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Divya Gulab Jal (Rose Water)

About the product:

Gulab Jal is useful as normal eye drops, used in face packs like Kanti lep for making a paste.

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Good product

I like this very much. I use this daily. it is better use to skin smooth and shining .


Good for skin

I have been using Rose water since years I was pretty much happy with that but recently my sister gifted me patanjali gulab jal after using that I fell love with my skin, it made my skin very clear and I can't resist touching my smooth skin.

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Divya Gulab Jal (Rose Water)

Divya Gulab Jal (Rose Water)

Gulab Jal is useful as normal eye drops, used in face packs like Kanti lep for making a paste.

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Product description

Gulab Jal Benefits

  • Useful as a regular eye drops.
  • Clears the dirt from the eyes & provides soothing effect to eyes.
  • Reduces redness of eyes and helps curing eyes inflammation.
  • Used with face packs like Kanti lep, Multani Mitti, Rose Powder, Orange peel powder for making a paste for skin.
  • Gulab Jal if applied to burning or inflamed skin provides cooling effect & helps managing the skin.

Gulab Jal Usage

  • For eye - Put 1-2 drops in both eyes twice or thrice a day. It keeps the eyes clean & makes vision more clear.
  • For Face Packs - It is also useful for face packs in making a paste for skin.

Gulab Jal Constituents

100% pure Rose Water.

Uses of Rose Flower

  • Make powder with rose petals & take twice daily to reduce heat in stomach, manage ulcers & other stomach wounds.
  • Squeeze the petals in water & pour a few drops in the eyes for relief. This is known as Rose water. It gives coolness to eyes & cleans the eyes. Pour a few drops in ears to overcome earache.
  • Grind rose leaves in water & apply the lep (paste) on forehead to overcome headache.
  • Gulkand is useful in case of constipation, swelling in stomach, germs etc. It strengthens the teeth & relieves toothache.
  • Boil rose petals in hot water & do gargles for throat disease, it gives relief in case of toothache, overcomes mouth odor, heat & dryness. It gives relief to stomach.

Packaging size : 100 ml.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: i am a female student of 20 year old.1 year before my eyesight is 3.5 for right eye and 2.5 for left eye ,now it increased upto 4 for right eye and 3 for right eye .can drishti is able to get back my eyesight or improved it?

Answered by Dr.Sanjay : as per your problem. start with opthocare eye drop 1drop in both eyes twice daily of himalya. along with that take triphala tab 2tab twice daily of badyanath. along with that do bindu tadana that is put a big spot on a plane canves or a big plane paper and see it for some time till it becomes 2 or more then 2 then stop it then start it again this yoga will help you a lot. also use gulab jal to cool your eyes in night before sleep it will also help you a lot . eat green veg more and drink well quantity of water . with regards dr sanjay
Question: Hi..I'm 23 year old girl.I'm suffering from blackness under eye from 4-5 year.plz suggest any ayurvedic treatment whic totaly clean blackess under eye.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello madam, Dark circles around the eyes do occur due to many factors like anemia, lack of sleep, in females, this is due to menstrual disturbances, or menorrhagia. If there is any irregularities in food, that has to be rectified in time. Deficiencies should be compensated. Consuming plenty of water, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fruit juices are very helpful. There are certain home remedies which can be followed like applying potato, cucumber, rosewater dips, etc. If there is no proper sleep, then one has to have proper adequate sleep. Consume Lemon and tomato juice in 1:2 ratio respectively for dark circles. Applying fresh mint leaves pulp for 15 minutes around eyes are very helpful. Applying olive oil on foot is very useful. Gulab jal face packs are helpful. Amla juice consumption is also very useful. Applying paste of nutmeg with raw milk is also helpful. For more details and doubts, you can contact us. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: Doctor, can I request some information on herbal product Dabur gulabari ingredients ?, I would be very thankful to you.

Answered by YogaGuru : Dabur Gulabari should not be used for eyes as it is meant for skin and external use only. It cleanses, moisturizes skin and is good for sensitive skin. It is a natural skin toner and has refreshing and cooling effect on skin. You may also feel burning sensation if dabur gulabari is used in eyes. Normal Gulab jal of any good brand can be used in eyes such as Divya Gulab Jal / Rose Water
Question: Sir, I've Dark Circle plz suggest me for this and tell meany special diet for this. Any cream and tell me that is gulab jal is benefit for face.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello madam, Dark circles around the eyes are very common in those who are anemic and due to lack of sleep. Due to irregular food habits, and lack of nutrition and vitamins, this may happen more often in females. Even due to irregular menstruation or heavy menstrual flow many individuals suffer from dark circles. After analyzing the cause one should follow regular balanced diet. Have plenty of water, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, milk etc. Though, there are many home remedies like using rose water, cucumber, applying potato, one has to consume some medicines too. Have good sleep. You can wash your face with plenty of water when you feel stress. Alternative medicines and complimentary medicines are very helpful for this issue. Foot massage is also found effective for this complaint. Some suggested medicines: Using Gulab jal in face packs, consume Amla Juice is also helpful. You can use Gulab jal for preventing dark circles. For more doubts, feel free to contact us. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
Question: Hi doctor, My face has become very oily since last few months. My skin is usually very dry Now, its slimy always. I use pears soap and no face wash Regards Renuka

Answered by YogaGuru : Oily face is generally normal problem in summers and during monsoon period, specially in areas with high humidity. For a relief you can wash your face many times or use face wipes. Other then this you can use herbal face wash such as Patanjali Saundrya Face Wash and face pack such as Divya Kanti Lep - Face Pack for skin. You may also use Gulab jal or rose water mixed water while washing face.