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Organic Triphala 60 Capsules

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Triphala Capsules is an herbal compound comprising Terminalia bellirica, Terminalia chebula & Emblica officinalis. It helps in supporting the digestive system. Triphala capsules strengthens the digestive system. Also Useful in Constipation.

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Organic Triphala 60 Capsules

Organic Triphala 60 Capsules

Triphala Capsules is an herbal compound comprising Terminalia bellirica, Terminalia chebula & Emblica officinalis. It helps in supporting the digestive system. Triphala capsules strengthens the digestive system. Also Useful in Constipation.

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Product description

Triphala is an herbal compound comprising the fruits of Indian Gooseberry, Chebulic Myrobalan & Bellirica Myrobalan. It helps in supporting the digestive system.

Action: This herbal compound provides overall support for the digestive function & helps ensure that the digestive tract works at the optimal level. Triphala aids digestion & relieves constipation. It regularizes the digestive system.

Available in: 60 caps.

Triphala Composition: Terminalia bellirica, Terminalia chebula, Emblica officinalis.

Triphala Capsules for Weak Digestive System. Strengthens the Digestive System. Useful in Constipation.

Organic Triphala Capsules Indications

  • Digestion Traditionally used for maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Use when there are signs of sluggishness, constipation, bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain & indigestion. It can help to manage ulcers, inflammations, hemorrhoids and general dysbiosis in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Lungs When there is copious coughing with clear or white phlegm triphala is used to clear this congestion & strengthen the lungs. Signs of rhinitis, hay-fever & sinusitis may also benefit.
  • Skin When there are signs of toxicity in the blood with skin inflammations, acne or boils triphala is used to detoxify the whole system. Also used as a mouthwash in gum inflammations with bleeding gums.
  • Eyes Triphala has a long history of use for eye inflammation; conjunctivitis, styes, blepharitis. Use an eyewash of the infusion. Weight In conditions of excess weight, high cholesterol & obesity. Triphala can be used as part of a weight-balancing programme. Also used to help manage overeating & food cravings due to its balanced spectrum of flavours.
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion & other digestive complaints
  • Premature aging

Triphala Capsules Dosage: 1-2 caps. twice a day before meals with water.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: I am 30 year old man having 5 foot 5 inch height.I am married.My digestion is not good. I eat less oily food but whenever i eat this type food occasionally my digestion system got effected.It take time to do stool.Sometimes i have to exert pressure for stool.In normal condition same problem exists.Please suggest some medicine and yoga aasan

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Ayurveda mentions that healthy digestion is essential for a good health. The digestion is governed by agni or the digestive fire. So when you experience a poor digestion with symptoms like bloating or reduced bowel movements,it is necessary to take some medicines to improve the bowel movements. Ayurvedic medicines lke Gandharvahastadi kwath- 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food, Triphala Churna and Dasamoola haritaki lehyam - 1tsp after food at bed time can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Eat little easily digestable warm food and include buttermilk, yam, fiber, figs, flax seeds, complex carbohydrates. Reduce excess canned foods, oil, sugar, salt, refined flour and fatty foods. Foods that cause bloating like cabbage, broccoli, potatoes and cauliflower can be minimized. Practise Yogasanas like Marjarysana, Vajrasana, Padmasana, Bhujangasana, Paschimottasana, Dhanurasana and Navasana wi be benefica. Try to drink warm water for a few days to improve the metabolism.
Question: Guru ji, My Hight is 5.7" & Weight is 110 Kg. i want to Reduce it as per Body Mass Index. Please Suggest me the Medicine & Shop where it was available at Thane-Badlapur Area

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As per your given details, Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 38.1. This means your weight is in obese range. It is very difficult task for you to reduce your weight however, you can achieve by keeping shortterm goals and steady goals which will help you to reduce your weight. There are certain methods which you can combine to reduce your weight. You must understand that you cannot achieve better results such as yoga, pranayama, brisk exercises, and waking, certain ayurvedic remedies like powdered massage which are helpful for your condition. You may take medicines but you are not supposed to completely depend on the medicines these medicines only gives you assistance to reduce your weight and the medicines such as Divya Medohar Vati, and Divya Trihpala Guggulu which is good to reduce your weight. With regards, Dr. Vijay.
Question: Dear Sir/Mam, Mere father ko doctor ne checkup krne K baad gallbladder ka cancer batana hai jo ki leaver me spread ho chukka hai. Doctor ne chemotherapy k liye kaha hai lekin doctor ka kahna h ki ye 3rd stage hai is liye bimari ka thik hona mushkil h. Please suggest kre ki kya krna chahiye.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Gall bladder cancer spreads to its nearest organs like liver in its third stage. In that stage, chemotherapy and radiation will be advised to reduce the further spread of the cancerous cells. So please follow the advise of your treating physician. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken during the therapies as a supportive medicine. Ayurvedic medicines like Varunadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food, Divya Kanchnar Guggulu and Triphalahills for Healthy Digestion can be given for 3months and then reviewed. Include warm soups, carrot, kale, spinach, berries, capsicum, pomegranates, legumes and fiber. Reduce excess oil, canned foods, refined flour and meat. A good support from family will be beneficial to overcome the effects of chemotherapy. Drinking water boiled with raisins and gooseberry will be beneficial to improve the general well-being.
Question: Dear Docter, I have one lipoma in my face in my cheek. I am a dutch woman 44 years old. I excersise a lot and i eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I use serrapeptase prescribed from my healthpractioner. What do you advise? I can't operate the lipoma because i have a risk that I get a hole in my face. My health is good. I take the pill marvelon every month. I hope you can help me? Greatings, drs Miranda

