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Baidyanath Amvatari Ras

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Very effective in rheumatism. Benefits in body pain, joint pain & oedema.

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Baidyanath Amvatari Ras

Baidyanath Amvatari Ras

Very effective in rheumatism. Benefits in body pain, joint pain & oedema.

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Baidyanath Amvatari Ras Action & Therapeutic Uses
Very effective in rheumatism. Benefits in body pain, joint pain & oedema.

Active ingredients
Parad, Gandhak, Triphala, Chitrakmool & guggulu.

1-2 tab. with luke warm water.

10 grams.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: Hello doctor , I am a girl of age 23 and recently past 3 months i was diagonsed a low grade SLE as said by the doctor.At that time i was also suffering from severe backache due to spine dislocate because of contiuing sitting. He starting my steriods from 16mg in month of march 2016.And now i am on 5mg with HCQS300. My platelets are always low it is approx 90000.At that time i am doing pranayam regularly 2times with the ayurvedic medicine named Chandrapabhati,kaishore gughul,triyodshang guggul,ajmodadi churan,vrahd vatchintamani,rasmanikya,aamvatari ras 20gm,godhanti bhasm 10gm,giloy sat 10gm,praval panchamrit and peedantak kwath. Please doctor tell me ki mai puri tarah se thek ho jaungyi aur in ayurvedic medicine with yoga se kb tak asar hoga.Agar aap kuch add kara de inn medicine ya yeh better hai

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Systemic lupus erthymatosus is an autoimmune condition that affects the skin, joints, blood, kidneys or the lungs. The response of the medicines varies in each person. It affects the blood by reducing the red blood cells, white blood cells and the platelets. Please continue with the regular checkups and take the advised allopathy medicines. Ayurvedic medicines can also be taken along with it. Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Dashmool kvath, Divya Giloy Vati and Brihat Vata Chintamani can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Include turmeric, garlic, bitter gourd, drumstick, greens, mung dal, snake gourd, bottle gourd and ginger. Reduce excess sugar, oil, fish, meat, salt and canned foods. Pranayamam, gentle exercise and meditation will be beneficial.
Question: my husband was diagnosed with blood clot on left knee. he is being given blood thinners now. 1) Can I continue giving shilajeet sat, which we take regularly in the morning 2) Is there an aryuvedic medicine for treating this condition

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As your husband is suffering from knee joint which may be mainly due to some other causes like deep vein thrombosis or any kind of inflammatory conditions, and even due to pulmonary embolism, there may be blood clot. As your husband is consuming blood thinners, it is better to avoid natural blood thinners as add-ons which may again aggravate the problem or may lead to give some bleeding complications. So, say not to such herbal preparations and you have to mentioned doctors about the same when you are consulting for any reasons. Your doubt is regarding Shilajeet Sat, for now, it is better to avoid that medication and mainly try to consume the medications which reduces inflammation. However, before consuming those herbal medications, reconfirm your condition by consulting a physician and before consuming ayurvedic medicines it is better to get examined by doctor for more details and the following medicines are indicated for your condition such as Amvatari Ras which is helpful for your condition. With regards, Dr. Vijay.
Question: sir, I am sffering from gathia problem , i am having pain in all joints and also having swelling . i have this problem from 2 yrs. my age is 58yr old. please tell me the treatment for the same

Answered by Dr.Saurabh : Dear Patient, the problem you are suffering from is AMAVATA or Rheumatoid Arthritis . this is a problem is which start from the Low digestive fire so first of all try to avoid heavy meals in night. Always have fresh food and hot food. Never take left over food. Take Lukewarm water as much as you can. Your bowels have to be clear for best results so take Divya Triphala curna as half Tsf bed time daily with warm water. Apart from this take Divya Amvatari ras as 350 mg twice daily with honey after meals and Divya Singhnaad guggulu as two tablets thrice daily before meals. Do morning walk daily and practice Kapal bhati pranayam and Pavanmuktsana in yoga. Tc Dr Saurabh
Question: Namaskar Doctor My husband is having 43 Yrs of age. Before 6 yrs he was having sprain in leg & foot joint in right leg.Orthopadic doctor told that its a ligament injury & no fracture.But It recurrs after some months regularly.after 2-3 days of medicines it vanishes espl in month of winter ,if he get down from a height etc. from last 15 days his leg pain is recurred.His pain shifts to all sides of joint.Sometimes fever is there,He is using scrap bandage.Also taking medicines of Ramdeo ji like Divya Trayodoshang Guggul,Aamvatari ras,punarnavadi mandur,Chandraprabha vati 3 times a day after having food,as per Divya yoga pharmacy doctor in Kolhapur.Is he taking right medicines? Why his pain is not getting completely cured? Is it artheritis? What should he do to get rid of it? Please help me I am worried about my husband. Regards Sanyukta

Answered by Dr.Ravinder : Hello and greetings from He is taking good medicines. And a regular medication will give him charming results. Arthritis can be easily detected by simple blood tests and even if arthritis is there, we can treat it with natural ayurvedic medicines. We recommend you to avoid excessive twisting and bending of ankle.Jumping and running can trigger the pains. We recommend you to take a complete package of knee pain, joint pain and gouty arthritis painsto get rid of this pain completely. A regular medication for about three months with rest will give you satisfactory results. Hot water fomentation for about ten minutes daily will give you very good results. Further queries are welcome. Regards
Question: Hello, I have been suffering from strong pain in the joints of my hands since 2011. Firstly, one hand was attacked, but now both of them are concerned. In the morning they are swelled enormously, and hurt much. But after passing water, it gets just a bit better; but pain and swelled joints are still there. My doctor says, it might be rheumatism. He also takes blood pictures, in which the inflamationrate was always higher than 5. Thats why he prescripted some Vitamine D capsules (weekly 500mg), Methotrexat 15mg (weekly) , folic acid 5mg capsules (weekly). Furthermore he told me to take cortisone each day (5 - 10 mg). However none of these medicaments helped, and the pain is getting stronger. Thats why I am consulting you. What Ayurvedic Medicaments would you recommend me? How can I order these medicaments, when someone is living in a country like germany? thanking you in anticipation best regards

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As you are suffering from joint pains in your hands and other extremities since more than a one year. Usually if someone suspects about rheumatism, that has to be cleared by going through certain tests like CRP, ESR, uric acids, creatinine, ASO titre, and RA test and I am not sure whether you have gone through these tests are not. However, if you have not gone through, please do check those and get us back. There are ayurvedic medicines which you can consume for this complaint and we say it as Vata disease. In order to reduce swelling, and inflammation, it is better to undergo certain herbal medicines that will help you. Avoid consuming spicy, sour food items especially. Following medicines are helpful for your condition such as Amvatari Ras which is helpful for your condition and Package Medicine for arthritis. Usually if there is extreme inflammation, oils are not recommended, however if the pain is severe, you can use Mahanarayana Tailam. With regards, Dr. Vijay.

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