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Divya Amla Churna

About the product:

Amla Choorna (for Eyes, Digestion & General Health) 100 grams

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Divya Amla Churna

Divya Amla Churna

Amla Choorna (for Eyes, Digestion & General Health) 100 grams

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Product description

Main Composition:

Amla (Phyllanthus emblica).

Therapeutic Uses:

  • Amla is full of medicinal properties & the richest possible natural source of vitamin 'C'. It also contains many essential elements for keeping our body healthy & resistant to germs & infections.
  • It is useful for hair loss, acidity, constipation, indigestion, & skin ailments.
  • It gently cleanses & detoxifies the system while simultaneously replenishing & nourishing it.
  • It is also useful in eye disorders & constipation.

Mode of Administration:

To be taken at bed time with warm water.


One teaspoonful (5 grams.).

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: My son - Age 14 years , having high spec nos. He is using spec.since 2010 where his spec. power was as below :- SPH Cyl- Axis Right Eye - Distance = -7.50 , -2.50 30 Left Eye - Distance = - .50 , -1.25 160 His power has gone up gradually since last 4 years and now as below :- SPH Cyl Axis Right Eye - Distance = -11.50, -22.5 25 Left Eye - Distance = -4.5 , -1 130 Kindly suggest what Medicine/ Treatment to be given to him for improvement of his Eyesight . I am living at Silvassa , dadra & Nagar Haveli .

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Progressive myopia is seen is some kids with unknown reasons. Even though myopia has a genetic link, there are kids who have progressive myopia without the parents having myopia. So Ayurvedic medicines can be given and then assessed after 6months. Please do have regular checkups. Ayurvedic medicines like Divya MahaTriphala Ghrit and Divya Amla churna can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Include butter milk, tender coconut water, cucumber, gooseberry, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, brussel sprouts and carrots. Reduce excess canned foods, oil, sugar, pungent and spicy foods. Eye exercises that involve the eye muscles like closing, opening, viewing closer and distant objects will beneficial.
Question: Acharaya ji , My daughter has skin problems like acnes frm last 4 years ,anything can't help her out frm his problem i have seen ur prog. on sanskar tv on 14th june abt divya kaya kalp vati n cury ptta .pls suggest her sumthing else coz this thing can't help her out. pls acharaya ji reply as soon as u can . In waiting of ur answer....

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Acne is common to occur in oily skin especially when the pores get clogged with dirt. It varies in each person with the harmonal changes. In some it clears without affecting much, but in some it persists with infection. If it persists, medicines with the blood purifying property is essential to reduce the pimples. Medicines like Khadira aristam, Raktashodak for Acne skin problems can be taken. Amla churnam can be applied with warm milk and washed when it dries. Medicines can be used for a month and then reviewed. Eat healthy food with fruits and vegetables. Include bitter gourd, mung dal, spinach, garlic, pumpkin, turmeric and cinnamon. Reduce excess sweets, salt, oily food, carbonated beverages or spicy food. Avoid constipation. Do not scratch it as it will leave scars if infected. Drink enough water and exercise regularly. Try to have good sleep.
Question: Hi, I am 30 yo. I am suffering from P Terygium Nasal (Eye problem/disorder), generally feel weak, headache. Allergic to cotton dust, pollens, mites and food allergies such as tomato, turmeric, banana, apple, etc. I have Cold (no cough) all the time. I have high myopia in one eye. I have change in vision. I have flat foot and very bad oral health. I am currently taking Homeopathic Medicine from last 8 month. Kindly suggest me some ayurvedic medicine. I have also started with Patanjali Dristi Eye Drops and Amla Churna (Divya Pharmacy).

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Guest i want more information like do you suffer from Constipation often,or Piles etc. Also i would like to recommend you that when you take Amla juice ,sprinkle some pepper on it .It would not then effect you. 'Nasya' is type of Panchkarma which will be most suitable for you if you are constantly suffering from clogged nose. Try to find an expert for that in your area. Yoga: JAL NETI is good for you. Some Medicine : Saptamrita Lauha, Divya Shadbindu Tail ,Organic Tulsi Mulethi Tea for Cough & Cold Diet & Lifestyle: Drink warm water, eat only 2/3 capacity ,it shall provide relief in blocked nose as it eases pressure. best of luck.Please feel free to ask further.
Question: Amla seems to have lot of health benefits and medicinal properties, is it the best Herb?

Answered by YogaGuru : Amla is a daily health supplement and Ayurveda suggests that amla should be taken on regular basis. Whether the body is diseased or healthy, fruit of amla maintains health and treat diseases. Amalaki, or amla fruit is low in sugar but high in fiber content. This feature of amla makes the fruit an ideal daily health supplement to maintain the health & immune system. The fruit of amalaki, Indian gooseberry, has soothing effects on various vital organs of the body such as kidney, heart, lungs, liver and stomach. Amalaki helps in restoring the gut movements and can be taken in indigestion problems. Some very important indications for taking amla are as below:- Amalaki benefits in curing premature aging in person. Amla boosts immune power, helpful in tackling day-to-day infections and seasonal attacks Amalaki helps in overcoming hyper acidity and dyspepsia Amla churna benefits in healing skin ailments Amla, up to certain extent, regulates the bowel movements so useful in constipation.
Question: What is Amla churna or powder ? and what are the medicinal properties of amla churna?

