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Divya Madhunashini Vati 120 Tablets

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madunashini vati is very effective Herbal supplement to control diabetes naturally. It helps in achieving better control over blood sugar levels & increases insulin secretion from pancreas. It is the best Ayurveda supplement which manages Diabetes.

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Recommend to all diabetic patients

I was diagnosed diabetic in april 2013. When I started this medicine in april 2013 my sugar level was 210(F)/340(PP). I had not taken any medicine except madhunashini vati and my sugar level came down to 119/150 in june 2013. Now it is 109/130 (Jan. 2014). I am quite satisfied and recommend this this medicine for diabetic patients


Sugar level gone up

I, am having Diabetes since last 2 years, I am presently taking Medicine Glimsev M1 forte 1 tab in morning 1/2 tab at night. during the coarse the sugar level was 175 fasting & 215 PP. I was adviced by my friend to start taking your medicine MAdhunashini Vati 2 tab at lunch & 2 tab night for 3 months. On 29th Sept When I checked I found the sugar level has gone up presently it is 220 fasting And 325 PP.


Wonderful medicine

I was diagnosed with diabetes towards end Aug'14. levels PP were 460 and fasting 290. HBAIC levels of 8.6
I was advised to take allopathic medicine. I took one tablet and somehow felt like consulting Patanjali.
I was advised to take madhunashini vati, madhukalp vati, arogya vati 2 tablets twice a day.
i am writing this on 17th Dec . My fasting , PP levels now are 89, 92. HBAIC is 6.6
I have now reduced consumption to 1 tablet each.


Best for controlling sugar

I am using Divya MADHUNASHINI Vati for last three months, previously my blood sugar fasting was 170 and PP was 210 but last week i tested and it came to normal. i want to convey my heartiest thanks to Patanjali Ayurved for gifting such a wonderful medicine. its is really the best ayurvedic medicine for Sugar controlling.


It is really the best

My mother is using divya madhunashini vati regularly And it is so effective for my mother. I am using Divya MADHUNASHINI Vati for last three months, previously my blood sugar fasting was 170 and PP was 210 but last week i tested and it came to normal. i want to convey my heartiest thanks to Patanjali Ayurved for gifting such a wonderful medicine.


Miraculous medicine for diabetic patients

Baba Ramdevji is My God, he is a God sent gift to Mankind, I have seen Miracles with his Madhunashini Vati, my sugar levels reached Normal after I took his medicines, Am Diabetic from 14 yrs, slowly am weaning away from Insulin…Baba Ramdevji , I want to touch your Feet and do Namaskaram, Thank You, I am very fine today!!!!!


Effective for a diabetic man

I think this medicine is better..
But yoga is too necessary.
I take madhunashini...for 15 days n then my sugar is probably normal.
Bt i think management of meal is very effective for a diabetic man.


Best ayurvedic medicine for blood sugar

Divya madhunashini vati one of the best ayurvedic medicine for control of sugar level in blood. so thanks to divya madhunashini vati & pujya ramdev baba as well as acharya balkrishna ji.


Very Effective

This Madhunashini vati is very effective and my blood sugar level is normal now. I have one question, if the the sugar level is normal, should I take this for life long? Please advise.


Gave up Insulin completely

I rate this medicine 5, It is indeed very effective. I used it for 4 months. I was on Insulin along with allopathic medicines
My blood sugar level used to be around 300 during fasting but madhunashini helped me in not only bringing down the sugar level to normal but helped me in giving up Insulin completely and in reducing daily doses of allopathic medicine.


Really effective remedy for Diabetes

In April I was diagnosed diabetic (Fasting: 187 and PP 220). I started Madhunashini vati. It is Really effective. For the last one month my PP is O.K. but My fasting is 110 . After taking two weeks medicine it is 108.


Diabetes remedy

For diabetic patients or High Blood Pressure patients, light yoga exercises, aerobic exercises and breathing exercises are very important in controlling these life style diseases. If you are doing these exercises daily, you may be able to even eradicate them completely. Therefore, rule No. 1, reduce your intake, not more than 150 calories at one time, rule No. 2- do the above exercises for about 1 hour daily, rule No. 3, reduce fat, salt and sugar from diet, and most importantly, eat only when you are hungry. With the above measures, you will be able to control /eradicate these dangerous diseases to a greater extent. Also, please do not leave your medicines, unless advised by your Doctor.


wonderful medicine

It is an excellent & wonderful medicine thank you ram dev baba guru. For poor Indians it is a non diminishing khajana.
The price of medicine is less but the value is uncountable. guruji thank you very much.


