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Neem Capsules

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Neem has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & blood purifying properties, Neemhills Neem Capsules are useful in skin disorders & keeps your skin healthy & glowing. (Neem) Azadirachta Indica extract Capsules

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Neem Capsules

Neem Capsules

Neem has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & blood purifying properties, Neemhills Neem Capsules are useful in skin disorders & keeps your skin healthy & glowing. (Neem) Azadirachta Indica extract Capsules

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Neem has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & blood purifying properties, Useful in skin disorders & keeps your skin healthy & glowing.Neem is considered as a wonder herb & is important for its variety of medicinal uses. In Sanskrit Neem herb is called 'Sarva Roga Nivaran'.

Neemhills Neem Capsules Composition : Each capsule contains 100 mg Neem Leaves Powder & 250 mg of extract (as dry extract) from Neem leaves (Azadirachta indica) (20:1) (equivalent to 5000 mg of Neem Leaves). When assayed these capsule contain Bitters NLT 3.5%.

Available in : 60 capsules.

Neemhills Neem Capsules for Skin Diseases. Neem is a Powerful Herb & Covers Almost All Types of Skin Disorders.

Neemhills Neem Capsules Indications

  • Skin Most effective in inflammatory skin conditions due to aggravated rakta & pitta with itching, oozing, burning & infection; eczema, psoriasis when active with Auspitz sign & bleeding, acne, urticaria, ringworm, scabies, lice. The oil is especially effective when applied externally for managing fungal & bacterial infections & as a mosquito repellent (use externally at 25% dilution). Its intense bitterness found in azadirachtin has renowned antibacterial & fungicidal activity. This property, plus its chlorophyll content, adds to its potential as a deodorant for putrid-smelling sweat & infected sores.
  • Digestion Neem is used in intestinal inflammation & is specific for hyperacidity, ulcers, colitis & Crohns disease with high pitta & kapha. It clears mucus & bleeding from the GIT. Useful in fissures, fistulas & hemorrhoids due to local congestion in the lower bowel. It clears the intestines of parasites & worms. Neem leaf is very useful in chronic intestinal disposes such as with Candida albicans, protozoal infections & bacterial infestation.
  • Lungs The bitter & dry qualities are very useful for clearing kapha & pitta accumulations from the respiratory passages.
  • Metabolic Its affinity for medovahasrotas is utilised in diabetes mellitus to support the system & regulate blood sugar levels.It clears kapha accumulations from the pancreas & activates medasdhatu-agni; this rectifies the compromised fat & water metabolism so common in diabetes.
  • Mouth Neem has a traditional usage for toothache, gingivitis & general oral hygiene; use an infusion of the leaves as a mouthwash. The young twigs are used as the Indian toothbrush.
  • Fevers Useful in high fever from pitta & accumulations of AMA; especially in the intermittent fevers of malaria-like diseases.
  • Reproduction As with many bitter herbs it reduces semen & lowers sperm count. It has an affinity for the uterus & can reduce any inflammatory disorders.
  • It is used in all types of skin disorders & keeps your skin healthy & glowing all the time. Benefits in skin diseases, liver problems & inflammation.

Neem Capsules Dosage : Take 1 capsule twice daily, preferably after meals or as recommended by a physician. For better results it should be taken with warm water.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: mai 37yr ka hoon mujhe skin per lal dag ate hai aur eaching hoti hai pure body me hota hai ager mere body ke kisi part ko daba de to lal daag ate hai aur eachig hoti hai,allergy shuru hone ke pahle feaver,hi b.p legs eak zukam etc. hota hai mai 7yrs se paresan hoon, J.J Hospital Mumbai me treatment liya tha usme mera blood leker uska serum nikal ker mujhe inject kerte the lekin koi laabh nahi hua,LEVOCET M HETRO HERBEL Company ka khane se thodi der ke liye aram milta hai,kripya koi medicine ho to bataye.

