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Divya Shadbindu Tail (oil)

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Shadbindu tail 40 ml is used in Cold, Headache & Sinusitis. Put 2 - 3 drops of Shadbindu oil into your both Nasals & this will fight all problems related to cold, Headache & Sinusitis.

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Shadbindu tail or tel or Taila 40 ml is a medicated herbal oil used in Headache, Cold & Sinusitis mainly, which gives immediate results.

Shadbindu thailam

It is a common thailam used for nasyam in Ayurveda medicine. As the name implies where shad means six & bindu means drop, it indicates the dose as 6 drops. Nasyam is instilling 3 - 6 drops of oil into each nostril & is one of the management among the Panchakarma. It is beneficial for the sense organs and the mind. It nourishes & stimulates the function of the mind. Nose is the start of the respiratory system, so with its action it helps to relieve the respiratory complaints. Ayurveda mentions brain as the seat of mind. Thus it helps to strengthen the mind. It is a natural way to bring the excess phlegm & in managing the various other problems in the face. It is widely practiced especially by women for the cosmetic reasons also.

Ingredients of Shadbindu Oil

  • Krsna tila black sesame
  • Bhrngaraja Eclipta alba
  • Satahva Anethum sowa
  • Tagara Valeriana wallichi
  • Jivanti Leptadenia reticulata
  • Rasna Pluchea lanceolata
  • Vidanga Embelia ribes
  • Maduyasti Glycyrrhiza glabra
  • Shunti Zingiber officinalis
  • Eranda mula Ricinus communis
  • Saindava Rock salt
  • Aja ksheeram Goats milk

The ingredients are hot in potency, liquorice which helps to clear the excess kapha & also in Vata conditions the jivanthi, goats milk help to nourish by reducing the excess vata.

Benefits of Shadbindu taila

  • Nasyam is generally good for conditions that arise above the shoulders.
  • It helps to relieve different types of headache including migraine & sinus headache.
  • It can be used in sinusitis, rhinitis, cough or cold in pre-existing asthmatic patients or after a viral infection.
  • It removes the residual phlegm & improves the immunity.
  • It improves the growth of hairs, manages grey hairs & improves vision.
  • It is good for throat problems like laryngitis, epilepsy.
  • It is good for the voice, dryness of the throat & nose, problems with speech, facial paralysis, drooping of the eyelids & heaviness of the head.
  • It also helps in anorexia, excess salivation & nausea by clearing the throat.
  • It is also used for the discoloration in the face, melasma, dark pigmentation & increases a glow in the face.
  • It is used in cervical spondylosis, dizziness & in neck pain.
  • It will improve sleep & it regulates the sleep which helps in easy awakening, easy breathing.
  • It also helps snoring.
  • It is also good for healthy gums & teeth.
  • It strengthens the facial muscles & manages wrinkles .
  • It also gives clarity to the mind & strengthens the mind along with the sense organs.
  • As nose is the gate way to the head which lodges the brain, nasal medication will stimulate the functions of the brain with an improvement in memory & intelligence.
  • Mode of administration

    • Put 1 drop of Shadbindu oil into your both Nasals & this will fight all problems related to cold, Headache & Sinusitis.Apply warm oil to the face & do gentle massage.
    • Steam inhalations with the spices like pepper, garlic, tulasi along with betel leaves & neem leaves helps to reduce phlegm & better absorption of the oil in vata disorders affecting the face.
    • The best position to apply the oil is to lie down by tilting the head.
    • Then apply two drops of oil in one nostril, by plugging the other & inhale the oil. Then do apply in the other nostril in the same way & inhale. Lie down for 10- 15min. Then spit out the sputum. It may be a bit irritating on the first day, but you will get used to it. The drops can be increased to 4 6 drops gradually.
    • After that gargle with warm water to clear the residual kapha in the throat.
    • Medicinal smoke inhalation can be done with Rasnadi or Karpooradi smoking sticks which can be done after nasya for kapha disorders with respiratory problems.
    • After doing nasya, do not expose to cold breeze immediately.

    Dosage of Shadbindu Tail (Oil)

    • Generally 2-3 drops depending on the condition is used. It can be done for a month & then the dosage can be adjusted based on the improvement.
    • Regular nasya known as Pratimarsa nasya can be done every day but you can do it with intervals. It can be used for a month in case of cough, cold or sinusitis.
    • It can be used for 3-6months in skin conditions of the face.
    • For other acute conditions like facial paralysis, it can be done until the symptoms improve & you can consult your doctor with the progress.
    • It can be done twice a day morning & evening for all Vata disorders & may be in the morning for kapha disorders.
    • It can also used in abhyanga, shiroabyanga, mukhabhyanga.

    Shadbindu Tel (Oil) Side effects

    • Clinically there are no side effects in doing nasyam. Some complain of a mild irritation in the throat in the beginning which after a week will subside.
    • If it is done in severe infection, it will aggravate the symptoms. So it is better to consult a doctor & then do nasya in acute conditions.

    Precautions Shadbindu Taila

  • In case there is severe inflammation with more phlegm or the symptoms increase with any discomfort, it must be stopped.
  • Internal medicines can be taken like Talisa patradi choornam which also helps to expel the kapha & application of oil in nose can be tried after a week.
  • In cases of nasal polyps with inflammation, it must be avoided.
  • If there is burning sensation, pain, more discharge, heaviness or headache it can be stopped & consulted with a doctor.
  • It must not be done immediately after eating.
  • It can be avoided when having fever, very tired & while fasting.
  • Avoid any known triggers like cold breeze, ice cold foods or any thing that aggravates the symptoms & try to avoid it.
  • Diet & Lifestyle modifications

  • Eat healthy warm food. Include garlic, pepper, tulasi, coriander, ginger in cooking to reduce the increased kapha dosha.
  • Drink enough warm water.
  • Do aerobic exercise which also increases the fresh air thereby providing more oxygen to the lungs which is healthy.
  • Yoga & Pranayamam

    • Yogasanas like Padmasana, Trikonasana, Matsyasana, Dhanurasana, Ustrasana, Bhujangasana are effective in respiratory problems as they strengthen the lungs. They also exercise the muscles thereby strengthening the mind which is good for the body & the sense organs.
    • Pranayamam - Anuloma Viloma, Kapalabhati improves the breathing which is good for respiratory problems by clearing the nasal pathways & improve the general health.
    • It also helps to improve the concentration during meditation which helps the mind to overcome stress & anxiety.

    Thus usage of this oil along with the proper internal medicines for the appropriate condition will provide good relief. It can be continued for a month even when the symptoms improve.



    Not worked for me

    Not sure it's working i used but there is no result for headache, sneezing in stores the persons are also knows to explain how it works and i have experienced about dizziness how it works but i used amla juice and aloevera juice really the two drinks are excellent working i am also using dant kanti it very good dental treatment three types of there natural medicated and advanced i fully satisfied but shadbindu it not works at all please take care.


    For Cold & Headache

    I enjoy using your remedy together with my family members . It's very effective with no side effects. I recommended it to my son's family and some of my friends. They are also happy to use your site too.

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    Divya Shadbindu Tail (oil)

    Divya Shadbindu Tail (oil)

    Shadbindu tail 40 ml is used in Cold, Headache & Sinusitis. Put 2 - 3 drops of Shadbindu oil into your both Nasals & this will fight all problems related to cold, Headache & Sinusitis.

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