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Organic Amalaki 60 Capsules (Antioxidant)

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Emblica officinalis Capsules. Amalaki or Amla is used for reducing inflammation in the digestive tract, assisting the bowels & strengthening the heart. It is the richest source of vitamin C.

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Amalaki or Amla (Emblica officinalis) is an Indian gooseberry & is used for reducing inflammation in the digestive tract, assisting the bowels & strengthening the heart. It is probably the most famous Ayurveda herbs used in dozens of classical Ayurveda formulae & in hundreds of patent Ayurveda formulae. The herb of amla is used for many purposes such as delayingthe aging cycle, rejuvenating the body, revitalizing body systems & top of all, building immune levels.

Organic Amalaki Capsules by Love Natural Remedies - Anti-Aging Formula.

Amla capsules contains abandon amounts of Vitamin C ascorbic acid & is likely to possess richest amounts of it as compared to any edible on this planet. Regular use of it will enrich you with vitamin C which helps in protecting cell damage & provide resistance against many diseases especially respiratory diseases.

Size / Quantity : 60 caps.

Dosage: Take 1-2 caps. twice/thrice a day before meals with water.

Organic Amalaki Capsules (Emblica officinalis capsules)

Amla Properties

  • Amla or Indian gooseberry has a high content of vitamin C. AMLA has many benefits for the human body. These range from increasing the absorption of food to balance the acid from the stomach to strengthen the liver. It also feeds the brain & improves mental functioning. Is known to support heart, strengthen the lungs. Is said to help the urinary system. If that was not enough, is also excellent for the skin, promoting a healthier hair. It acts to cool the body, clean toxins from the body. Strengthens the eyes, improves muscle tone. Last but not least is an excellent antioxidant.
  • AMLA can be taken to improve eyesight by taking amla juice or amla with honey. It is found that is beneficial for cataracts & myopia.
  • The AMLA chrome recovery is the use in diabetics. It works to revitalize the group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin, reducing levels of sugar in the blood.
  • Amla helps in strengthening the muscles of the heart so the heart pumps blood efficiently. It is an excellent anti-infect ants due to their high content of vitamin C. It also improves the body's resistance to disease.
  • As Amla is said to have properties in cold, used manage diarrhea & dysentery. It's good for relieving stomach syndrome.
  • Amla enhances hair growth by increasing the strength of the hair roots. It also helps maintain color & shine. Can be used as fresh as fruit or as a paste of powder. Massage your hair with Amla oil is known to induce sleep & manage premature aging of the hair.
  • If you take the amla with butter & honey before a meal to help build an appetite. It also slows the aging process in the human body due to its antioxidant properties.
  • It can be used manage a nosebleed, put a few drops of amla juice in the nostrils. It is useful in the management of anemia, bronchitis & asthma. When used to cleanse the mouth, strengthens the teeth.
  • Amla is also used to increase the metabolism of proteins. If a person has a tendency to gain weight you must consume amla regularly to lose weight faster.
  • Gooseberry / Amla is very healthy as it has lots of vitamins & minerals that enhance the well-being & body function. It has many managing properties & is a choice of cheap & effective home remedy for various ailments. Apart from health benefits, but can also be useful for the face & hair care products.
  • Amla contains vitamin B, & is rich in vitamin C. It also contains minerals like calcium, iron & phosphorus. AMLA has protein, carbohydrates & dietary fiber as well. It's low in fat, sugar & cholesterol & not add too many calories consumption.
  • Amla is rich in water. It has antioxidant & helps in flushing out toxins from the body. It helps the digestion process & can provide relief for constipation. AMLA increases metabolism, helps burn calories & is effective for weight loss & control.
  • Known widely for the management of scurvy. It is also known for their properties to strengthen the lungs, respiratory system & nervous system function. Amla is also useful in improving & maintaining the view.
  • Amla juice mixed with cold water can be cool & refreshing drink during the summer. AMLA also be mixed with lemon juice or honey to make it tasty & delicious drink. You can also make amla pickles & use it with curd rice.
  • AMLA also manages bleeding gums. It can be eaten raw or make a paste of amla & eat it. This helps in the managing of the gums & helps to strengthen it. It is part of many ayurveda preparations, tablets & pills to relieve common ailments.
  • It is beneficial for the face & hair care as well. Eating Amla helps purify the skin & cleaning it. It is very useful in the management of acne. You can boil amla, make a paste & add to your face pack once in a while, for a clear & healthy skin.
  • It is also an ingredient in shampoos & hair oil, as it strengthens the hair roots, manages premature graying of hair & gives hair a shiny appearance.