Diabetes remedy in Ayurveda

Madhunasni Vati use my mother 2 years control blood sugar levels. Thanks to Patanjali. My all family use Patanjali product. Low price better product.


Good product for Diabetes

Madhunashini Vati will be useful in Type 1 diabetes as well as type 2 diabetes. Generally people suffering with diabetes keep increasing their doses of medicines every 3 to 6 months because even after taking other medication , following diet and lifestyle still sugar level does not come under control. Madhunashini Vati helps to maintain and avoid further progress of diabetes and also helps to prevent diabetic complication like diabetic retinopathy( eye), diabetic neuropathy (nerve), diabetic nephropathy (kidney) etc .

So it is better to continue madhunasini tablet for longer duration.


Herbal remedy for Diabetes

Divya madhunashini vati is herbal medicine used in diabetes and its related complications.

Harar choti
Kulcha shudh
Jamun seed

1.This remedy activates pancreas and thus secreat insulin causing glucose get converted into glycogen thus decreasing blood sugar levels effectively.
2. It strengthen nerves thus helps in numbness and neuropathy in diabetes.
3. Regular use helps in fighting free radicals in the body with production of anti oxidants
4. It improves the peripheral intake of glucose.

take 1 tablet half an hour before meals twice a day with warm water

always have a regular check over blood sugar levels once a month and average sugar level check once in 6 months.


Ayurvedic remedy for Diabetes

Baba Ram Dev ji u r the best...It is very effective medicine...thanks so much...this is less price and more valuable medicine . Your all products are so good


Remedy for Diabetes

baba ram dev ji, it is a very good medicine (not a medicine it is a health tonic ) the divya madhunashini vati is god gift medicine. thank ji. by, vilvanathan.


For Diabetes

I have been taking divya madhunashni vati extra power but there is no improvement in blood glucose level. It is causing more side effects like increased heart rate sleep disturbances and irritability please tell me why it is so.

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Divya Madhunashini Vati 120 Tablets

Divya Madhunashini Vati 120 Tablets

madunashini vati is very effective Herbal supplement to control diabetes naturally. It helps in achieving better control over blood sugar levels & increases insulin secretion from pancreas. It is the best Ayurveda supplement which manages Diabetes.

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Product description

Madhunashini vati is a wonderful ayurveda medicine for controlling Diabetes.

Madhunashini vati is very effective Herbal medicine to control diabetes naturally. It helps in achieving better control over blood sugar levels & increases insulin secretion from pancreas. Diabetes (madhumeh) reduces vitality of whole body & specially effects nerves & blood vessels. Regular course of madhunashini improves overall health in a diabetic & protects nerves, heart, blood vessels, eyes & kidneys. So take madhunashini herbal medicine regularly to get long & healthy life.