Answered by Dr.Saurabh : Dear Mr Mishra. Looks like you are suffering from Pitta imbalance so whenever you will take pitta aggravating diet of daily routine then your problem will aggravate. So you need to avoid pitta vardhak aahar vihar. Avoid going in heat for a long time. Take Chandan ka sharbat or thandai daily. Fever, high BP and your blood allergy , all are inter linked so just take Divya Mahamanjistharistha as 3 tsf with 3 tsf water after meals twice daily. Avoid alcohol and non veg also (if you take). Do lord Shiva pooja and serve laal roli ark to Lord Surya. Take Herbal blood Purifier for Skin Diseases as 10 ml thrice daily before meals. Take milk mixed with 1/3 rd tsf of cinnamon (dalchini powder) mixed with it. Also while bathing use neem and kaner leaves as decoction, they will help to prevent you from any external infection. Put Badam Rogan oil drops daily in your nostrils morning and evening to prevent you from any allergen going inside. Tc Dr Saurabh
Question: i rajinder singh(male) age 68 yr regular reader of patangji yog peth punjabi magazine (50057id) i have family history of daibatic. my cretinine goes recent from 1.8 to 2.8 , ihave heart surgery 10 year ago and gagude operation + servicle problem also . kindly gude me how to prvent further damage to kidney and plz guide me the food/ fruit guide as my hemoglobin is just 7.8 my boold sugar remian 140-180 as i take insulin injection two time20-0-10 daily bp 150/ sleep is just 2-3 hour a day and i felt tireness all the day . thanks

Answered by Dr.Sanjay : as per your problem start with tab chandraprabha vati 2tab twice daily of badyanath . along with that take neem cap 250mg twice daily of himalya. make sure that you have to continue with your previous heart and dibeties medication as before . do have a regular chekup of your blood to have a proper control . eat more of salad i mean carrot and cucumber you need more fibrous food to absorb more of fluid to maintain the createnin level . also take same amount of water as much you pass urine by this you will not have a excess of fluid in your body also you will not have less of fluid in your body it will be proper . with regards dr sanjay
Question: doctor, many hair growing on my daughter"s face. in sidebuns mush bearunder lips. i want to know the ayurvedicmedicine.

Answered by Dr.George : Dear mother, Usually the women have fine hairs over the body parts such as chin , chest abdomen or back. When women develops black hairs in these areas like men it is called hirsutism. Usually women also produce little male hormones. In this condition excessive production of male hormones are produced. This is quiet a bothersome situation among women. Your daughter may be facing the same. There are several treatment methods for this problem.Laser removal , bleaching ,waxing etc are the common methods. Try this combination. Apply the paste of dry turmeric and neem paste over the face at night and peel off in the morning regularly helps in removing unwanted hair. Regards Dr George.
Question: Dear sir, i am 40 year old guy suffering from hypothyroid since priscribe me eltroxin 100mcg. but now at the age of 40 i also suffer from diabetes. my fasing suger level is 136,sometimes it was 122. my work profile need long time siting.and late night work. Suggest me some remedy to overcome this At present i am taking some health supplements flax oil, ganoderma, coenzyme q10 amla gluco health and pro card all from vestige company. flax oil 1 cap twice a day before mean ganoderma 1 cap thrice a day before meal gluco health 2 cap thrice a day after meal procard neem and amla twice a day after meal. Aloe vera gel 20ml at morning empty stomach

Answered by YogaGuru : For thyroid one can follow the instructions below:- Take Divya Kanchnar guggulu + Medohar Vati Do Ujjayi pranayama which is very good for thyroid patients. Divya Madhunashini vati is good ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. It is good that you are already taking herbals to take care of your health but you also need exercising because without this you will not see much effect, so do pranayama daily and it is not hard to do. Also you would be in sitting position while doing these breathing exercises. :-)
Question: Sir i took treatmen from lots skin spaclist but i did not get any benefits for my face i have wrinkals,darkspots,ligiless skill and darkness plz give me remedis for this

Answered by YogaGuru : You should take healthy diet such as fiber rich salad and fruits, consume milk and honey. You may also use divya kanti lep (face wash) and Herbal neem face pack Do pranayama daily and if you can do running or jogging it would be the best as it improves the blood circulation in the whole body and oxygenates organs and skin.
Question: Namaskarji, My husband is 37 years old suffering from fissure for lost one year. He have pain while passing motion, some times bleeding also. He is diabetic which is under control and taking medicine. If he undergo ayurvedic is it necessary to consult his diabetician, if not suggest any ayurvedic treatment. Thank you.

