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Triphala Powder is the combination of three pure dried fruits called Amalaki - Phyllanthus emblica, Vibhitaki - Terminalia bellirica, & Haritiki - Terminalia chebula & best herbal formula for constipation, gastric troubles, digestive & eye disorders

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100 g of pure Triphala powder/churna with the traditional fruit blend, very effective in colon cleansing, constipation, gastric troubles, acidity, weight control, eye & digestive disorders, completely herbal & natural with no side effects.

The term Triphala is very familiar to Ayurveda lovers & those who rely on herbal products for well-being. Triphala Powder is the combination of three pure dried fruits called Amalaki - Phyllanthus emblica, Vibhitaki - Terminalia bellirica, & Haritiki - Terminalia chebula & has been identified as the best medicine for multiple health ailments such as constipation, gastric troubles, digestive & eye disorders. It is is globally accepted for its very good quality & composition. It is powerful anti-oxidant & detoxifier.

Triphala Powder is a matchless herbal formulation that has been a gift of ayurveda to this world. Triphala since centuries has been a herb of choice for an ayurveda physician to manage any kind of disease. Since ages it has been a house hold name as it is the most easily available herbal supplement that has the potential manage any kind of disorder especially related to the gastrointestinal tract.

There are many research studies conducted on Triphala for their best medicinal properties & found effective respectively for various systems such as digestive system, circulatory system, etc. Ayurveda Formulary of India (AFI) has identified that equal proportions of triphala powder for many ailments & having Rasayana property (Rejuvenating property) of the drug.

Other good properties of Triphala Powder is that it is good for eyes, wound managing nature, manages ulcers, aphthous ulcers, gastritis, diabetes, premature graying of hair, malignant tumors, manages ageing, also used in neurological disorders also. It is used in all age groups in one or other form.

Triphala Powder constituents

Triphala Powder is made with equal composition of:-

  • Amalaki - Phyllanthus emblica
  • Vibhitaki - Terminalia bellirica
  • Haritiki- Terminalia chebula.
  • By combining the properties of three herbal extracts above, Triphala Powder is having many multiple health benefits. Overall it acts as best rejuvenator, detoxifier, constipation reliever, immunity booster, good medicine for sensory function, & also acts as blood purifier. Let us look at each ingredient closely:


    Botanical name of Amalaki is Phyllanthus emblica Linn. It is also called Dhatri, Vayastha, Amritaphala in Sanskrit & Amalak, Amla in Hindi. Root, Bark, Leaves and Fruits are the useful parts of this medicinal plant or tree.

    Ayurveda properties of Amalaki

    Rasa : Kashaya(bitter), Tikta(pungent), Madhura(sweet), Amla (sour)

    Guna : Guru (heavy), Rooksha (dry)

    Virya : Seeta (cold in potency)

    Vipaka : Madhura (sweet)

    Medicinal properties of Amalaki

    It is good to pacify all doshas, it is found effective in jaundice, stomatitis, cardiac disorders, swasa, wheezing, cough, general body weakness, blood purifier, fever, immune booster, constipation, & acts as cardiac tonic also.


    Botanical name of Vibhitaki is Terminalia bellirica. In Sanskrit it is called Vibhitaki, Vibheetaka, Bhootavasa, Kalidruma or Aksha, where in hinid it is called Baheda & Bhaira. Bark & Fruits are the useful plants.

    Ayurveda properties of Vibhitaki

    Rasa : Kashaya (bitter), Tikta

    Guna : Lakhu (Light), Rooksha (dry)

    Virya : Seeta (cold)

    Vipaka : Madhura (sweet)

    Medicinal properties of Vibhitaki

    This herb pacifies Kapha dosha & Vata Dosha, good as cough remedy, respiratory infections, allergy, edema, flatulence, bleeding disorders, enhances immunity power, skin disease, premature graying of hair, & acts as rejuvenator.


    Botanical name of Haritaki is Terminalia chebula Retz & belongs to family Combretaceae. In Sanskrit it is called Pathya, Abhaya, Rohinee, Chetaki, or Haritaki & in Hindi it is referred as Hara, Harara & Harad. Mature & immature fruits are its useful parts.

    Ayurveda properties of Haritaki

    Rasa: Katu, Tikta, Kashaya, Madhura, Amla (having all tastes except salt)

    Guna : Lakhu (light), Rooksha (Dry)

    Virya : Ushna (Hot potency)

    Medicinal properties of Haritaki

    Plant pacifies vitiated doshas like Vata, Pitta, & Kapha or in combination, it is having many properties like would managing, inflammation managing, good for ulcers, inflammation, anorexia, flatulence, hemorrhoids, renal calculi, seizures, fever, cardiac disorders, cough, general debility, jaundice, flatulence etc.

    Triphala Powder benefits for Digestive system

    The Triphala formulation is helpful for proper stool formation, & also observed that the amount, frequency & consistency of stool were improved with triphala. Even it is found effective for stool related problems & other stomach related complaints such as sticky or mucous stools, flatulence, belching & abdominal pain etc.

