the above medicines but as i told you that until your dietary regimen is not proper then there will be no effect of the medicines. The above mentioned medicines are very good but i appreciate if you take Divya Avipattikar Churan as 1 tsf thrice daily after every meal with warm water. You may also use soaked munakka without seeds to be taken at bed time with warm milk. Also practice daily pranayama and meditation to keep you stress free as stress is also a prime reason for acidity. Continue the medicines, you sill surely get good results. TC Dr Saurabh
Question: Respected Vaidya, I had flu in 4 months back, which triggered Bronchitis with lot of Phlegm. I tried allopathy - antibiotics and bronchiodilators, but got only temporary relief. I went to chikitsalay, and got a set of medicines, and went for a second visit after 2 weeks, but the doctor was different. She ruled out the first set of medicines and prescribed a fresh set - Lakshmivilas ras (2 @ twice after meals), Udaramrit Vati, and Sanjivani vati, with a set of choornas (trikatu etc.). I have been using that for over 40 days now. Can I continue the usage of the medicines for 40 more days? I am still getting the wheezing in nights before sleep, so almost daily I take Foracort 200 inhaler. I have a history of GERD, a year back, and I took patanjali medicines then, which gave me a bit of relief. Please let me know an effective remedy. Many thanks

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Ayurvedic medicines for bronchitis must be continued for longer duration compared with the Allopathy medicines. So as you have taken medicines for a month, please continue laxmi, vilas ras, udaramrt ras, sanjeevani vati and trikatu churnam for another month. Please review after using the medicines for a month. As you notice an improvement, please add Divya Chyawanaprash with Saffron which you can continue for another 3months. It will help to reduce the phlegm and also strengthen the immune system thereby reducing the infections. Include pepper, tulsi, turmeric, garlic, horse gram, ginger and honey. Reduce excess carbonated beverages, sweets, cold refrigerated food, oil, salt and meat. Yogasanas like Dhanurasana, Utkadasana, Bhujangasana, Ustrasana, Padmasana and Triokonasana will be beneficial. Pranayamam like anuloma, viloma, kapala bhati and ujjayi will be beneficial to strengthen the lungs.
Question: Use to go nature call twice or thrice in the morning and once in the evening. Stomach gas generates in morning. Please advise and suggest the medicine

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As you are suffering from gastric related complaints and you have to understand that there are many reasons such as irregular food habits, irregular lifestyle. If there is indigestion due to loss of appetite, or by not following proper timings, there may be chances of getting gases or flatulence and if you are not chewing the food properly or too much talking or not concentrating while consuming food may lead to improper digestion and in order to correct it, you need to correct your diet and food intake timings which is very important. Consume adequate amount of food in the breakfast and later on you can reduce the quantity of food intake gradually and light dinner is important. Avoid consuming the food items which forms gases like oily foods, excess oats, cabbage, cauliflower, potato, beans, and other similar food products. Following medicines are useful for your condition such as Gaisantak Tablet, Divya Udaramrit vati, Trikatu Choorna internally which are helpful gastric related complaints. With regards, Dr.Vijay.

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