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Arshakalp Vati, ayurveda supplement specially made for Piles & Fistula from Swami Ramdev.

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Good product

It is very helpful to the people..Swami Ramdev ji is the blessing of GOD to us


Effective for piles

Hi Sir, we have used this medicine Arshkalp last 3 days I am feeling little bit better but i want to confirm regarding diet that what type of food we can take as a precaution because as per slip only we need to take daliya and milk with salt,sugar and pepper powder.


Good and effective

I had taken arshkalp tablet , it has given me very relief, now i am doing regular motion. but in morning i have go twice or three times a day, now i will take triphala churna to avoid this. than i will give you feedback


Magical Medicine for piles

Divya Arshkalp vati is a magically medicine for piles. Fissure. Fistula. No need to go for surgery. If u taking Triphala vati tablet with arshkalp vati this is wonderful. You can got results within 2 days. Don't worry about your problem.
baba Ram Dev ji Jay


Home Remedy

Namaste, I am sharing my friend's mother's exp... 85 years old, hemorrhoid external , pain,swelling . She was advised the remedy cumin (jeera ) powder preferably in aloe vera gel or water...make a paste & apply 2-4 times or after every wash. also added was "arjun" & "jyeshthamadh / mulethi" pure powders...

by second day, all complaints were miraculously gone.

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Divya Arshkalp Vati 80 Tablets

Divya Arshkalp Vati 80 Tablets

Arshakalp Vati, ayurveda supplement specially made for Piles & Fistula from Swami Ramdev.

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Product description

Ano-rectal diseases like piles, fissure, fistula etc are all caused by indigestion. Long time indigestion results in general body weakness & specially irregular bowel habits. Constipation & loss of appetite are the root cause of ano-rectal diseases. Increased abdominal pressure in pregnancy, abdominal tumors etc, portal hypertension, liver diseases, constipation & irregular bowl habits precipitate piles or hemorrhoids. Piles or hemorrhoids can controlled easily in early stages & generally there is no need of surgery. Though there are latest techniques for ano-rectal surgeries but relapse do occur.

Arshkalp Vati main Ingredients: Rasanjana or pure Rasaunt, Haritaki or Jangh Harad, seeds of sweet variety of Nimba (Bakayan), bark of soap-nut, traditional Karpura (camphor), Kaharava (amber), Khuna-kharaba (dragon's blood), Kakamaci (makoy), Ghrita-kumari, Naga-dauna.

Therapeutic Uses:

  • Useful in both types of piles viz., bleeding piles & dry piles; relieves related complications like pain, burning sensation & colic pain.
  • Protects fistula-in-ano if taken for some days regularly.

Mode of Administration:

To be taken with butter-milk or water on empty stomach in the morning & in the evening before dinner.


1-2 tablets, twice a day, depending upon the seriousness of the disease.

Piles symptoms

  • Bleeding occurs, like after passing stools or before passing stools
  • If taken spices whether bleeding increases

Alternative medicine for piles

  • Better not to take non-vegetarian food.
  • Take plenty of butter milk (chaas) for reducing piles problem.
  • Avoid becoming overweight & lose weight if you are.
  • Eat a high fibre diet, include plenty of fruits & vegetables & whole grain. Exercise regularly.
  • Application of a hemorrhoids cream to the affected area, ice packs, or warm baths several times a day in plain water for 10 minutes
  • you can take Triphala Choorna daily one teaspoon along with warm water at bed time.
  • We recommend you to take ARSHA KALPA VATI with alovera juice regularly to get relief in piles & associated symptoms like pain, itching & bleeding from anus.

Yoga for piles

Do simple pranayama like kapalbhati daily to increase peristaltic movements naturally. A regular course of these safe ayurveda medicines will give you complete relief in piles & other anorectal diseases & improve your digestion.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: name: laxmi shah age: 28 gender:male blood pressure:90/70 blood group: b+ve habbit:meat, masala dar sabzi. mujhi ye bimari karib 2sal se he. es ka biprit me baidhyanath ka daba kharahe the.

