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Divya Shivlingi Beej (Seeds)

About the product:

Best used in Female Infertility. A unique herbal preparation of Shivlingi which is tonic for female & helps in general debility.

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Good results

very nice got result in 1.5 months. Go for it it is very low in cost but the effects are amassing. We don't think of ayurvedik medicines but I continue it with my allopathy treatment which I was taking from 5 months.

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Divya Shivlingi Beej (Seeds)

Divya Shivlingi Beej (Seeds)

Best used in Female Infertility. A unique herbal preparation of Shivlingi which is tonic for female & helps in general debility.

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Product description

Shivlingi beej is Best used inFemale Infertility. A unique herbal preparation ofShivlingi which is tonic for female & helps in general debility.

Shivlingi Beej Indications

  • Female Infertility
  • Menstrual Disorders which led to infertility
  • Uterus Problems
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Hormonal Disbalance
  • Lack of body strength in women.

Shivlingi Beej Benefits

  • Shivlingi Beej is an excellent herbal remedy for infertility problems.
  • It helps to give relief from painful menstruation.
  • It helps to balance the menstrual problem or menstrual cycle.
  • This product helps to nourish the sexual organs of females & improve their functioning.
  • In some cases women wont conceive because of lack of interest during sexual intercourse & there are many reasons responsible for it, most common one is less strength & depression. Therefore Shivlingi Seeds also generates strength & sexual interest in women.
  • Shivlingi seeds helps to give strength to the body & also beneficial in depression.
  • It is also beneficial in leucorrhoea.
  • It is a good herbal remedy for uterus & pelvic pain.
  • One can use this product for long time there is no adverse effects if use for prolonged period.

Shivlingi Beej Dosage

  • Make a fine powder of Shivlingi seed, take an hour before breakfast & dinner preferably with cow's milk.
  • If Cow's milk is not available then it can be taken with any other milk too.
  • There is no known side effects of this product.

Note : Must be taken along with "Putrajeevak seed" as they both together works great.

Packaging size: 100 grams.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: my wife is 28 and since 3 yrs we are planning for a baby. we got information from a friend about shivlingi beej. thus, i would like to know the proper dosage of it that can be taken. according to doctor my wife and i are medically fit.if my wife is taking the shivlingi beej in the form of seeds is it going to help her to conceive? if yes then how many seeds she can take per day?

Answered by Dr.Sony : Hello, It is said that both of you are medically fit and healthy. Shivlingi beej is exclusively meant for use in females. They help in resolving issues connected to female infertility. The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon with milk twice daily. It seems to give best result when taken along with seed powder of putrajeevak. In this particular case, i feel it is the time and position of sexual intercourse that matters. I would advice you to have regular intercourse for 6 months without barrier. If conception does not happen then you can approach your physician and opt for the best treatment. Conception is a process which depends on several factors. The time of ovulation and fusion of sperm with egg should happen at the right time. You can seek the help of a sexologist for the best result at this stage.
Question: Hello sir I am 29,today I found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant .I have been taking putrajeevak and shivlingi beej since 1 month. Since last week I am just taking shivlingi now should I continue wd these medicines or just with divya phalgriht. I prefer it over chapati twice it the right guide. Thanks.

Answered by Dr.Arindham : HI, Greetings from! Well you can take Divya putrajeevak seedswithout Divya shivlingi beejfr another 4 weeks or so. Also the Falghrityou can continue like you are doing. There is no harm. apart from this you can take normal Divya Haritaki and shatavari too, in your 3rd trimester. Regards
Question: Hi I have been trying to get pregnant almost 3 years. My age is 30 and my height is 5.5 feet and weight is 65kg doctors checked all my hormone level, vaginal control and they didn't find anything.Everything seems like ok, my tubes are open and also my husband is healthy as well.On February 2017 I went to a doctor and just found a cyst my right side it is like 2.2 cm and yeast infection.Before I went to the doctor, I used clomen, estrofem medicine for being pregnant in march 2016, but it didn't work and I made IVF treatment on July 2016 again it didn't work.Since September 2016, I have been using royal jelly 1 tsb and vitamins and I used one-month chaste berry. The last doctor said that you might be endometriosis, but she is not sure because of my facial hair. Also, on February 19th, I started shivlingi beej and putrajeevak. Can I use them during my period time and ovulation time? Also, when I use them, can I use stri rasayan vati and chandraprabha vati? also, can I use stri and chandraprabha during period time and ovulation time? stri and chandrapha are safe even if I am pregnant? also, can be used shivlingi and putrajeevak if I am pregnant? I feel so desperate, need good advises and consultant pls help me...