Answered by Dr.Jilsy : Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. In this case constipation should be avoided at any cost. For diabetic people there is high chance for constipation. So concentrate on diet which should be rich in vegetables,soups, fibers,green salads etc. Avoid pizzas, burgers, cheesy greasy foods, soft drinks,sweets and curd. Fat removed butter milk is good. You can take- (1) Zandu Nityam churna- 1 tsp before sleep with warm water. (2) Tab Septilin- 1 tab twice a day after meals. (3) Chiruvilwadi kwath- 15ml +45ml water twice daily before food. (4) Triphala guggulu-2 tabs twice daily after food. (5) Switz bath with neem and turmeric added warm water. This is very important and the affected part should be well immersed in water to relieve pain and heal the wound. After pat drying the area apply Jatyadi oil twice daily. These medicines are not antagonistic to diabetes or diabetic medicines. Wishes and regards.
Question: Babaji, im 18 yrs old male I face pimples problem last 2 yrs , soo now it was bad condition .,,, when I think about it I get in dipression ab me kya karu?? I waist lot of time and money for tretments ,, babaji what I m do plzplz plz plz plz help me

Answered by Dr.George : Dear brother, You too are also aware that at this age this is a common complaint. But of course you are feeling bad about this problem. So we will suggest you some solutions. Clean your face at least three times with patanjali neem tulsi face wash. Use cotton towel to dry your face after each wash. Take Nimba khana vati Two tab at night time after food.Avoid non vegeterian milk and chocolates. Continue for three months. You will feel the change. Regards Dr George.
Question: dear sir i am suffering form acne on scalp.i tried allopathy treatment.but after sometimes it again comes in small white form on scalp of head.please tell me the remedy for this. regards aditi

Answered by Dr.Sony : Hello, As mentioned, scalp acne is a condition when pores in scalp gets filled with dirt as well as oil. The blockage in this condition is caused mainly due to overactive sebaceous gland. This happens mainly due to poor diet, hormonal imbalance, stress or even hereditary factors. Surface debris is yet another and most common reason which appears mainly due to poor hygiene or excessive use of oily styling products. In ayurveda there are several remedies to resolve the issue. Here i shall mention certain medicines and home remedies for resolving this issue. Divya Arogyavardhini vati - 2 tab twice daily after food preferably at morning and night. Neem capsules for skin disease - 2 tab twice daily before food. Mix yogurt with 2 to 3 garlic cloves and make it to a paste. Apply it on scalp for 10 - 15 minutes twice daily. Use high quality hair shampoo for the best outcome.
Question: helloo....i have jus strtd takin ramdev baba products few days ago...but i can see my acne increase more and it because of d medicines.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, Greetings from, Acne or pimples do occur from many reasons depending on age and hygiene, lifestyle. Depending on severity, one should follow ayurvedic medicines and diet, and modified lifestyle which is very helpful.. Though, you are consuming medicines, there may be delayed results as you may need to follow diet and proper activities and consume vegetables and be on vegetarian diet and avoid spicy foods, oily foods, excess fatty foods, etc. which are very important, and consume adequate amount of liquids, and fruit juices to maintain fluid balance, use the food items that contains antioxidant properties. Following medicines will help you Manjistha Powder, Kaishora Guggulu are useful medicines. Do not pluck the pimples by using finger nails, maintain local hygiene using herbal face wash which is very important. Avoid pollution, and outside food consumption which is compulsory. Neem and turmeric face pack which is helpful. For more details, you can contact us. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: My husband has been working in a neighbouring country for some time now where there is a high prevalance of HIV. each tine I vistit or he visits home I am afraid to ask him to use a. Condom though I suspect he is being promsicous. Is it OK if I start using Neem oil vaginal insertions before having sex just to prevent no h infection and unwanted pregnancy? I have never used birth control pills before and I hate chemicals. I have. Only used no plant Ponce and now I m not on any contraceptive method

Answered by Dr.Ramani : As HIV-infection spreads through the blood, seminal or vaginal secretions, it is necessary to take precautions to avoid such direct contact. It is transmitted through sex or through any injections. It is therefore necessary to take care before sharing personal items which were used by an infected person. The only way you can confirm the infection is by the blood test which can be done first followed by another one after 6months. The symptoms cannot be seen initially during the incubation period which normally takes 2weeks to six months. So please make effort to check and prevent possible transmissions. Neem oil has been mentioned to be effective to prevent pregnancy and infections. It can be used generally as there are no side-effects. But it is better to follow other standard usage of latex condoms which help to prevent pregnancy and infections. Skin condom helps to prevent pregnancy but not the infections. Please discuss with your gynecologist about the suitable effective way of contraception.

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