Answered by Dr.Saurabh : DEar Lakshmi, As you know that piles is a disorder which is basically route caused due to digestive imbalance. First of all , you should improve your lifestyle by avoiding spicy food and meat also. Don't take stress also as it increases the intra abdominal pressure leading towards piles. Also start with Divya Arshkalp Vati as 2 tablets thrice daily after meals with water. and use Kasisadi oil for external application on piles. Remember until the bowels are fully clear then the piles will not be cured so also start with Divya Kumaryasava as 20 ml with 20 ml water after meals . Continue the above medicines for 4-6 weeks and avoid heavy food. you will surely get good results. TC Dr Saurabh
Question: Sir, i am in 1st stage of piles. at the time of stool i am feeling pain and bliding also. kindly tell me how can i totally clear this disease.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, Piles or haemorrhoids are the varicosity of rectal veins,(the veins around the rectum). This can be grouped under various stages depending upon the severity, since you are suffering from first degree piles, you have to modify your dietary habits to prevent indigestion, constipation and further disease progress. Take easily digestible foods and drink plenty of lukewarm water. Include rich amount of fiber-rich foods, green leafy vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fruits, and clarified butter milk in your diet. Stop spicy and pungent foods like pickles and those food items that is hard to digest. Avoid curds, mushroom, non-vegetarian food items, egg etc in excess. Having sitz bath is indicated for your condition. You can use the following medicines such as Kutajavleh, and Divya Arshkalp Vati, and for external application such as Jathyadi Tail oil. With regards, Dr. Vijay.
Question: i have second degree hemorrhoids.Before six months i underwent laproscopic surgery for endometriosis.I am on birth control for endometriosis.Is it safe to take divya arshkalp while on birth control?Plz need reliable and authenticate answers.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Yes, Divya Arshkalp Vati can be taken along with your contraceptive pills. It contains herbs like nimba, triphala, shunti, pippali, guggulu, kanachanara and haridra which will help to relive the symptoms like pain and also will reduce the pile mass. You can take also take Chiruvilvadi Kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily along with Divya Arsh kalpa vati for a month. Include small onions, spinach, legumes, yam, mung dal, figs, raisins, fiber, complex carbohydrates. Reduce excess canned foods, sugar, salt, oil, carbonated beverages and fried foods. Drinking enough water and good sleep will be beneficial. Try to avoid constipation and hard stools as they will increase the pressure in the swollen vein. Yogasanas like Navasana, Halasana, Malasana, Padmasana, Bhujangasana, Vajrasana, Padahasthasana, Pavanmuktasana, Trikonasana are beneficial.
Question: Sir i got piles before 2 days...i got a pimple on the mouth of anus...shold i take aarshkalp.....reply me soon...am i suffering with piles...

Answered by Dr.Saurabh : Dear Patient, if the pile you have noticed is just 2-3 days old then there is nothing to worry a lot. May be you have taken something very heavy to digest which has created severe constipation and due to that the veins would have bulged resulting into piles. you just need to maintain a satvik diet. Avoid heavy stuff and fried food too. Use Buttermilk as much as you can. Take lukewarm water after every meal. Use buttermilk to wash the anal region. Take Divya Arshkalp Vati as two tablets thrice daily after meal with warm water. Take saunf churan after every meal so that the food get properly digested also. Avoid much of physical and mental activity. Take Triphala Guggulu as 3 tablets daily at bet time with dashmool quath for best results. Practice anulom vilom pranayama and Mool Bandha and Jalandhar Bandh kriya also. TC Dr Saurabh
Question: 38 Years man, Suffering from anal fissure since last six month. Not continue but regular i am facing the issue.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Anal fissure that lasts for more than 6months becomes chronic. It is a tear in the lower part of the rectum and there will be symptoms like pain or bleeding when constipation or hard stools causes spasm or stiffness in the anal muscles. You can take medicines to improve your digestion, that helps with the easy bowel evacuation for a month and then maintain it with a proper diet. Medicines like Dasamoola haritaki lehyam - 1tsp at bedtime after food, Divya Arshkalp Vati are effective. If it is not treated properly, the intensity of the symptoms will increase and will take long time to heal. So diet rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, yam, prunes, figs, small onions, papaya can be taken to make soft bowel movements. Avoid constipation. Do physical exercise like walking or Yogasanas like Vajrasana, Pavanamuktasana, Paschimottasana, Matysana, Dhanurasana, Trikonasa to improve the abdominal movements. Sitting in bath tub with warm water is also good to reduce the stiffess and will help to heal faster.
Question: sir, i see advertise in TV arsha kalpa 3 days treatment. how can it use it is injection or tablet. for use of arsha kalpa it is necessary to met doctor or not ? please reply me sir

Answered by Dr.Arindham : Namaste!! Divya Arshkalp Vatiis avaliable in the form of tablets and is taken one tablet twice a day with warm water. Apart from his there are so many other ayurvedic formulations which has amazing results like Arsha Kuthar Ras, Amroid Tablets and more but it is always advisable to take medicines after consulting an ayurvedic doctor only. Thanks and regards
Question: Namaste, I am9 weeks pregnant and suffering from severe morning sickness due to which I can not take much water or food. This has resulted in bad constipation and piles. Can I take Arshkalp Vati during pregnancy? Is it safe? also is there any Ayurvedic medicine for morning sickness? thank you