Answered by Dr.Sony : Hello miranda, Please don't get upset and we can have a solution for this.Firstly, we are sorry for the delay. As far as "Serrapeptase" is concerned, it is an allopathic medicines and i cannot comment anything on that, as i would not comment on something which is totally "new" to me.So is the case with "Marvelon". Firstly, i suggest you to take plenty of water, please don't forget to take 2 glass of water empty stomach everyday. Secondly , try to avoid fatty food as much as possible. Take regular exercise. Following this you can take the folowing ayurvedic medications as Kanchanara guggulu and triphala guggulu.Both these are to be taken 2 tab each 3 times a day. Please note down to take these medicines 2 hours before or after allopathic medicines. Any query, feel free to submit
Question: Dear Vedji, I am 40 years old. I took birth control pills for about 1.5 years because I was getting heavy periods with big clots. Last december, I stopped taking BCP and started taking Stree rasayan and shilajit rasayan. I got periods in January then delayed in February, March was on time, APril missed it and got in May. In June my periods were late by one week and they were extremely heavy with huge clots. Before my periods in June, I got ultrasound done. The report says, uterus is 9.6 x 7.9 x 8.5 cms and endometrial thickness is 1.9cm. Myometrial texture is heterogenous. Possibility of Adneomyosis. Nabothian cysts are seen. I also am taking synthroid 75mcg. Please suggest which medicines will be good for me. Is there a number I can call you for consultation. thanks, Vandana

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear these changes may occur due to factors also involving stress. you need cleaning of the system first,if possible then go to a panchkarma expert and plan for uttar basti and virechana etc.which will form the basis of the treatment. also you may do yoga regularly like yoga vcd for women. Some natural juices like aloe vera and tripahala will help in the above. Also you may take m2 tone syrup with it. also take meals at regular times, avoid curd at night.
Question: My son - Age 14 years , having high spec nos. He is using spec.since 2010 where his spec. power was as below :- SPH Cyl- Axis Right Eye - Distance = -7.50 , -2.50 30 Left Eye - Distance = - .50 , -1.25 160 His power has gone up gradually since last 4 years and now as below :- SPH Cyl Axis Right Eye - Distance = -11.50, -22.5 25 Left Eye - Distance = -4.5 , -1 130 Kindly suggest what Medicine/ Treatment to be given to him for improvement of his Eyesight . I am living at Silvassa , dadra & Nagar Haveli .

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Progressive myopia is seen is some kids with unknown reasons. Even though myopia has a genetic link, there are kids who have progressive myopia without the parents having myopia. So Ayurvedic medicines can be given and then assessed after 6months. Please do have regular checkups. Ayurvedic medicines like Divya MahaTriphala Ghrit and Divya Amla churna can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Include butter milk, tender coconut water, cucumber, gooseberry, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, brussel sprouts and carrots. Reduce excess canned foods, oil, sugar, pungent and spicy foods. Eye exercises that involve the eye muscles like closing, opening, viewing closer and distant objects will beneficial.
Question: Hi Doctor, My child had started getting jerks after getting up from sleep during her 7th month. An eeg was taken and she was given omnocortil for 1 month . After this jerks stopped. Again after one month she started getting jerks so , one more eeg was taken and she was given clobazam 5 mg every day since her 11 months. Now she is 15 months and her jerks stopped. Docor said we can stop clobazam , wait for 10 days do eeg and decide if we can permanently stop tables. She is very active baby , rolls around the house, does not look at us often , but looks at things , people occasionally as per her wish . She recognizes all family , outsider etc . Laughs , smiles , cries, when we are angry or when we scold she cries . However, her total body is soft , does not have muscle tone, global hypotonia , we are doing physiotherapy with which she is trying to sit for 4 mins with hands support. Cant walk or talk yet , but makes various sounds. Her eye doctor said that there is no problem with eyes . Except partial cortical visual impairment - which gets better eventually. Is there any ayurveda medicine which helps her brain development and motor skills development ?