Ingredients of Madhunashini Vati

Each 500 mg tablet contains Herbs:-

  • Shilajit (Asphalatum) -Shilajit is very rich in minerals & brings about balanced & harmonious health. It acts as a restorative tonic.It helps to increase the sexual vigor & vitality. The use of shilajit helps to boost up the energy level in the body.
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) -The root extract possesses rejuvenating & aphrodisiac properties.
  • Gurmaar (Gymnema sylvestre) - Gurmaar or Gudmar means Gud(Sweet) & Mar(Kills). It kills the sweetness from the blood & reduces the glucose level in a natural way, thus decreasing the Blood Sugar.
  • Nimba / Neem (Azadirachta indica) - Neem has a bitter taste & is used to purify the blood & reduces the sugar level in the body.
  • Harar choti (Terminalia chebula) - It regulates the digestion & helps clearing the bowel.
  • Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) - Increase immunity of the body & calms the Mind.
  • Kutaj (Holarrhena antidysentrica) - Improves the Digestion.
  • Gokhrudana (Tribulus terrestris) - Corrects Urinary disorders in Diabetes patients. Lowers sugar level in urine.
  • Bahera (Terminalia bellirica) - Supports Digestion.
  • Amala (Emblica officinalis) - Amla is a natural source of Vitamin C & is used in Madhunashini vati to provide strength to the patient's Mind & increases immunity.
  • Belpatra (Aegle marmelos) - Another important herb for Digestion. It has a cold potency & provides relief to a diabetic patient.
  • Kachoor (Curcuma zedoaria) -The herb serves as a body stimulant & purifies blood.
  • Vasa (Adhatota vasica) - Improves respiratory functions.
  • Badjata (Ficus bengalensis) - Used as a bowel regulator.
  • Kikarfali (Acacia arabica) - It has several benefits. It has a cold potency & is a good blood purifier.
  • Kuchla Shudh (Strychnos nux-vomica) - It manages the body in a natural way.
  • Kaali jeeri (Centratherum anthelminticum) -It is said to help in normalizing bowel movement, help in keeping cholesterol, blood sugar levels & also effective in reducing joint pains.
  • Kutki (Picrorhiza Kurroa) - Cleanses the intestines & freshens the digestive system. Removes constipation.
  • Jamun guthli (Syzgium cumini) - A bitter herb used in ayurveda medicines for controlling blood sugar.
  • Chirayata (Swertia chirata) - Chirayta is a blood purifier & helps in Digestion.
  • Haldi (Curcuma longa- Turmeric) - Haldi is a perfect healer. It manages the affected parts & organs of the body affected with diseases like diabetes.
  • Methi (Trigonella foenum-graecum) - A bitter herb used in ayurveda medicines for controlling diabetes.
  • Saptrangi (Salacia chinensis) -Salacia oblonga is a woody plant found in the forests of Sri Lanka & India. The Roots & stems of Salacia oblonga have been used extensively in Ayurveda & traditional Indian Medicine for the management for Diabetes.

Uses & benefits of Madhunashini Vati

  • This herbal remedy activates the pancreas & helps it to secrete a balanced quantity of Insulin, through which extra Glucose gets converted into Glycogen.
  • It removes irritation and weakness as well as increases the capacity of brain by making it strong.
  • This Ayurveda medicine is useful in the numbness of hands & feet & makes the nervous system very strong.
  • It removes complications like weakness, exhaustion & tension due to diabetes.
  • It protects the patient from thirst, frequent urination, loss of body weight, blurred of eye vision, tingling sensation, tiredness, infections of skin, gums and urethra.
  • This Ayurveda tonic strengthens the immune system and increases hope as well as self confidence.

Other Ayurveda Medicines Suggested to be taken with Madhunashini Vati for more good effects are

  • Chandraprabha Vati
  • Shilajit Sat
  • Shilajeet Rasayan Vati

Mode of Administration

  • Should be taken half an hour before breakfast & dinner or after breakfast & dinner with lukewarm water.
  • If a person can chew the madhunashini tablets & break the tablets in mouth. Thereafter drinks the water then its effect gets almost double.
  • If patient is taking insulin or allopathic medicine then he/she should test the level of his/her blood sugar two weeks after the intake of this medicine. If the level of sugar becomes normal then the dose of allopathic medicine should be reduced gradually.
  • After the stoppage of allopathic medicine when the level of blood sugar reduces & becomes normal, the dose of this medicine should also be reduced gradually.

Dosage of Madhunashini Vati

Take 2 tablets twice a day. If Diabetes still not comes in control then the dosage should be increased & taken as thrice a day.

Advice for Sugar patient

  • Diabetes patient is advised to do Yoga & breathing exercises regularly to control diabetes. Anuloma viloma, Kapalbhati pranayama are very important.
  • Bitter melon or bitter gourd (Karela) juice is very effective in diabetes.
  • Shilajit is specially advised for diabetic patients.

Symptoms of Diabetes

When diabetes i.e. madhumeh affect the body then following symptoms arise in the body-

  • Dryness of mouth & throat
  • Burning sensation in hands & feet
  • Ants collect at the urine of the patient
  • Gradual Loss / Gain of weight, accompanied by weakness.

Diabetic person diet

Patients should take old rice, barley, soup of kidney bean & lentil pulse or take bitter vegetables like karela etc. Increase salad in your meals. Avoid sweets & fatty meals. Increase water intake.