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Divya Fal ghrit can be taken during pregnancy along with Divya Shivlingi seeds, Divya Putrajevak seed. But chandra prabha and divya stri rasayana vati must be stopped after getting pregnant. Include sesame oil, ghee, complex carbohydrates, raisins, black gram, red banana, dates and milk. Reduce excess caffeine, canned foods, salt, oil, refined flour and sugar. Practise Yogasanas like Navasana, Matsyasana, Janushirasana, Padahastasana, Trikonasana, Utkadasna, Paschimottasana, Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana and Gomukhasana which are beneficial. Yogasanas, meditation and pranayamam will be beneficial to reduce the stress levels.
Question: Respected Mam/Sir, My wife (34 yrs.) meet with many Dr.. They suggested us for IVF with doner egg. We want to take treatment of Ayurveda for create my wife\'s egg. Is there any possibilities, Please suggest me. My FSH level is 70 mIU/ml.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello Sir, It is typical infertility where your wife’s ovulation is either completely hampered or the quality of egg formation is poor and that is why doctors are recommending IVF with the help of donor egg. Apparently her uterine health would be better and that is why doctors are suggesting IVF. As her FSH levels are higher than normal when compared to menstruating women which suggests either turners syndrome or premature menopause or if she is receiving hormonal therapies, and in such cases Ayurveda is having limitation and we can suggest medications generally meant for improving fertility rate and if her problem is mild to moderate, then you there is ray of hope. You can ask her to start with Infertility Package Medicine as it contains some important herbs like shivlingi beej and putranjeevi seeds which are helpful to improve her fertility rate. Practicing yoga is also very important and you Paschimottanasana, Hastapadasana, viparitakarini, Janushirsana, Baddakonasana are helpful along with Surya Namaskara, Sarvangasana which are also helpful. These Yoga asanas are helpful in boosting fertility rate and even she can practice Pranayama which is also important to be confident mentally.
Question: Age : 30 yrs , weight : 115kg. I have pcos and husband's sperm count is good but motility is 15%. The doctor had advised IUI . We tried naturally only for 1 month. 1st IUI failed 2nd IUI was successful, but I had a spontaneous miscarriage at 8 weeks. I have again started to try after 5 months. My periods are very irregular because of pcos. The doctor has given me clomid and asked me to try. Can putrajeevak beej and Shivlingi beej help in conception. Also is Kapalbhati safe to do when trying to conceive. I go to gym (3 times a week) and have started to do Kapalbhati from past 3 days. Please help if any other advice would help.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Divya Shivlingi seeds and Divya Putrajevak seed can be taken for 3months to improve the chances of conception. Please let me know the blood tests to guide you further. Kapalabhati can be practised and it will improve your overall general health. Your husband can take Sukumara lehyam - 1tsp before food twice daily and Addyzoa Capsules for 3months and then review. Include jaggery, sesame seeds, pine apple, horsegram, curry leaf, figs, red banana and black gram to reduce the cyst and induce ovulation. Reduce excess intake of flax seeds, soya, broccoli, meat, sugar, salt and canned foods. Practise Yogasanas like Malasana, Dhanurasana, Trikonasana, Bhujangasana, Gomukhasana, Janushirasana, Matsyasana, Padahastasana, Uthithapadasana, Utkadasna and Paschimottasana which will be beneficial.
Question: Dear dr,i just had a miscarriage at 5 months .now I want to get pregnant .Can i take dabur dashmularisht .OR ANY OTHER NATURAL MEDICINE TI REGULATE MY CYCLES AND HORMONES .iam also having pcos.plz help

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello. As you are trying to conceive after miscarriage with history and as your query revealed PCOD complaint which is hampering your menstrual cycle as well as fertility issue. There are many ayurvedic medicines which are effective to balance your hormones and to maintain proper uterine functioning. However, you need to follow strict diet regimen, that include balanced nutrition, and reducing or avoiding too much spicy food, oily foods or greasy foods, fries and sour food items. You need to maintain healthy lifestyle that include proper timing and stress free life will enhance uterine functioning. There are certain yoga postures which helpful for maintaining proper strength in pelvic floor muscles which indirectly shows some positive effects in conceiving. Following ayurvedic medicines such as Package medicine for infertility which include multiple medicines such as Divya Shivlingi Beej and Divya Putrajeevaka Beej to be consumed in combination. Tablets like Stri Rasayana Vati, Divya Chandraprabha Vati, Divya Rajah Pravartani Vati, for maintaining regularity in periods and Divya Falghrit as uterine tonic and Divya Dashmool Kwath for general body health. With regards, Dr.Vijay.