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Baidyanath Mahavishgarbha Tail 50 ml

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Externally useful in massage. Used in muscular pain, hemicrania, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, Used in Joints Pain. Also used in other inflammatory affections.

Manufactured By: Nagarjuna Pharmaceuticals

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Baidyanath Mahavishgarbha Tail 50 ml

Baidyanath Mahavishgarbha Tail 50 ml

Externally useful in massage. Used in muscular pain, hemicrania, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, Used in Joints Pain. Also used in other inflammatory affections.

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Baidyanath Mahavishgarbha Tel benefits

  • Externally useful in massage.
  • Used in muscular pain, hemicrania, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism
  • Used in Joints Pain.
  • Also used in other inflammatory affections

Composition: Shringrikvish, Kuchala, Dhatura-Panchang, Arkmoola, Erand mool, til oil etc.

Dosage: To be rubbed on the affected parts.

Package: 50 ml.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: Age : 52 Years Gender : Male Current Medicine : TEGRIAL 200 Power Dose : Twice A daily No other Health problem Respected Sir, I am suffring from Octomber 2010 I would like to request you Please Advice me any particular Medicine available in ayurvedic or Suggest me Beneficial Medicince for Glassopharyngeal Neurlgia.

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Sir In your case Panchkarma will be very helpful. you can start with Oiling with Mahavishgarbha tail, then give some steam of Dashmool powder or else you can visit to Panchkrama center to have maximum benefit. Also medicine like Vishtindhukadi vati,Ekangveer ras will help you give strength and relieve pain. Do not take cold water,avoid cold climate if possible as it increases Pain. Please feel free to ask further. Best of luck.
Question: I have knee pain and allopathy doctors asked me to anti inflammatory medicine. When I take that, it has a side effect of increasing my acidity and heart burn. I want to take anti inflammatory medicine in ayurveda. Do I need to discuss with the doctor or can I take it by myself as over the counter medicine.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, Depending on the type of inflammation you got, the medicines vary accordingly. If you are having systemic inflammation, the medicines would be different and if you have particular local inflammation, the treatment would be different. As you are suffering from knee pain and the inflammation is pertaining to knee, there are certain ayurvedic or herbal medicines which you can consider consuming to reduce the inflammation. However, you need to take rest in case of inflammation and follow strict diet which is very important. Avoid habits if any such as smoking or alcohol. You can consume the following medicines such as MahaYogaraj Guggulu, Trayodashang Guggulu are good medications and for external application, you may apply Mahavishgarbha Taila which are helpful for you condition. With regards, Dr. Vijay.
Question: Sir, My mother 45 years old is suffering a lot from knee pain and swelling since last 8 years, We have tried a lot but no effective treatment we could find. She is a working woman so she is suffering a lot per daily routine Sir please help us out.

Answered by Dr.Saurabh : Dear Gagandeep, First of all please don't panic. Seems like your mother is suffering from a ageing disorder which is called as Osteoarthritis. In our country , woman always think for family , specially they don't care about themselves so first of all i would like you to advise her to stop excess of tiring work in her lifestyle. Avoid heavy food and take lots of AAMLA in her diet. Amla is a rasayana and prevents ageing process so it will help her in longer run. Secondly , start giving her Divya Mahayograj Guggulu and Pirant tablets for joint pain , both as two tablets twice daily before meals with warm water. Also advise her to use Mahavishgarbha tail for local application on her knees. Advise her to tie crap bandage after applying oil and avoid cold environment to prevent pain increase. Avoid curd and pickles in her diet. TC Dr Saurabh
Question: Good Morning, I have facing problem from last 1 month, that pain & itching on my hand fingers top part, this muscle pain, no joint pain, pain & itching same time not regular on day. it is from typing on computer or laptop. pls help...

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello Sir, Pain and itching only in hands as you mentioned would be related irregular blood circulation which you are facing now. It is a kind of repetitive stress injury when I consider your pain related to work. Typical itching would be a cause for dry skin also. Maybe you need to apply regular moisturizers and even before taking bath, you may need to take oil and apply on the hands followed by localized steam which helps to relieve your pain as well itching. As I suspect, if it is related to dry skin and due to improper blood circulation, you may start the following medicines that helps to maintain moisture and also helps to relieve pain such as Baidyanath Mahavishgarbha Tail which is helpful for external application. You can take required quantity of oil and do massage for both hands and try to give hot water fomentation. Try to avoid gas forming food like potato, oily foods, spicy foods, food that causes skin drying like brinjal which is also harmful. You can do regular yoga to improve blood circulation, Surya Namaskara is helpful in your condition.
Question: age : 57 Gender : Male Complaint : Paralysis - Due to stroke in MCA. Family history : Patients grandparents had stroke past illness: Nil Marital staus : Married Sleep : Normal Bowel : Normal appetite : Normal Urine : Normal : note had E-coli infection so in treatment ( contiflo tablet ) exercising : Walking dietary habits : Normal Diabetes :No BP : No he is my dad, affected by stroke 8 months back was hospitlized for 45 days. Currently taking Ecosprin Gold Tablet ( 1 / day ), Homosyste ( 1/ Day ) Contiflo ( 1 / Day) Left side paralised. Left Leg movement to some extent Left Hand - no improvement Please suggest some food / medicine for his recovery for left Leg and arm. and to improve his balance. Thanks. Regards, J.Godwin

Answered by Dr.Sanjay : as per your problem . the medicine taken by you is a good one you have to do continue with that. along with that we can add some more ayurvedic medication and some oil which will improve . start with ekangveer rasa 1tab crushed in honey just 1tsp honey twice a day empty of badyanath. along with that aswagandht cap 250mg twice daily of himalya . along with that use mahavishgarbha tail mixed with nirgundi tail in same part just heat a little and apply it on his effected part twice daily just mixe it on the part dont massage it no force applyed. and after that if you can give steam to that part applied oil will be more helpful. with regards dr sanjay

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