Diabetic patient life style

The patient of diabetes should have daily morning walks & should do regular exercises. Patient should avoid comfortable bedding like thick mattresses & also should do less of mental exertion & more of physical exercise. Diabetic patient should keep his/her bowel clear, take his meal at proper time, sleep at proper time.

Side effects

Madhunashini Vati has no side effects as it i a safe to use ayurveda medicine prepared from natural ingredients found in nature. But diabetes has many side effects if not managed & controlled properly. Patients can suffer from kidney, eye, liver & many other health disorders because of uncontrolled diabetes.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: Hi i am suffering from dibetes my age is 39 years My Fasting sugar is 230mg and non fasting is 330mg can u precibe me with baba ram dev medicines i am taking aplopathy medicines

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As you are suffering from diabetes which is a metabolic disorder and your sugar levels are higher and it is very important to be very careful as you got diabetes at the age of 39 years and at the same time it is very important to control diabetes and its complications which can occur in future. Even there are other comorbid conditions such as hypertension, cholesterol or hyperlipidaemia which has to be considered. At the same time, one has to follow strict diet which is very important and timings has to be followed by avoid sweets. One has to follow food in frequent intervals. So, you have to aim for controlling diabetes and at the same time to control diabetes. There may be chances of getting frozen shoulder, weakness in legs, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy which has to be prevented. Following medicines such as Package Medicine which contains Divya Praval pishti, Divya Giloy sat, Divya Vasantkusumakar Ras, Divya Madhunashini Vati, and Divya Chandraprabha vati which are helpful for your health condition. The other important complaint would be erectile dysfunction which is common diabetic complication in males, if you have this issue, you can consume medications accordingly. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: Hi, My name is Preeti and i am 28 years old. i have been diagnosed with 3 cm fibroid in my uterus last month. I am suffering from heavy periods with thick clots since May 2010. This month the periods were so bad that the blood rolled down my legs to the floor. The periods are very painful. I have been diagnosed for blood sugar last week. random -171 Kindly suggest me a treatment. I am unmarried and want to cure it asap so that i can have normal married life. Regards, Preeti

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, There is nothing to worry regarding this fibroid complaint. Considerably you have smaller sized fibroid and usually that can be treated with medicines, along with fibroids, you got blood sugar levels checked and they are higher. If allopath doctors suggested any medicines, that can be consumed accordingly as per their prescription. Meanwhile, if you are willing to consume ayurvedic medicines for certain period along with other system of Indian medicines those are helpful with alternative therapies such as yoga and pranayama. Since you have dysfunctional uterine bleeding, that has to be controlled too. There are certain ayurvedic medicines which are helpful to you such as Package Medicine For Fibroids. For controlling high sugar levels, you can consume Madhunashini Vati. Follow balanced diet and avoid spicy foods and excess oily foods. You can use Aloevera for general health. For more details, you can contact us. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: Dear sir, i am 40 year old guy suffering from hypothyroid since priscribe me eltroxin 100mcg. but now at the age of 40 i also suffer from diabetes. my fasing suger level is 136,sometimes it was 122. my work profile need long time siting.and late night work. Suggest me some remedy to overcome this At present i am taking some health supplements flax oil, ganoderma, coenzyme q10 amla gluco health and pro card all from vestige company. flax oil 1 cap twice a day before mean ganoderma 1 cap thrice a day before meal gluco health 2 cap thrice a day after meal procard neem and amla twice a day after meal. Aloe vera gel 20ml at morning empty stomach

Answered by YogaGuru : For thyroid one can follow the instructions below:- Take Divya Kanchnar guggulu + Medohar Vati Do Ujjayi pranayama which is very good for thyroid patients. Divya Madhunashini vati is good ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. It is good that you are already taking herbals to take care of your health but you also need exercising because without this you will not see much effect, so do pranayama daily and it is not hard to do. Also you would be in sitting position while doing these breathing exercises. :-)
Question: dr ji,please advice any medicine ,for protein in urine and and for aneamia

