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Charak Extrammune 60 Tablets

About the product:

Strengthens the immune system & builds resistance to infection. Ensures therapeutic effectiveness of antibiotic therapy when co-prescribed. Promotes faster recovery from infections.

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Charak Extrammune 60 Tablets

Charak Extrammune 60 Tablets

Strengthens the immune system & builds resistance to infection. Ensures therapeutic effectiveness of antibiotic therapy when co-prescribed. Promotes faster recovery from infections.

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Product description

Extrammune Tablets Benefits

  • Strengthens the immune system & builds resistance to infection.
  • Ensures therapeutic effectiveness of antibiotic therapy when co-prescribed.
  • Promotes faster recovery from infections.

Extrammune Tablets Indications

1) Prophylactic:

  • Immunity Builder
  • Long-term oral steroid therapy.
  • Seasonal outbreaks of infective diseases e.g.Influenza, Typhoid or Malaria.

2) Therapeutic:

  • As a complement for antimicrobial therapy, particularly respiratory tract infections & skin & soft tissue infections.
  • As a monotherapy in PUO (Pyrexia of unknown origin).

Dosage: Tablet.

  • Adult: Prophylactic dose: 2 tablets once daily for 2 to 3 months.
  • Therapeutic dose: 2 tablets twice daily till the symptoms subside or as directed by the physician.

Packaging size: 2 strips / 60 tablets.

Note: It is advisable to allow an interval of at least 30 minutes between the administration of Extrammune & other concurrent medications.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: my child is suffering from primary complex i am giving him allopathy treatment from last year but i am not satisfied with it plz suggest medicine for primary complex to cure it

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Amit As the infections and Resistant Bacteria are prevailing among society kind of problems are coming into the scene more often. But right approach may solve the problem. It would have been nicer if you had if you had put up symptoms and complaints in his own language . However i am suggesting some medicine and Home remedies for the same. You may try Extrammune for Extra Immunity,Swamla Chyavanprash,Divya Abhrak Bhasm,Basantmalati Ras Tablets,Divya Sitopaladi churna--All these medicine shall give strength and build immunity . Please feel free to ask further. WISH YOUR SON BEST OF HEALTH
Question: Greetings My daughter is suffering from Hypothyroid. I knew it just one month before. Age 14 Height 136 cms Weight 40 TFT Report 51.04 Xray of Bone size 10 x 12 She took 50 mg of thyronorm for 7 days. Now she is taking 100 mg. Her period is also irregular since 2 months. Her skin is so rough and hairy. She is so slow in all activities as walking, eating etc. She has been dull in her studies.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, Greetings from, There is nothing to worry regarding your daughter’s illness. In order to maintain hormone balance, and while assessing other side effects or related complaints like weight gain, lethargy, harifall etc. One can consume ayurvedic medicines and yoga and pranayama now itself. Your daughter’s BMI as per your given details of height and weight is 21.63 which is normal. However, in order to prevent future threats like weight gain or hair fall, you can start giving some good medications which are beneficial for you. In order to improve her mental faculties and to get rid of laziness and to become active, she can start practicing yoga and pranayama. Following medicines like Divya Kanchanara Guggulu, Extra immunity Medicine for internal usage is very helpful. She can consume foods that contains Iodine rich like cabbages, oats, dates, onions, strawberry, pineapple etc are very helpful. You she is having Non-vegetarian diet, then include seafoods which are very helpful. For more details, you can contact us. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: My 9-year-old female child is suffering from fever, usually she gets cold and flu repeatedly. Please some medicines to boost her immunity.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, Greetings from, There are many factors that may cause fever, as fever is only symptom for many diseases or underlying diseases or any kind of infections which are existed. One should analyze the root cause. If there is any infections, go through blood checkups or other diagnostic tests and proper treatment should be given. In order to boost immunity power of child, it is better to continue some good medicines which are helpful. You can consume some medicines, Extra Immunity medicine, consume organic tea which also helps to fight fever. Consume freshly cooked food that helps and avoid oily foods which is also important. You can prepare freshly prepared soups to enhance appetite which is also good. Avoid cold breeze, or consuming cold food items, and excess work which is not indicated. For more details, you can contact us. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: i am 23 yr old female ,my resistance power is very weak,i frequently suffer from cold and fever ,after taking medicines it gets well,but after 1.5 or 2 months it happens again ,i am also under weight for that i am taking nutrilite ,plz suggest something to boost resistance power

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As you are feeling weak and low which shows low immunity power which you have to understand. Generally, if you are suffering from any kind of menstrual disturbances or heavy bleeding during menstruation may alter the hemoglobin level and you may feel anemic. You can analyze these factors and get treated accordingly. For better results, try to consume heavy breakfast which is mandatory as it improves basic metabolic rate which his essential to maintain immunity as well as energy levels. You can consume well balanced diet that contains fruits, veggies, green leafy vegetables, vegetables which are helpful. Following medicines are helpful such as Organic Capsules for immunity, Extra Immunity, and Divya Chywanaprash are helpful medicines. With regards, Dr. Vijay.
Question: hello sir,my age is 30,past few months I m having gas problem my stomach become big and I feel uneasy, sometimes have pain in chest, sometimes in back in neck, sometime below breast bone and when gas is there I get sometimes something like electronic shock to the body. I have thyroid tsh is, 5.28,taking eltroxin 25mg,have one lung collapse due to tb since 12 yrs but no problem due to that. I have started taking zandu pancharista for gas. my hb is 10.2 ,wbc is 7200,but my esr is always high is 110 but all these years it was always 30 ,now why it had increased plz help. l feel very weak and tired ,NO KIDS I WANT. I take homeopatty started from 10 days

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Its because of Vata in unnatural direction and causing pain in different regoins. If possible get a BAsti Course from a Panchkarma expert ,its the choice of treatment for your problem as it would lead Vata in natural direction. Then after that you may start taking Erand pak to help clear toxins and may lessen the raised ESR which could be due to Foreign material response from the body. Also you may take later Giloya vati,,to build some immunity. Yoga vcd for Stomach ailments to regularize the Agni and deal with gas formation etc. best of luck.

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