Answered by Dr.Saurabh : Dear Patient, First of all congrats for your pregnancy. Anyways, This is quite obvious then during your pregnancy period, ladies face this problem of constipation due to increased intra abdominal pressure in stomach. No doubt Divya Arshkap vati is good but still it contains Harad which is a strong laxative so I would recommend emphasizing on mild laxatives like taking Triphala Powder and take it 1/2 tea spoon at bed time with normal water. And you can also start Patanjali Isabgol husk as 1 tsf bed time with lukewarm water. these medicines are safe and effective too. You can take Munakka without seeds at bed time for good bowels and faster healing process for your piles. Avoid spicy and junk food during this period and switch to a good healthy satvik diet.
Question: Sir, I am 34yrs of age, male, married and is being found of ulcer in colon since 2009. I was taking allopathy for 2 yrs. and I was ok then. But after 6 months symptoms like constipation, presence of blood and pus in stool were found. Then I have taken haemopathy. But no relief was seen. At last I had visited gasteroenterologist and he had examined me. After colonscopy, it was found that I have been suffering from ulcer in colon and somewhat ileum together with small piles in rectum. I have burning sensation near anus, sometimes blood in stool. I am taking allopathy since 4 months again. Doctor told me that I have symptoms of Crohn's Disease but not 100% sure. I have been taking ROWASA 500 mg and bacterial medicine for digestion. I have started arshkalp vati 2 tabs twice daily from last 4 days. I have seen no blood in my stool. I want to cure myself. I am doing yoga. Iwant yoga CD for this disease and medicine. My weight is 50 kgs. and height is 5ft 6 inch. I am on simple diet. Taking 1 LT of yoghurt everyday and rice in my meal with dal and vegetables. I have huge gas problem. If you will require my diagnostic report then I will send it you. Please favour. Jai shree krishna, Balkrishna Sharma

Answered by Dr.Ramani : In Crohn's disease inflammation is seen in the ileum. The inflammation can also be seen in other parts of the intestine. As there is an autoimmune response, there will be occasional flareups. It has to be treated immediately with the necessary medicines. Healthy eating will help to avoid the frequent flareups. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to heal the ulcer in the intestine and also which will reduce the piles also. Package for ulcerative colitis medicine can be taken for a month and then reviewed. It will also help to improve the digestion and hence will reduce the bloating. You can also continue Divya Arshkalp Vati. Dabur Pudin Hara can be taken whenever necessary to relieve the bloating. Include kiwi fruit, licorice, goose berry, drumstick leaves, beet root, cabbage, spinach and mung dal. Avoid excess spicy foods, sugar, salt, caffeine and spicy foods. Practise Yogasanas like vajrasana, padmasana, shavasana, Pranayamam and Meditation which will be beneficial.
Question: I have been suffering from bleeding piles for more then 5 years. It is protruding like a "cauliflower" especially after a bowel movement. I push it in with limited success whenever I am done moving my bowels. Currently I am taking "arshkalp vati". Is it effective as I find the recovery very slow. What do you recommend? Gopi.

Answered by Dr.Sharma : dear although it looks like a surgical case as it seems to be of 2/3 degree pile mass, but you may take it into account that if hb is getting low due to blood loss,one thing and it may be rectal prolapse ,you may seek the advice. Now for the diet take as much as LASSI you can take , it is the most beneficial for that. Eat salad with saindha namak." Some medicine like arshoghani vati,kutajghan vati will be helpful for you. yoga :yoga for piles
Question: Dear Sir I am 23 yrs old (F) having pain and blood when passing the stool. since 1 yr it became frequent. heavy blood came out while passing hard stool. i have no piles history in my family. but it is like anal fissure symptoms like bright red color blood from lower part. kindly tell me proper medicines for my problem and can it be completely cured?? should i start using divya arshkalp vati??

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Bloody discharge from fissure could be a possibility of bleeding with bowel movements. But it is necessary to rule out the other causes including internal piles. In that case, please do consult with your nearest doctor and let me know the results to guide you further. Ayurvedic medicines like Mustakaranjadi kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Dasamoola haritaki lehyam - 1tsp before food twice daily and Divya Kutaja Ghan Vati can be taken for a month and reviewed. Eat healthy easily digestable freshly cooked food, mung dal, rice gruel, butter milk, boiled apples, bananas and mango seed powder. Reduce excess refined floor, canned foods, sugar, salt, oil or spicy food. Drink enough water to aid metabolism and regular bowel movements. Practise Yogasnas like Navasana, Malasana, Vajrasana, Padmasana, Shavasana and Trikonasana which are beneficial.

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