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As you are concerned about protein in urine also called as proteinuria, and anemia with 15-year-hisotry of diabetes. For your understanding, it is a fact that now there are signs of diabetic related complications which are very common after the onset of diabetes and that may manifest after three years or even 10 years depending on the individual patient. If an individual is not following proper diet and lifestyle which is very important, otherwise there may be chances of getting complications related to diabetes such as diabetic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy, retinopathy, general body weakness, similarly the kidney related problems. By understanding this concept, you need to follow proper diet and lifestyle and along with that practice regular pranayama and yoga. Following medicines are helpful such asDiabetic Package Medicine which contains Divya Praval pishti, Divya Giloy sat, Divya Vasantkusumakar Ras, Divya Madhunashini Vati, and Divya Chandraprabha vati and along with that you can consume Abhraloha as iron supplement. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: Dear Doctor, 64 years old male who is suffering from autoimmune disorder as well as type 2 diabetes. He is taking Madhunashini Vati and Karela, Tomto, Cucumba juice for diabetes. I would be highly grateful if you could advice remedies for autoimmune disorder. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind Regards, Abu Ahmed.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Autoimmune conditions are when the immune system attacks the body by mistake. The symptoms are exhibited based on the site of the attack. It can attack the organs, joints, eyes, skin or tissues. In the case of diabetes, it attack the pancreas affecting the release of insulin. Please let me know the autoimmune disorder to guide you. As autoimmune conditions are progressing in nature, it is essential to take medicines to control the progression. He can continue Divya madunashini vati and karela for diabetes. Include complex carbohydrates, fiber, bitter gourd, fenugreek, garlic, ginger, legumes, beans, mushrooms, dark green leafy vegetables, jamun seeds, cinnamon, turmeric and bottle gourd. Avoid excess refined flour, fat, oil, sugar and salt. Yogasanas like matsyasana, dhanurasana, pavanamuktasana, paschimottasana, trikonasana or exercises like walking, swimming are beneficial.
Question: Sir, I was tested about two week ago and found that I am suffering from diabetes and my bf was 190 and pp was 220 doctor has advised me to daily long morning walk. I am worried about since that time. I want to know that which ayurvedic medicine should intake to cure/control/manage this disease. please reply also about the diet. can I eat the nuts if yes then how much.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As you may aware, diabetes is a metabolic disorder and when sugar levels are appeared in your blood above the normal limits, it is called as diabetes, and as your reports suggests high blood sugar levels and when pancreatic functioning is not normal, one should correct it with medicines and as your doctor suggested walking which is indicated for you. Maintain healthy lifestyle is very important. Following proper timings in food intake and maintain sugar free products and split meals is indicated for your diabetes. One should get proper calories and hence, you can consume medicines and proper food at time. Following medicines are helpful for controlling diabetes such as Diabetes Package Medicine which contains Divya Praval pishti, Divya Giloy sat, Divya Vasantkusumakar Ras are the combined medicines and two tablets such as Divya Madhunashini Vati and Divya Chandraprabha vati are the medicines. You can practice following yoga poses such as Surya Namaskara, Pavanamukta Asana, Utthan Pada Asana, Bhujanga Asana, Paschimothan Asana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Salabha Asana, Matsya Asana and pranayama such as Bhramari pranayama, Nadi shodhan, Kunjal Kriya are indicated. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: my wife is a borderline diabetic case. what would you suggest for her. which is better the mukta vati or madhunashini vati? she also has constipation. her gallbladder was removed about 15 yrs, back,her age is 65 yrs.she walks about 3 kms/day for 5days a week. thanks and regards.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Divya Mukta Vati is a tablet that is advised to control blood pressure. Divya madunashini vati and Karela churna for lowering blood sugar can be taken for a month and then review. Please let me know the RBS, PPBS and HbA1c to guide you further. Herbal medicines will be effective to reduce the borderline blood sugar level or will support to control the higher blood sugar levels. Include fenu greek, jamun seeds, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, legumes, dark green leafy vegetables, avocados, turmeric and bitter gourd. Reduce excess canned foods, fat, oil, sugar, refined flour and salt. Yogasanas like utkadasana, paschimottasana, trikonasana, matsyasana, dhanurasana and pavanamuktasana or regular exercise like walking or swimming will be beneficial.
Question: My mother is 60years old, she is having an ulcer operated on her heel which is healing very slowly, she is diabetic.She is having 40-50% of blockage in many parts of the limb (as showed in the angiogram), she is suffering from pain and unable to walk.Her creatine level is 1.2 Doctors have suggested angiogram/angioplasty which would cost more than one lac which we cant afford, are there any alternative treatment where she can become better and will be able to walk. Kindly reply ASAP

