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Package of Ayurveda & Herbal supplements for Sexual disorders in Men. This Package is useful in Premature Ejaculation, General Debility due to Sexual intercourse / Masturbation & it increases sexual desire.

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Product description

Package of Ayurveda & Herbal medicines for Sexual disorders in Men.Sexual problems need to be addressed when it causes distress or affects the quality of living. Sukra Dhatu is responsible for a healthy reproductive system & hence medicines are advised to nourish the sukra dhathu which can be related with semen.

Sexual Problems in Men Package Benefits

  • Useful in Premature Ejaculation.
  • Useful in General Debility due to Sexual intercourse / Masturbation.
  • Useful in making Thin semen thick.
  • Increases sexual desire.
  • There are effective Ayurveda medicines which work together in conditions like premature ejaculation, impotency, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, loss of libido & male infertility.
  • The Kounch beej choorna and Shilajit Sat is nourishing & they help to increase the energy level & sukra dhathu.
  • The mineral combinations like Vasanta kusumakar ras, makaradwaj, vanga bhasam, verya shodana choorna, & 2 much gold capsules helps to strengthen the reproductive system thereby relieving the symptoms that cause concern.
  • The herbs like akarakar, kapikacchu, dattura, satavari, bala, musli & mulethi strengthens & nourishes the reproductive organs.
  • The mineral combination must not be taken for longer periods & please review after a month with your managing physician.

Sexual Problems in Men Package Constituents

  • Vasant Kusumakar Ras 1 gm
  • Makardhwaj 4 gm
  • Vang Bhasm 10 gm
  • Verya Shodhan Choorna 100 gm
  • Krounch Beej Choorna 100 gm
  • 2 much Gold Capsules 30 capsules
  • Shilajeet sat 20 gm

Sexual Problems in Men Package Administration

  • Medicine No.1,2,3,4,5 - Mix these medicines together & make a mixture. Take 1 teaspoon of the mixture half an hour before breakfast & dinner with warm milk or water.
  • Medicine No.6 - 1 Capsule twice a day.
  • Medicine No.7 - 1 drop (a pinch) to be mixed in the warm milk & to be taken before sleep at night daily.

Tips & Suggestions

  • Healthy eating is important as the food nourishes the body & is responsible for the transformation of the tissues.
  • Depleting foods like pungent spicy foods, alcohol & lack of sleep affects the sukra dhathu.
  • Include basil, cinnamon, nuts, garlic, ginger, asparagus, celery, pomegranate, nut meg, dark chocolate, capsicum, carrot, avocados & almonds.
  • Reduce excess canned foods, oil, sugar, hot spices, carbonated beverages & salt.
  • Meditation, pranayamam , yogasanas & yoga nidra will help to reduce the stress, anxiety or insomnia which also triggers the sexual problems.
  • Almost two months course of this ayurveda medicine will complete the semen volume & sperm count.
  • Take milk & milk products more in diet.
  • Take healthy but home made & light meals.
  • Keep your pranayama & exercise schedule as it is for best results.

Types of Sexual Problems

Early Discharge or Premature ejaculation

  • Males suffering from premature ejaculation may not be able to satisfy their partners.
  • Premature ejaculation means discharge of semen in very short duration.
  • We have seen various cases of premature ejaculation in which ejaculation occurs in foreplay & patient is not able to have penetration.
  • But generally patients are able to penetrate but ejaculation occurs within seconds & female is not satisfied.
  • In such cases male partner should proceed slow in sex.
  • He should stop movement as he reaches to prime sensation.
  • He should withdraw & press his penis mouth to avoid ejaculation.
  • Apart from these simple remedies we recommend you to take a full course of premature ejaculation package.
  • This package includes various ayurveda medicines which have stimulating & strengthening role on reproductive system.
  • A regular medication will give you very good results in increasing sexual power & stamina.
  • The duration of sex & erection force both are increased by regular course of these ayurveda & safe medicines.
  • So take these medicines for almost three months regularly for best results.