    Triphala relieves hyper-acidity, improves, appetite, sleep, etc.

    • Acidity:Triphala choorna can be used with lukewarm water before consuming food.
    • Loss of appetite: Triphala choorna is used with first morsal of food is very helpful.
    • Abdominal pain: Triphala choorna can be consumed with lukewarm water.
    • Constipation: If triphala choorna is used at bedtime with lukewarm water.
    • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Triphala choornam is used with buttermilk for controlling IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.
    • Digestive disturbances & flatulence. Triphala choornam can be used with hinguwachadi choornam or Ashta choornam.
    • Liver problems: To enhance liver function, triphala is used along with other herbal medicines such as turmeric powder.

    It is believed that Triphala having multiple medicinal values if used in different mode in different time with different adjuvant shows different actions. It pacifies vitiated constituents or doshas called Kapha, Pitta, Rakta & Tridoshaghna.

    Some of the other benefits of Triphala is mentioned below:-

    Triphala Powder for Cardiovascular system

    • High blood pressure or hypertension: Triphala Choornam is used for controlling high blood pressure if used with arjuna choornam.
    • High cholesterol. Triphala can be used along with Methi powder for controlling hyper cholesterol complaints.
    • Atherosclerosis. Triphala choornam can be made in to decoction & used for controlling atherosclerosis.
    • Anemia can be controlled by using triphala choornam. Triphala helps in production of red blood cells, hence good for anemic conditions.
    • Fluctuating heart rate.

    Triphala Powder for Respiratory system

    • Bronchial asthma: Triphaladi choornam can be used with vyoshadhi vatakam for controlling asthma.
    • Respiratory infections can be controlled with Triphala choornam.
    • Cough & cold
    • Productive cough. Triphala choornam is used with the combination of honey is helpful for productive cough.

    Triphala Powder for Nervous system

    • Brain tonic or nervine tonic.
    • Eye tonic. Triphala is used in different modes. Triphala choornam is used for eye wash & even consumed with honey is useful.
    • Head ache & migraine headaches.

    Triphala Powder for Urinary system

    • Urinary tract infection.
    • Dysuria.
    • Renal stones.

    Triphala Powder for Reproductive system

    Triphala Powder is very good medicine for enhancing reproductive function for both males & females. If triphala is used along with Ashwagandha Choornam, it is very effective for managing reproductive related problems. For females & female related problems such as leukorrhea, vaginal infections, bleeding disorders, Triphala is used in different modes.Apart from this, Triphala Powder is used for many other ailments & as mentioned, it acts as antioxidant, best medicine to control diabetes, good for skin ailments.

    Triphala Powder for Obesity

    Triphala Powder is good medicine to reduce weight, if consumed with honey.For weight reduction:One teaspoon along with honey in empty stomach.

    Triphala Powder acts as anti-cancerous agent. Triphala Powder is good to reduce inflammation.It acts as colon cleanser. Triphala Powder enhances liver function, large intestine inflammation, & ulcerative colitis, acts as radio-protective effect, acts as significant antimutagenic activity purgative, cytoprotective, gastroprotective, hypolipidaemic property, antibacterial, anticaries, antibacterial, good medicine for atherosclerosis, acts in anaphylaxis reactions.

  • Triphaladi Keram external application for scalp.
  • Triphaladi Tailam external application for scalp & skin.
  • Triphaladi Gritham is used internally & as well as externally as AkshiTarpanam (eye nourishment management).
  • Triphaladi choornam is used for wound washing or even for eye wash.
  • Above said medicines can be used as external application purpose.

  • MahathTriphaladi Gritham can be taken internally.
  • Triphala capsules can be consumed internally.
  • Triphala guggulu helps weight reduction.
  • Triphala Juice helps for digestion & good for eyes.
  • Triphala Dosage

    In general Triphala Powder powder or Choorna to be taken at bed time with warm water one teaspoonful (5 grams.) at a time. Choornam or powder can be used in different forms.

    For weight reduction: One teaspoon along with honey in empty stomach.

    For constipation & digestive system: One teaspoon with lukewarm water at bed time.


    It is understood that, Triphala Powder acts as a broad-spectrum medicine which helps to manage or control many ailments & acts & supports as nectar. If triphala is used properly with proper dosage on appropriate mode & timing, then its actions are very very efficient.



    Weight loss and glowing skin

    Hi Everyone!.. I have been using Triphala Churna for more than 2 months. It has worked wonders for me. I have lost weight as well as my skin texture has improved a lot. I would recommend this to everyone.


    Really a good medication for constipation

    Divya Triphala churna is very good for my health because I was suffering quite lot by constipation and acidity and I really got benefited from this good meditation. I hope I will get from Baba Ramdev. I am ready to any amount.

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    Triphala Powder

    Triphala Powder

    Triphala Powder is the combination of three pure dried fruits called Amalaki - Phyllanthus emblica, Vibhitaki - Terminalia bellirica, & Haritiki - Terminalia chebula & best herbal formula for constipation, gastric troubles, digestive & eye disorders

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