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Orthovit Capsules

About the product:

Orthovit Capsules is benefits in, Morning stiffness, Backache, Joint pain, strain & sprain, Musculoskeletal pain, Osteoarthritis pain, Spondylitic pain, Ear & Nasal pain, Painful Pelvic, Rheumatic pain.

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Effective herbal product

Very good product kindly tell me the contact no and address of the shops in the south Delhi. we need it badly. I will be really thank full to that person. Thanks


Excellent medicine in rheumatic pain

Excellent medicine in rheumatic pain.At least 10 people were recommended by me to use this and they are very pleased today.Its demerit is that it is not available in many towns.kindly publish the name of dealers.


Joints Pain and Arthrtis management

Joint is the combination of bones, ligaments, muscles, meniscus, synovial fluid, cartilage, blood circulation , good fat pads etc
So combination of medicines should be such that it corrects all the parts involved with the joint. Orthovit contains combination of medicines like rasnadi kwath, yogaraj guggulu, shallaki, triphala, ashwangandha, gandhaka rasyana,godanti basma, turmeric, simhanada guggulu, punarnava etc.
So it strengthen muscles, ligaments , meniscus, fat, bones and prevent further damage of cartilage, improves blood circulation etc
It helps in reducing pain, inflammation, infections, swelling, stiffness.
So it can be taken in all the disorder which involves muscle , bone, cartilage, ligaments, like all types of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, neck pain, back pain, etc. So it initiates faster healing and prevents further degeneration of joints.


For joints / arthritis

Orthovit capsules are ayurvedic formulation with nonsteroidal anti inflammatory properties.
1.Yog raj guggul
2.simhanad guggul,
3.maharasnadi kwath
4.shallaki ext.
5.triphala ext.
6.niragundi ext.
7.parijatak ext.
9.godanti bhasam

Orthovit capsules are aneffective ayurvedic pain reliever and mobility restore. They are useful for long term.
they are indicated in morning stiffness, backache,joint pain, strain,sprain, jaw pain,osteoarthritic pain, spondylitic pain,rheumatic pain.
DOSAGE- one capsules thrice a day with luke warm water
PRECAUTIONS- It should be avoided in pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Orthovit Capsules

Orthovit Capsules

Orthovit Capsules is benefits in, Morning stiffness, Backache, Joint pain, strain & sprain, Musculoskeletal pain, Osteoarthritis pain, Spondylitic pain, Ear & Nasal pain, Painful Pelvic, Rheumatic pain.

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Product description

ORTHOVIT Capsule is a non steroid & inflammatory analgesic benefits in management of Morning stiffness, Backache, Joint pain, strain & sprain, Musculoskeletal pain, Osteoarthritis pain, Spondylitic pain, Ear & Nasal pain, Painful Pelvic, Rheumatic pain. Orthovit An Effective Ayurveda Pain Reliever & Mobility Restore capsule.Muscle Pain Relief Capsule that is recommended for getting long term relieve from the pain.

Orthovit capsule: Balance Ayurveda constituents which are equally potential with chemistry with safety.

Orthovit Capsules Indications

  • Morning stiffness, Backache
  • Joint pain, strain & sprain
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Jaw pain, toothache
  • Osteoarthritis pain
  • Spondylitic pain
  • Ear & Nasal pain
  • Painful Pelvic
  • Rheumatic pain

Orthovit Capsules Composition

  • Yoga Raj Guggul (Gum-Gugul, Indian Bdellium) - It is benefits in Joints pain, neck pain & all other kinds ofmuscle pains in the body.
  • Ext Maharasnadi Kwath (Mayaphala, Mentha) - Reduces pain & inflammation, stiffness of joints. Benefits in Osteoarthritis.
  • Singhanad Guggul (combination drug) - Benefits in Sciatica, Gout, Rheumatism, Paralysis, etc.
  • Triphala or Triple Myrobalan - Removes toxins from the Joints & blood. Helpful in digestion.
  • Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) - It is a powerful herb which provides strength to the body to fight against the disease.
  • Purified Gandhak - It has an inflammatory action & provides help in Joint pain & muscle stiffness.
  • Purified Guggul extract - It calms & soothes the painful & swelling joints. It has a powerful anti inflammatory action.
  • Castor oil - It has anti inflammatory actions. Thus helps in relieving joints pain.
  • Ext Niragundi (VitexNegundo) -Vitex negundo is a very good muscle relaxant, pain relieving herb.
  • Ext Shallaki (Boswellia Serrata, Soap Nut,) - Shallaki is best know for its managing action in Joints pain & Musculoskeletal pain..
  • Ext Parijatak (Nyctanthes Arvortristis). - Another anti inflammatory & managing herb.
  • Ext Punarnava (Boerahvia Diffusa) - Boerhavia diffusa is one of the very important anti inflammatory medicinal herbs. It is well known for its diuretic & swelling reducing activities.
  • Godanti Bhasm (Selenite , Gypsum) - Godanti bhsama is cold in nature. So, it is preferred in the management of Pitta imbalance disorders.
  • Ext Shobhanjan (Moringa Oleifera) - It is anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatoryherb.
  • Haridra (Curcuma Longa) - Haridra or Haldi manages the joint & cartilage. Provides lubrication to the joints.
  • SURA SAR DUST (Nitrre Saltpetre) - It provides strength to the joints, muscles & overall body.

Orthovit Capsules Dosage:- One capsule three times daily with warm water.