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As your mother is currently suffering from diabetic foot ulcer as a part of complications of diabetes, it is very necessary to bring all parameters under control along with her blood sugar levels. As there is poor blood circulation happening to her lower extremities, there are chances of weakening of blood vessels leading to blockages or plaque formations. Considering her other parameters like blood pressure, other comorbid conditions she can use Ayurvedic Medicines which will help to bring her sugar levels under control plus avoiding complications of diabetes. Following medicines are indicated in her case such as Diabetes Pacakge Medicine that contains Divya Praval pishti 10 gm and Divya Giloy sat 20 gm, and Divya Vasantkusumakar Ras 1 gm to be mixed and divided into 60 parts and to be consumed twice daily before food with warm water. There are tablets Divya Madhunashini Vati , and Divya Chandraprabha vati 40 gm helpful in controlling high sugar levels and also helps in treating complications of diabetes. Usually, we suggest Mandukasana, Suptavajrasana, shalabasana, Sarvangasana, etc, however she has undergone surgery and considering her age, she can practice relaxation asanas as per her capacity.
Question: Dear sir can you advice me.since I was 40 I had blood pressure and diabetic and now I'm 50. I'm taking doctor medicine.Bisoprolol tablet 10 mg,Ramipril Capsule 10mg,Losartan potassium 100mg for blood pressure and for diabetic Metformin 2gm,and Gliclazide 160mg per blood pressure is ok but now a day diabetic is not control and everyday I'm doing exercise and diatimg . Doctor told me I need to go in insulin . I'm type two diabetic.Can you advice me is their any curable aurvetic medicine? My body is very tried.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As you are suffering from diabetes and hypertension since 10 years and using allopath medications and as your doctor warned about insulin, it is very important that you take special care in lifestyle and food habits. If you are able to control your blood sugar levels with proper diet and lifestyle and you must aware that diabetes is a metabolic disorder and there is no exact cure and it can be controlled with medicines. In order to prevent diabetic related complications, one should be very careful and avoid sweets and continue split meals and avoid habits if any. In ayurveda, there are certain herbal medicines which are helpful to control blood sugar levels and to prevent diabetic related complications and the following medicines are helpful such as Package Medicine which contains Divya Praval pishti, Divya Giloy sat, Divya Vasantkusumakar Ras, Divya Madhunashini Vati, and Divya Chandraprabha vati, these medicines are helpful and good for renal functioning. However, if you have doubts regarding the same, you can consult an ayurvedic doctor nearby you for clarifications. Regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: Dear Guruji, Iam 35 year old and 3 months back when I checked my blood, fasting was 98 and PP sugar level was 151. hence I visited Patanjali clinic and they adviced me to take Divya madhunashini vati tablet 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. After taking this 15 days my sugar level became normal. So i stopped it for 1 week and when i tested again the PP was 145. So Doctor asked me to take Divya Madhunashini vati with only 1 tablet per day. Now after 15 days when I checked my sugar level its showing PP-167. Iam really worried. Iam doing kapalbhati, Anilom Vilom and asanas suggested by Guruji. And I have been taking lots of vegetables, wheat and stopped sugar completely. So even with this iam seeing my sugar level is increasing. Please advice, Iam really worried. thanks Geetha

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, You gave detailed description regarding your blood sugar levels. This is clear that you are having initial stages and sugar levels are fluctuating even with medications. Along with medications you need to follow diet and yoga. As you mentioned that you are doing pranayama which is good and can continue further. Depending on nutritional requirements and calorie intake you should follow diet and you can continue ayurvedic medicines. You need to consume food in more frequencies. Consume low cholesterol foods, low carbohydrate, Green leafy vegetables are preferred and milk products can be consumed minimally and whenever necessary. You can use Diabetes Medicine Package, and MeninokkiChurnam from Santhigiri Product is very useful to control diabetes and related complications and for general body weakness, along with your regular medicines. You need to continue your regular medicine for long term so that it will help you to bring your sugar levels to the normal. For more details, you can contact us. With regards, Dr.Vijay.