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Acidity/Heartburn Ayurvedic Medicines

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Package of Ayurveda & Herbal supplements for Acidity & Heartburn. Provides relief from long term Acidity. Acidity is a curse caused by busy lifestyle, improper diet & lack of exercising.
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Package of Ayurveda & Herbal medicines for Acidity & Heartburn, A completely safe & natural way for Acidity problem. Provides relief from long term Acidity

Acidity Package Ingredients

1. Avipattikara Choorna 100 gm

Avipattikar Choorna (Powder) removes excess Pitta (Fire) from your stomach & small intestine. Choorna alleviates Hyper-acidity, Heart-burn & Indigestion. High Pitta (Fire) causes the problem of Acidity or Hyper-Acidity. To reduce High Pitta in the abdomen, Avipattikar Choorna is very beneficial. For hyper-acidity & abdominal aches being a mild laxative it makes the stool soft, helping to check mild constipation & improve the appetite.

2. Shankh Bhasm 10 gm

A unique ancient preparation effective in hyper acidity & supports gastrointestinal health.

3. Praval Pishti 10 gm

4. Shatavari Choorna 100 gm

5. Kamdudha Ras 10 gm

Mode of Administration & dosage

Mix all these medicines together & take half an hour before or after breakfast & dinner.

Take 1 tea spoon twice daily with water.

Food to Avoid

Intake of coconut, brinjal, green & red chillies, ginger, garlic, spices & fried food articles are strictly prohibited.

Causes of Acidity

  • Irregular meals
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Being on an empty stomach for a long time or on Diet
  • Most & important Excessive smoking
  • Intake of alcohol in High quantity
  • Peptic ulcer (Gastro duodenal)
  • Eating chocolates & high fat content food regularly is a major cause to acidity & Hyper-acidity
  • Intake of hot, spicy n fried food regularly
  • Other biggest factors are Hypertension, Negative emotions as they also increase problems in the functioning of Digestive system causing Acidity
  • Other factors are :- Aging, Pregnancy, Obesity & weakness of the valves

Acidity Symptoms

  • Dislike for foods (lack of appetite), bitter taste of mouth, headache, body ache, mouth blisters, spots & small pimples on the body, burning sensation in hands & feet.
  • Sour belching, burning sensation in stomach & heart, .
  • Increase in heartbeats, vomiting, restlessness, palpitation are the symptoms of Acidity.


The acidity is related to heart burn & gas formation in the stomach. In acidity, acid reflux or gastroesopohageal reflux disease, or more commonly known as cat amalpitta urdhva in ayurveda, there is movement of gastric juices (carrying acid) from the stomach into the lower esophagus (esophagus). This is a condition that is caused when the acidic contents in stomach (hydrochloric acid) move upward into the esophagus & making it dysfunctional. Understanding the right management at the right time & cause of any disease, such as heartburn or acid reflux, is very useful for effective management. In Ayurveda is considered to be caused by pitta dosha aggarvation of which is responsible for the burning sensation caused in the chest region.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or heartburn is caused by several factors:

  • Stomach contains hydrochloric acid & various enzymes that help digest food. When there is a problem in the digestive system, there is a disease called acidity.
  • Foods that are high in fat, like chocolate cause heartburn or acid reflux disease.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, keep your stomach empty for a long time, skipping breakfast leads to acidity. (Counseling professionals & peer friendship groups, which can help smokers quit.)
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine also causes heartburn.
  • Other causes of acidity or heartburn are pregnancy, aging, obesity & poor eating habits, like eating junk food acidity leads to a burning sensation in the stomach & chest.

Heartburn or Acidity Diet

What to eat & how much to eat is an important factor in controlling the acidity:

  • Avoid consumption of fried, fatty foods, junk, chocolates & excessive.
  • Avoid consumption of onions, citrus, spicy foods, & that worsen acid reflux disease or heartburn.
  • Eat foods rich in carbohydrates such as rice, as it is digested easily & acid formation.
  • Dinner two or three hours before bed time that keeps you healthy.
  • Eat smaller meals helps in digestion.
  • Maintain proper body weight, helps control the acidity
  • Avoid eating foods rich in protein & rich in calcium such as milk & milk products at night.
  • Alcohol, caffeine should be a big in your life for a healthy life & control of acidity.

Acidity / Heartburn symptoms

Symptoms in children include:

  • Respiratory problems
  • underweight
  • vomiting,
  • cough
  • refuse food

Symptoms in adults include:

  • Heartburn pain long, chest & stomach, gas formation in the stomach, inflammation of the chest, gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • Voice changes & ulcers in the esophagus (tube that connects the mouth & stomach), painful muscle contractions & pain in the ears, are some of the symptoms of heartburn.
  • Patient with a hernia are at risk of developing acid reflux or heartburn.

Acidity can affect your daily activity & them who have difficulty swallowing.

Acidity can overcome several months if not managed on time.

Home Remedies for Acidity

There are several home remedies & ayurveda management to control the acidity is good to go for these management as safe & effective. Avoid heartburn management chemistry / medicinal, as it creates a host of other health problems.

The use of Ayurveda medicines that can suppress the formation of acid in the recommendation of health professionals is very effective in managing heartburn.