Answered by YogaGuru : Amla churna or powder is made from the dried pulp of Amla fruit. Dried pulp is powdered to form Amla churna. Medicinal uses of Amla churna Amla is useful for hair loss, acidity, constipation, indigestion, and skin ailments. Amalaki is also useful in eye disorders and constipation. Amla gently cleanses & detoxifies the system while simultaneously replenishing & nourishing it. Amla is full of medicinal properties and the richest possible natural source of vitamin 'C'. It also contains many essential elements for keeping our body healthy and resistant to germs and infections.
Question: Is amla immunity booster? and a great rejuvenator?

Answered by YogaGuru : The fruit of amla contains active levels of tannins that help in rejuvenating the body cells and concerned organs. Amalaki contains abandon amounts of Vitamin C - ascorbic acid and is likely to possess richest amounts of it as compared to any edible on this planet. Amla, along with abandon amounts of Vitamin – C, ascorbic acid, contains significant trace of flavonoids those are concentrated in balanced ratio naturally. Amlaki, if used without isolating, fractionizing and using any solvents build the immunity and that is why, most of the people prefer using natural amla juice or amla churna (powdered amla fruit). Nevertheless, other forms like amla capsules and amla tablets may also be used if manufactured by renowned herbal pharmaceutical companies.
Question: Due to my constipation problem and feeling of tiredness, I am taking AMLA Juice daily. Is their any bad effect in my body if I continue using it for long time. I have already completed 2 bottles and continuing.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : It is necessary to analyse the cause of constipation. Constipation is mainly caused due to improper unhealthy eating habits or lack of exercise. If the constipation persists, it is necessary to rule out if there are any structural changes like diverticulosis or any systemic involvement like hypothyroidism or depression. Any medicine is advised for a specific period along with dietary modification and exercise. So you must also make some changes in your diet and gradually reduce amla churnam. There will be no side effects in using for longer periods. You can stop it after finishing this bottle and can take it whenever necessary. Try not to eat full stomach or large quantities. Eat little quantities with more intervals. Include complex carbohydrates, fiber, ginger, garlic, asafoetida, prunes, figs, yam, mung dal, sweet potatoes, pepper and buttermilk. Drink enough water for a better metabolism. Yogasanas like trikonasana, pavanamuktasana, baddha konasana, ardhamatsyendrasana, ustrasana, halasana, malasana and savasana are beneficial.
Question: I Am 26 year old married girl. I was suffering from hormonal imbalance so i have progesterone tablets for last 4 months now from last month 9 march me and my husband have started yoga including 7 pranayaam's(kapaalbhati,bahya pranayaam and anulom vilom etc),micro exercise's and 7 asan's to weight loose. after that i haven't got down..its 1.5 month now. i am not pregnant. can yoga effects menstrual periods? also i want to know amla churna is good or amla murabba is better to take in morning for weight loose? or amla murabba have sugar in excess so it will increse my weight?

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Guest Menses may have been effected due to progesterone tabs, you may consult your doctor to know more about it, Also Yoga asnas effect like that have never been reported ,although it may happen . What you can do here is stop the kind of pranayam in which there is some Bandha involved and if there are any leg raising Asna you are doing. Amla murraba or Amla churna may not help you loose weight ,infact if you want to have some effect like that then you can start with triphala juice, with Aloe vera juice. Once the problem of menses is over then you can write back to us for further management of weight. best of lck.
Question: How amla can be consumes and in what quantity?

Answered by YogaGuru : Amla is used as single drug, or used in the combination form. In ayurvedic classics, it is used in many medicines. The best medicine explained in Ayurveda is AMLAKI RASAYANAM, CHYAVANPRASH, according to few authors, both are considered one and the same. It is one of the ingredients in Triphala. Single drug is available in the form of fresh juice, fresh fruit extracts, dried fruit etc. Churnam (powder) is also available. Dosage is different in different form. Amla churna - One teaspoonful (5 gms.) Amalaki Rasayana - 1-2 teaspoons twice a day empty stomach with water. Amalaki capsules - ake 1 capsule twice a day before meals
Question: My daughter is 4 yrs old and weighs 17 kgs.she suffers from astigmatism with squint in one eye.her prescription is constant as follows: Right eye: Spherical +1.75 Cylind +2.75 axis 80 VA 6/12 Left eye: Spherical +1.75 Cylind +1.75 axis 100 VA 6/12 Please tell me how can she improve her vision.Please help.Can this be treated completely.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Astigmatism is the rugby ball shape of the cornea that causes blurred vision. I shall suggest you the basic medicines that will help to improve the vision and can prevent further progression of the disorder. Squint eye is also a common complaint seen in Astigmatism. Please follow the advise of your treating physician and also do have regular checkups to avoid any complications. Ayurvedic medicines like MahaTriphala Ghrit - 1tsp before food twice daily and Amla churnam - 1tsp after food with honey can be given for a month and then reviewed. Lenses and other treatments will be decided based on the clinical investigation. In that case, it has to be done as advised by your doctor. Include broccoli, grapes, apples, sweet potatoes, papaya, spinach, carrot, capsicum, mangoes and olive oil. Reduce excess sweet, oil, spicy foods, refined flour and pungent foods. Play outdoor and doing eye exercise will be beneficial. It will help to strengthen the eye muscles and will support for a better vision.