Benefits of Amla

  • AMLA also known as amalaki, dhatriphala in Sanskrit & Emblica officinale is its scientific name, is the most widely used herb in the Ayurveda system of medicine. Alma is the largest natural source of vitamin C. In fact, this small fruit has as much vitamin C as two oranges. Vitamin C, when taken in supplement form, is not always easily absorbed. However, when you eat a berry Alma, vitamin C is easily assimilated by the body.
  • There are a lot of benefits such as Amla, it helps maintain the balance between the three Doshas of wind, bile & phlegm. The English name of Alma is the Indian gooseberry denotes that it is native to India. Although all parts of the tree have medicinal value, is the fruit that is the main drug.
  • Amla fruit is acrid, cooling, refrigerant, diuretic, laxative, alexeteric, antipyretics, alternating aphrodisiac, tonic & trichogenous in nature. It is the richest natural source of vitamin C. 100 grams. Alma contains approximately 700 mg. vitamin C, which is thirty times the amount found in oranges. Aside from Vitamin C, also contains acidic calcium, iron, protein, garlic & tannin, sugar, phosphorus, carbohydrates etc. The juice of fresh fruit is given as a remedy Alma tonic, diuretic & anti-bilious. It is also helpful in burning sensation, thirst, dyspepsia & other ailments of the digestive system.
  • Other benefits of Amla is very good for hair growth & imparts color black hair is an excellent skin whitening agent, when applied in combination with Soul & honey. It acts as a natural bleaching agent.

Amla - a nectar for human body

  • AMLA, a small natural fruit available, is rich in vitamin C. Amla is Indian gooseberry. It revitalizes the body. Amla is rich in amino acids, minerals & nutritional content. The body easily absorbs vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant, present in the fruit.
  • Helps fight free radicals (unstable ions present in the body). Anyone can eat AMLA, as it is rich in fiber & low in sugar. Consult your doctor before taking amla regularly if you have heart disease. Amla helps the body to digest minerals such as iron. Ginger is a good digestive agent, but it heats the body.
  • Furthermore, amla not warm the body. Therefore, eat regularly AMLA to the digestive system healthy & to become stronger. Improves immunity & protein metabolism. Daily intake of Amla is very useful if you exercise every day. Amla helps reduce weight & improving metabolism. It helps manage cold & cough season. It also helps manage persistent respiratory problems such as sore throat & sinusitis.
  • The toxins are deposited in the liver if you regularly take antibiotics, painkillers & alcohol. The intake of Amla helps get rid of toxins & increases the body. It helps to purify / cleanse the blood. Amla is also good for the skin.
  • Amla & neem are consumed to get rid of pimples. AMLA also manages the gray hair & nourishes early roots. Amla is used in products for hair care commonly available, such as oils & shampoo.
  • Amla strengthens the central nervous system of our body, & help fight constipation.
  • The intake of Amla helps lower cholesterol, & improves the respiratory system & lungs. It also improves vision. You need to consume honey. It also helps to manage glaucoma.
  • Amla is a good & effective medicine for heart disease. Manage bleeding gums. Amla is good for diabetes. It helps relieve seasonal infections & everyday stress. It improves memory & fertility. Helps to minimize body heat

Amalaki, an Anti-oxidant

The fruit of amalaki, Indian gooseberry, contains a lot of vitamin ascorbic acid that possesses excellent antioxidant properties. Regular intake of amla juice or amalaki choorna helps in fighting the free radicals those are very much responsible for developing different health ailments. The free radicals are unstable ions that roam in the bloodstream & are responsible for degenerating body tissues & promoting the age. Amla, being detoxifying agent, stabilizes free radicals & hence is considered to be the powerful antioxidant herbal fruit supplement.

In Ayurveda, the ancient managing science of India, describes amalaki as the mother of all the herbs for all the human health ailments, right from the diabetes to acidity & indigestion to stubborn & disease like cancer. It is called as amalaki rasayana dravya where rasayana means rejuvenating & revitalizing.

Amalaki Indications

The fruit of amalaki, Indian gooseberry, has soothing effects on various vital organs of the body such as kidney, heart, liver, lungs & stomach. It helps in restoring the gut movements & hence can be taken in indigestion etc.

Few of the important indications for taking amla or amalaki are as below:-

  • Amalaki stops premature aging of person.
  • Amla builds immune power, helpful in tackling day-to-day infections and seasonal attacks, builds resistance against Sore throat, Cough, cold & other respiratory tract infections
  • Indian gooseberry helps in overcoming hyper acidity & dyspepsia
  • Amalaki benefits in healing skin ailments
  • Amalaki, up to certain extent,regulates the bowel movements so useful in constipation.
  • Helpful in Skin disorders
  • Amalaki is very good for hair & hence used in premature graying of hair, hair falland split ends.
  • Amalaki is also said to be very beneficial in various eye diseases & best eye rejuvenator.


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Organic Amalaki 60 Capsules (Antioxidant)

Organic Amalaki 60 Capsules (Antioxidant)

Emblica officinalis Capsules. Amalaki or Amla is used for reducing inflammation in the digestive tract, assisting the bowels & strengthening the heart. It is the richest source of vitamin C.

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