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Global development delay is caused due to a problem in the structure or development of the brain. Please continue with the regular checkups and follow the advise of your treating physician. Ayurvedic medicines can be given to improve the function of the brain and treatments like navara kizhi and oil massage will be beneficial. Ayurvedic medicines like Sarasvata aristam, Divya MahaTriphala Ghrit and Bhrma Rasayanam - 1tsp before food twice daily can be taken for a month and reviewed. Include pomegranates, ghee, warm milk, carbohydrates, avocados, garlic, spinach, turmeric, cinnamon and olive oil. Reduce excess canned foods, fried foods, cold refrigerated foods, refined flour, sugar and salt. Please continue with the physiotherapy to improve the muscle tone.
Question: I im 25 male, asian, have one major problem, i dont know what it is but for past 5 years, my mind get stuck at everything, on clocks, on words and on text, i cant think, the images always running in my mind, cant plan or think clearly, basically, many years ago i was reading a book from one language to english, since then i started double checking is that the same word in other language, and then this problem started, when i lok at some words i have to think about them for many days and think them in my mind, i get stuck with clocks, i fear anywhere there are clocks, bcz i will get stuck and i limit my self, these images and thoughs ahave destoryed my life for 5 years, doc said it could be severe ocd but i dont wamt to take medication as i did and have lots of side effects, the way i process infomration has changed as well, i cant plan anything, i dont feel like doing anything, im also scared if i go any where there will be clocks and i dont go anywhere, i also was driving and got stuck with keep loking at cars behind to make sure its same car behind and had accident. i dont understand this, i want to be like iwas before, i lost all cnofidenr, my memmory is gone, i avoid going places, reading certain books, driving, bcz i get stuck at any other things and fear ful that i will spedn ages keep thinking about, the way i process infomrmation in brian also changed i cant think clearly or imagiane things bcz this is alwsy sitting in back of my head severly, cant do anything living like dead, these are 24/7 in my mind of all these things which i get stuk with. plz plz help i have wasted my life 5 years. the way i process infomration and look at things has changed when i lok at clocks i read the time in my mind and if it matches in back of my head in pattern untill then i will kep looking at it untill it makes snese to me, even though its v simple, same with other things and names i get stuck with, i also some time keep listening some words over and over again and avoid litening or gioing to those place bcz i fear, my lifes hell, plz help. i dont even know what it is?

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As you gave your detailed history of hurdle you are suffering, in terms of natural remedies, there are ayurvedic remedies, and other Indian system of medicines which will definitely rescue you. However, you need intensified counselling and you may need to attend repeated counselling sessions with an expert. In ayurveda, there are Panchakarma remedies which are helpful. The best treatment is Shirodhara or ShiroVasthi which are specialized treatments which you can prefer with specialised medications. One has to follow some restrictions in their lifestyle and diet. There are certain food items which may aggravate the complaints such as oily foods, spicy foods. If you are having any other associated complaints, that has to be treated accordingly. Following Triphala Churna which is very helpful with honey daily. You can prefer consuming the following medicines for OCD complaint such as Sumenta once or twice daily. You can consume Divya Ashwashila capsule for internal usage. Avoid habits like smoking, alcohol if you are having the issue. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: my 4.5 year old son is suffering from hypothyroidism.his physical growth is ok but mental growth is delay by 2 year means currently he is behave as a 2.5 year old give eltroxin tablet of 62.5 mcg and other calcium+vitamin tablet. please suggest some effective ayurvedic medicine.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As your child is suffering from hypothyroidism and you must understand that when there is no proper balance of TSH which is main stimulating hormone for all types of growth in our body. Hence, in order to enhance proper growth of physical and mental health, you may consider giving him some herbal supplements or ayurvedic medicines which are helpful for his condition. In ayurveda, you may give some therapies in panchakarama which also help in growth and development. When he reaches 16 years, you may give Nasyam and other panchakarma treatments which are helpful. Till then you may give some herbal supplements among which Triphala Churna will help, and you may give Organic Brahmi Capsules for memory. With regards, Dr. Vijay.
Question: Age-55 gender-male present complaint / medication and duration-my father is suffering from abdomenal pain after taking eatable item and voimetted. Then on the CT scan reports found that intestine is blocked ans as advised to me by doctors i dicided for operate. After operation on behalf of biopsy reports found that it was intestine cancer. In present day my father is not taking any type of food even liquids after taking small bite of food he voimetted that. family medical history- any person is not suffered from cancer in past. past illness & surgeries-my father is suger patient and one surgery has been done before two month for intestine bypass that is not successful. marital status-married sleep-not sleep due to abdominal pain & gas problem bowels appetite urine- urine is going easily exercising-not dietary habits- taked heavy foog in past test results-found intestine cancer in biopsy reports of tata cancer haapital diabetes / blood pressure-suger-140 and BP is normal menstrual pattern for females-...

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Advanced stage of intestinal cancer will be difficult to treat like any other cancer due to the metastasis. The response of the treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation will be different in each person. Please follow the advise of your treating physician. Cancer Ayurvedic Medicines can be given for a month and then reviewed. Include soups, turmeric, gooseberry, berries and cinnamon. Reduce excess caffeine, spices, canned foods, oil and sugar. Support him emotionally to overcome the effects of the treatments. If there is more pain, Ayurvedic medicines like Triphala Choorna and Sooktyn for Hyperacidity can be taken to relieve the pain in the abdomen and nausea for two weeks initially and then review.

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