Erectile Dysfunction

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when a man has trouble getting or keeping an erection.
  • Erectile dysfunction is a common problem where mind-body involvement plays major role.
  • Though there are many myths & wrong concepts which may scare the individual.
  • So one should understand the concept & the management is done with the combined alternative therapies.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most common sex problems faced by men.
  • Increasing age, chronic weakness, over masturbation, injury to penis, side effect of medicines & infections like dhaat, nightfall etc, can cause ED.
  • Hormonal weakness or imbalance can also cause erectile dysfunction at any age.
  • Generally we hide this problem & take un-prescribed medicines to solve this problem.
  • These instant result medicines may increase erection force temporarily but in long run are habit forming & slowly causes complete cessation of erections.
  • We recommend you to take pure safe & ayurveda medicines to fight your problem of erectile dysfunction problem permanently.
  • Take a regular course of full package for sexual weakness in males.
  • Increase water intake.
  • Avoid masturbation & stop using all sex enhancer medicines or steroids.
  • Take god diet & practice pranayams for better results.
  • These ayurveda medicines are safe & help in getting rock hard erections.
  • A regular course of these medicines help in increasing blood flow towards reproductive system & penis to achieve timely hard erections & also helps in maintaining these erections for longer durations.
  • You will feel god energy & power in your organ & body by regular medication.
  • Take these medicines for almost two three months to get long lasting results.

Semen leaking / prostatitis / Dhaat

  • Apart from these most common problems dhaat or prostatitis can also cause severe weakness in sex power, general health problems & seminal weakness.
  • Dhaat is very severe problem & is generally represented by leaking semen with urine.
  • Seminal discharge occurs very quick & on slight stimulation.
  • We recommend you to take chandraprabha vati & SHILAJIT SAT for complete benefits in your sex problems.
  • These are ayurveda medicines having very great results in urogenital problems including dhat & associated sexual weakness.
  • You will get very good results in premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction & nightfall sort of problems.
  • Take four to five liters of water daily.
  • Urine production will increase for some time & that ill be good for you.
  • Never suppress the urge for urination.
  • Take these medicines for almost three months to get the best results.
  • Regular medication & nutritional diet will improve your sexual power & general health.
  • Practice pranayama & yoga regularly for faster relief.

Oligospermia or Low sperm count

  • Azoospermia is the complete absence of sperm in the semen & as such means that a man will be completely infertile.
  • The diagnosis of azoospermia is sometimes still made even though as many as 500,000 sperm per ml of semen may have been seen because it is extremely unlikely that the man will be able to father a child naturally.

Doctor Reviews

  • "Sexual dysfunction causes lots of dissatisfaction among partners, low sperm counts, less motility also causes infertility in men. premature ejaculation, less libido, stress, weakness, all these are common problem faced by males. The combination of these medication of baba ramdev helps in improving all these conditions. Vasanthkusumakar rasa, vanga basma, makaradwaj will strengthen the reproductive system,also improves sperm counts. Veerya shodana helps in cleansing the semen reduces infections of seminal fluid, improves the quality of sperm etc. Shilajith, kaunch beej helps in improving the sexual strength, desire, manages premature ejaculation, improves motility. All these medications are benefits in infertility, premature ejaculation, low motility, low libido. Avoid sour food, spicy food, packed preservatives, soft drinks, stress, anxiety , guilty etc. Follow meditation & relaxation technique along with yoga. - Dr. Spoorthi "
  • "The above combination provides nourishment to male reproductive system. The hormones level are also brought normal producing good quantity & quality of sperms. Healthy sperms need nourishment thereby the combination above mentioned improves sperms mobility hence is useful many common male sexual health issues like low libido, erectile dysfunction, oligospermia, premature ejaculation, infertility. The combination is also useful in urogenital problems. - Dr. Kanika Gupta"

- Baba Ramdev Medicine For Sexual Problems.



Works for Sexual disorders

Take this medication by mouth as directed by your doctor, usually once daily, 30 minutes after the same meal each day. Swallow this medication whole. Do not crush, chew, or open the capsules.


Yoga and medicines

Hi All,

Even i was in these kind of situations some years back. The fantastic solution i have found r these:
1. Do kapaalbhati pranayam(as per rules/guidance) daily morning for atleast 1/2 hour in worst cases. Yoga cures the system permanently and yoga works 80% on your system. Medicines works only for 20%. Remember that.

2. In worst cases, the best option is:
do meditation on your muladhara chakra which is located at your tail bone(bottom most part of your spine). This works wonderful. This is especially good for people having night pollution problems in dreams etc..


Semen leakage

I am satisfied with the treatment of semen leakage given above.


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Men Package

Men Package

Package of Ayurveda & Herbal supplements for Sexual disorders in Men. This Package is useful in Premature Ejaculation, General Debility due to Sexual intercourse / Masturbation & it increases sexual desire.

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