Ayurveda medicines as simple Kamdudha Rasa are effective in managing heartburn.

Avipattikar choorna can be taken with water before your meal daily. It is good for bowel movement & is effective in managing heartburn or acidity. Narikel wash is also a good remedy to manage heartburn.

Home remedies that help in controlling the acidity

  • The regular practice of taking one or two glass of water early in the morning is a healthy habit, useful in controlling acidity.
  • Holy Basil (tulsi) plays an important role in controlling acidity. The use of some leaves of tulsi leaves at any time gives relief from acidity & is one of the useful home remedies for heartburn ..
  • Natural & effective dose for control of acidity are: Take one table spoon of soul with a table spoon Haritaki (Chebulic myroblan)
  • Take two tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of vinegar natural cidar before lunch
The doses mentioned are effective for the management of heartburn.

Amla is a natural & effective herb which helps in curing many diseases such as diabetes, indigestion, heartburn. It is also useful in the heart, respiratory, & eye disorder. Alma capsules are very effective for the management of heartburn. AMLA also be taken with warm milk, legumes & vegetables. This is one of the home remedies for heartburn important.

Keep chebula (Haritaki) in the mouth after eating regularly gives relief from acidity.

Mint juice capsules containing peppermint or peppermint oil are also a good herbal remedy manage heartburn. Recommended after a meal, reduces the formation of gas. This is one of the useful home remedies for heartburn.

Fruits that will help you get relief from acidity are cucumber, watermelon, papaya and banana.

Ingestion of cold milk, coconut water, almonds or raw garlic, all these give you relief from acidity & heartburn.

Admission Jaggery (gur) every hour will give relief from acidity.

Half of butter milk glass with a tablespoon of coriander juice is effective for burns of the stomach, indigestion & heartburn. This is one of the best home remedies for heartburn.

Exercise helps to control acidity

Depression, anxiety, heartburn worsens the disease to try to live a life free of stress for a healthy & happy.

Walk in the morning & evening are good for your health & keeps the disease under control acidity. Yoga & meditation keeps the overall system of internal (as the digestive system, nervous system) & the external system in good condition.

Small changes in lifestyle to stay healthy & happy

Sleeping in a correct posture & help increase in full control of acidity, like keep your head on a pillow up to seven inches high.

Try to avoid chemically prepared medicines, despite that suppress the formation of acid in the stomach, but badly affects the digestive system & has many side effects. In acute cases, the correct diagnosis at the right time helps in the management to consult their physician for appropriate medications & management. Lifestyle simple & easy to keep you healthy & happy. Health is wealth, so to live a private life & stress free. Each disease has a manage so do not panic & stay happy.

Tips & precautions for Acidity patients


  • Early morning, empty stomach just takes two glasses of warm water In the same way you need to drink lukewarm water at bedtime. Mean while drink plenty of water.
  • Take your meals regularly on time, dont skip them.
  • Morning you need to take heavy break fast & night light supper
  • Always chew your food properly. Include plenty of green & leafy vegetables in your diet.
  • If mandatory to take out side food, try to take genuine food.
  • If you feel acid problem in your stomach then chew some basil leaves. Slowly suck a small piece of Jaggery.
  • A glass of chilled milk is a quick remedy for hyperacidity & heartburn.
  • Almonds are quite effective in heartburn; chew few almonds when you experience heartburn.
  • Ginger root with honey taken after meal is effective for heartburn.
  • Fruits like apple, watermelon & banana are recommended for people with hyperacidity problem.
  • Take a glass of Buttermilk/day.
  • Donts:

  • Avoid fried food, pickle, hot & spicy food.
  • Avoid unhealthy Wada pao (you knew what I mean)
  • Avoid garlic, onion, pepper, radish & cabbage. Avoid unripe fruits. Do not haste while eating.
  • Avoid curds or yogurts at the night time.
  • Avoid strong tea in empty stomach.
  • Avoid raw intake of Green chilies.
  • Avoid worries & oil curries. ( all the time it happens in busy life).
  • Yoga & Pranayama

    Yoga for Hyperacidity

    Vajrasana Yoga Mudra Bhujangasana Salabhasana Surya Namaskara Bhastrika Pranayama Shitali pranayama Shitkari pranayama Jallundhar Bandha Shavasana Kunjal Kriya

    Note: The above said practices should be followed under strict supervision of qualified trainer.



    Very Useful

    very very very useful thank you for sharing all this, i tried out some home remedies it did work god bless you.


    Good remedy for acidity

    same symptoms...i am suffering from same problem from last year...hyper-acidity is a common problem...but very dangerous..sometimes situation was that i thought..i will die today...but every time when gas pass out..i feel with your suggestion and your medicine i hope i will be fine....thank u sir.. thank u so much...pankit sharma from Chandigarh.,


    for acidity

    good information, thanks for you brief study of heart burn and gastro and avoiding food items

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    Acidity/Heartburn Ayurvedic Medicines

    Acidity/Heartburn Ayurvedic Medicines

    Package of Ayurveda & Herbal supplements for Acidity & Heartburn. Provides relief from long term Acidity. Acidity is a curse caused by busy lifestyle, improper diet & lack of exercising.

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