Packaging size: 30 capsules.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers


Answered by Dr.Jilsy : Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. Low back ache can be due to many reasons such as muscle spasm, disc prolapse or bulge,lumbar spondylosis, sciatica etc. If you are having a sedentary job, low back ache due to any reason will aggrevate. So the general treatment plan is to relieve muscle spasm,reduce the inflammation if present and strengthen the muscles. For that along with the medicines, postural management and life style modification are necessary. The medicines for you are- (1)Rasna erandathi decoction- 15ml plus 45ml boiled and cooled water. Take twice daily before food. (2)Balarishtam- 25ml twice daily after food. (3) Divyayogaraja guggulu-1 tab twice a day after meals. (4)Orthovit cap 1 tab twice daily (5)Rheuma oil for external application. At least 5 days work out per week or yoga or 40 minutes brisk walking daily should be made part of life. Do not sit or stand continuously for long duration. Give simple stretching or a small walk at intervals. Thanks and regards.
Question: Hi, My age 46, male, wt. 68. 3 years back i got wet in cold rains and while changing my shirt i got sprain in left shoulder till then its frozen cant lift my left arm. In last december again i'd to work hard in chilly winds and my joints got stiff and are cracking all over body. All muscles gets pulled up by slight work. A slight throw of something gives pain in shoulders. Kindly give me the remedy. thanks

Answered by Dr.George : Dear friend, It is important to know your occupation in this case because stress and strain in the joint will aggrevate the pain. This is a ball and socket joint. Once this joint gets inflammed you will have to take proper rest. Otherwise this will be constant spot of pain. Ignoring the pain and continuing the job will definitely result in an arthritic condition of the joint. You can apply Arth oil once in night time over the joint. orthovit caps two tabs twice daily for 15 days and one tab twice daily for 15 days. Some careful ayurveda treatments as per the instructions of an expert physician is also good. Hope you understand the condition of the condition. Regards Dr George.
Question: Dear Sir/Madam I have lower back ache problem since 5 moinths. Earlier than this I sometimes had this problem but it wasnt much prolonged. with homeopathy it got ok and also backache execises reccomended by swami Ramdev g. Now this pain is so prolonged . according to Dr my ex rays shows that the gaps in my spine has finished at some points.means there is a tightness in the spinal gap. I also have thyriod (goitre).and he says due to thyriod calcium absorption is reduced in the body so this problem occurs. my legs and thighs also pains. Please suggest me the appropriate treatment ...rather exercises as reccomended by swami g . what should i follow in this problem . thanku

Answered by Dr.George : Dear Friend , It is important to mention the age whenever you are writing a letter like this. Alright, Let me make you a point Pain is usually occur as a result of inflammation in the body. Low back area is the common place of inflammation. There are several reasons for inflammation in that area. I am not getting into that.I think that idea is clear for you. Rest is very effective in reducing inflammation. You can take Orthovit caps one caps twice daily. arth oil for external application in that area.If if you are getting any relief do contact us .Regars Dr George
Question: Sir while doing anulom vilom and kapalbhati i feel tingling aur current like feeling in my legs and if i bend my spinal cord little this tingling ends and again starts when i sit straight after a minute....what is this sir?? Is it common or whether there is any problem or not?? My age is 19 years

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Mild tingling or pain is seen in some of them who are overweight due to the pressure in the spine. Please let me know more details like weight to understand. Ayurvedic medicines like Dhanvantaram kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily and Orthovit capsules can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Mahanarayana thailam can be applied externally. Include olive oil, avocados, flax seeds, prunes, figs, yam, broccoli, leafy vegetables, sesame seeds and nuts. Reduce excess salt, pungent spicy foods, cold foods, sugar, refined flour and fried foods. Yogasanas like Marjaryasana, Paravatasana, Paschimottasana, Dhanurasana, Matsyasana, Trikonasana, Malasana, Bidalasana and Pavanamuktasana can be practised which will generally improve the circulation.
Question: hi sir am a degree student and am suffering with back bone and neack pain it is very dengeous pain not minor its mager pain so pls give me suggision how to remove this pain

Answered by YogaGuru : There are various ayurvedic oils and oral capsules and pills which can be used, such as: Mahanarayan Taila Orthovit For Body Pains Apart from this if you can practice pranayama it may get very fast pain relief for you.
Question: namaskar i am a male .age 24,i practiced asanas before one year.due to the padmasana without proper guidence i got knee pain on right knee.i took one mont maharasnadi kwath along with yogaraja guggulu tablets before food for one month and nucart oa tablets and zeotone plus tablets for one month.there is no a minor pain occurs at i am applying dhanwantaram taila along with murivenna for an hour before bath.docter told that there is no absolute cure to this you can maintain without increasing knee locking is happening and can't stand for a long there is any medications for complete cure.waiting for your reply

Answered by Dr.Ramani : As you have taken Ayurvedic medicines, I would suggest the Ayurvedic treatments like oil massage, Janu vasti, pizhichal and leaf poultice which will be beneficial. Normally Janu vasti followed by a podi kizhi or leaf poultice helps to strengthen the knees. It will gradually reducing the locking of the knees. Rehabilitative exercises will also be beneficial to strengthen the muscles. Orthovit capsules can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Dev ortho Ayurvedic oil can be applied externally. Include turmeric, cissus quadrangularis, cinnamon, avocados, olive oil, nuts and flax seeds. Reduce excess refined flour, canned foods, oil, sugar and salt. Try to take rest during the treatments and then you can start exercising after finishing the course for minimum 7-10days.