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Divya Kesh Taila Hair Oil 100 ml

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A unique herbal hair oil which provides strength to hairs, stops hair fall, premature graying of hairs & stops baldness.

Manufactured By: Divya Pharmacy

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Product description

kesh Taila is a unique herbal hair oil which strengthen hair, manages hair fall, controls dandruff, premature graying of hair & stops baldness.

(100 ml. of Kesh Taila produced by Swami Ramdev's Pharmacy.)

Uses of Kesh Taila

  • kesh tail is not less then nectar for your hair as it stops untimely hair fall, dandruff, alopecia & premature graying of hair.
  • Applying this oil makes your hair healthy & luxurious.
  • This ayurveda medicine is prepared with many celestial herbs.
  • It also strengthens & cools your eyes & brain.
  • A herbal remedy very useful in headache & different types of head diseases.
  • This Ayurveda remedy is very beneficial for people suffering from hair loss & hair loss in patches. Within three months you can start noticing new hair growth on your skull. It stops baldness completely.

Ingredients of kesh Taila

  • Brahmi -Used as a head rub for headaches & to clear the mind. It is also used as a brain tonic to strengthen the memory & encourage hair growth.
  • Bhringaraja (Eclipta)-Premature greying of hair, alopecia & early baldness are often classified as a pitta imbalance caused by pitta literally burning the hair follicle. Eclipta clears pitta & especially from the head.
  • Amalakl (Amala) - Rich source of Vitamin C extremely beneficial for hairs.
  • Daru-haridra - It manages the head skin & hair root damages.
  • Shweta Chandana - It relieves the inflammation & itching of the head skin due to its soothing effect.
  • Kamala (lotus) - It calms the brain nervous system by nourishing the head.
  • Ketaki - Helpful in Alopecia.
  • Anantamula -Indicated for helping to maintain hair growth.
  • Jatamamsi -It has a special use for promoting hair growth, managing hair loss & greying hair.
  • Nilini (indigo) -In Indian traditional medicine it has been used to promote hair growth.
  • Ratan-jot -Very good in conditioning the hair & helps to manage premature greying. Helpful in blackening of hairs.
  • Gunja (white variety) -Its seeds & roots are used in managing hair fall, arthritis pain, as an aphrodisiac & more.
  • Lodhra - It is a cooling herb & is beneficial for hairs.
  • Priyangu -The flowers are used for its oil preparation, which promotes the growth of hair.
  • Naga-kesara - It provides soothing effect to the scalp.
  • Mushta (Nagar-motha) - Its cooling effect on blood tissues can be of use in inflammatory skin problems such as hair eczema.
  • Bala - It strengthens the hair roots.
  • Sesame Oil

Administration of Kesh Tel

Apply it to hair roots & massage well. For better effect it should not be washed out. For person suffering from baldness & excessive hair loss, apply the hair oil overnight & wash it in the morning, repeat this every 2nd day.

What causes premature graying of hairs

Premature graying of hairs is a big problem & it makes a person look much elder than his/her age. Generally deficiency of micro nutrients in our diet & over use of chemically rich cosmetics like hair colors, dyes & shampoos etc make hairs rough & fade their original color. Pollution & improper diets can also cause this problem.

Herbal remedy of dandruff

Dandruff is very common problem. So first of all avoid all chemical rich cosmetics like shampoos, colors & dyes. Take healthy diet. increase water intake for good results. Keep your diet rich in fresh fruits & vegetables. Take light & home made foods. Increase water intake.

Herbal solution for hair fall / hair loss

Hair fall is very common problem nowadays very common in young people. Polluted environment, work load, stress, unhealthy eating habits have increased the risk of hair fall & baldness. Kesh Tailum & kesh kanti are herbal & safe preparations for all hair related problems like hair fall & dandruff etc. Use these herbal medicated hair oils & shampoos to stop further hair fall & making hairs strong. Take healthy diet. Increase water intake. Massage kesh tail on skull & hairs. Avoid using chemically prepared shampoo & hair colors. Use only herbal remedies for hairs. Rinse hairs with kesh kanti shampoo for complete benefit.

Kesh Tail Side Effects

  • Kesh Tail is not having any side effects.
  • Significant effects are seen by using it regular for 3-4 months.
  • Keep in a cool & dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight.



Divya Kesh Tel

I have been using Divya Kesh Taila - Herbal Hair oil since 2 months. Before using this hair oil my hair used to be very oily. I do not see much improvements.


Best hair oil

yes i use this oil i feel good and i sleep better and my hair strong and going to black. i feel my hairs free dandruff i use daily before go to sleep. i feel great


Dandruff reduced

Oil has been awesome particularly for excessive dandruff. Initially lot of hair falls out but as day passes by it stops.I have been using it from last 2 months results are awesome in terms of dandruff control but not i haven't got hair fall solution yet, but i guess it will stop too.


Best herbal hair oil

Hello everyone, Its about time i write a review for kesh kanti oil.I have recently started using this product and since then I have noticed a drastic change in the quality of my hair.Its much softer , more shiny.This oil has also controlled the split ends and dandruff.I recently straightened my hair and did not get a chance to get a hair spa done but just used this oil..and trust has worked like a miracle..not only does it nourish your feels much more healthy. I am very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it to others..TRY THIS MIRACLE OIL.


herbal hail oil

Excellent product.very soothing aroma and effective in preventing hair loss..excellent composition of natural herbs without any mineral oil.I suggest every viewers on this site to use at least once to promote our excellent indigenous product at such an affordable price..


Herbal Hair Oil

NICE OIl ..hello guys i am arnav kumar my mother use this kesh kanti oil this oil has very good results my mother,s hair is very smooth and this oil have no 00.0% ammonia


For Hairs

I like this product. I want to know more about hair products.

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Divya Kesh Taila Hair Oil 100 ml

Divya Kesh Taila Hair Oil 100 ml

A unique herbal hair oil which provides strength to hairs, stops hair fall, premature graying of hairs & stops baldness.

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