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Slimmer Capsules

About the product:
Slimmer capsules are made with blend of genuine herbs. It reduce 3 to 5 kg of fat in one month without any side effects & does not weakens your body.
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Slimmer Capsules

Slimmer Capsules

Slimmer capsules are made with blend of genuine herbs. It reduce 3 to 5 kg of fat in one month without any side effects & does not weakens your body.

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Product description

Slimmer capsules are made with blend of genuine herbs. It reduces 3 to 5 kg of fat in one month without any side effects & does not weakens your body.

Slimmer Capsule Indications

  • Obesity
  • Over weight
  • Slow metabolism
  • Weight Loss Problems
  • Weight gained by women after delivery

Slimmer Capsule Benefits

  • Slimmer Capsule acts as a fat burner & helps body eliminate fat & reduce weight naturally.
  • Unique & accurate formula of herbs control appetite & reduce cravings & hence makes your body slim & fit.
  • Slimmer Capsule is the herbal blend of clinically tested herbs such as :-
  • Shuddha Guggulu - which removes deposited fat quickly.
  • Triphala - one of the most recommended herb for weight loss.
  • Chitrak Mool - Its Ruksha & Tikshna properties melts the fat faster.
  • Shilajit - Maintains balance of vata-pitta-kapha & act as rejuvenator.
  • When you loose weight then Vidang herb limits the formation of fatty acids in the muscles.

Slimmer Capsule Constituents

  • Vidanga
  • Chitraka mool
  • Kali Zeeri
  • Sonth
  • Neem Patra
  • Triphala
  • Kala Namak
  • Yavakshar
  • Shudh Shilajit
  • Punarnava
  • Yograj Guggul
  • Kaishore Guggul

Slimmer Capsule Dosage

Take 2 capsule daily after the meals with lukewarm water regularly.

Slimmer Capsule Side Effects & Precautions

  • There are no side effects of Slimmer capsules.
  • It is non-toxic drug & safe even for prolonged use & leads to no untoward reaction.
  • Avoid oily & stale food.
  • Avoid Beer or any other kinds of Alcohol beverage.

Packaging Size : 60 capsules pack

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: I am 78 kgs... my height is 5'2" . I have got a big stomach due to post pregnancy and hence only my hip and stomach are big and the other parts are slimmer.... Should I take medohar vati medicines or what else for reducing the belly

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, Generally, in post pregnancy, there is a tendency of weight gain which is quite common in females if they are not able to follow proper diet and lifestyle modifications and even general body massages after delivery, there may be chances of getting overweight, and belly, however there are other factors also to be considered along with weight gain. According to your given data, Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 31.6 which shows that you are in obese category. So, you need to follow immense diet by cutting down the fats and oily foods, and try to follow split meals and small meals, however, you can maintain heavy breakfast in the mornings and cut down the quantity later. Since your weight gain is post pregnancy, it is better to follow proper diet and brisk walking and as you wish you can consume as Medohar Vati which his helpful and along with that you can also try consuming Triphala Guggulu. After completing your breast feeding, you may undergo special treatment called Udwarthanam or called as powdered massage which is very helpful. With regards, Dr. Vijay.
Question: What are the Ramdev medicines for weight loss ?

Answered by Dr.Jilsy : Hello Thanks for your inquiry. For reducing weight there is a package of herbal medicines consisting- (1)Divya Medohar vati (2)Divya Triphala guggulu (3)Divya Arogyawardhini vati 2 caps daily after breakfast and dinner with warm water. Avoid cheesy greasy foods,drink plenty of water,take fiber rich foods and exercise regularly. Other medicines for weight loss are Herbal Weight Loss capsules, Jolly Fat Go capsules, Organic Weight Balance Capsules, Slimmer capsules, Divya Herbal Tea Lauki juice Alovera juice
Question: i m years old lady,i am suffering with hypothyroidism from last 8-9 years & taking thyronorm .75mcg early morning my weight has gained from 56 to 92 during this period my menstrual cycle is also improper comes in 20-22 days WITH SMELL less flow for 2-3 days AMH level is also very low, i had a microscopic surgery for appendicitis in 2004 after after 6 months i was discovered with this problem, i do't have any issue, i got aborted 3 times in my 2 marriages. 1 abortion in 1998, 2nd abortion in 2003 October and 3rd in December 2003, then precaution were taken due to uterine infection and after 2006 i'm trying but couldn't conceive now no hopes so i have stared concentrating health only. i had taken medohar guggul for one month it reduced my weight about 5 kg but i had red rashes and burning sensation in my genital folds on my thighs near vagina.can you suggest me any other medicine to decrease my father was healthy but my mother was not & my all other sisters are slim.i don't have any blood pressure or diabetes problem though it is in my family history

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Divya Medohar Vati is a commonly used medicine and as you had an allergic reaction, I shall prescribe you some other medicines to control your weight. If you still have the allergic rashes, please apply Nalpamaradi thailam which will help to reduce it. Diet and lifestyle changes is very essential to control the weight. Ayaskrithi - 25 ml after food twice daily, Slimmer capsules for fat loss - 2capsules twice daily after food can be used for 3months and then reviewed. Try to include complex carbohydrates and fiber in your diet. Include cinnamon, bittergourd, plantain stem, turmeric, drumstick, horsegram, honey, garlic, ginger, cabbage, jujube fruit, lemon. Reduce excess salt, sugar, refined flour, carbonated beverages and fried fatty foods. Yogasanas like Dhanurasana, Uthithapadasana, Halasana, Utkadasna, Trikonasana, Paschimottasana, Padahastasana,Pavanamuktasana, Matsyasana are beneficial.
Question: pranam guruji, actually i got trimalleolar ankle frcature with dislocation on june 9th ,2010. i had to undergo operation and plates, srews were inserted inside the ankle. for 3 months i was on bed rest. now have started walking with the crutch.i have gained weight like anything. is there any asaan i can do at this stage? can kapalbhati be done without sitting crossed leg as i am unable to sit crossed leg. got my marriage on 11th dec. really depressed.want to recover soon. can u help me... with regards jayita

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Reducing more than 3-4kg of weight in a month will not last long. I understand your situation. But you can make some healthy life style changes which you can continue for a good health also. Your BMI is also 30 which is in the overweight category. Medicines like Varunadi Kasayam - 15ml with 60ml of boiled and warm water before food twice daily along with Slimmer capsules for fat loss - 2capsules twice daily after food can be used for a month. Include cabbage, cinnamon, bittergourd, plantain stem, garlic, turmeric, drumstick, horsegram, ginger, honey, jujube fruit, lemon and also with sufficient complex carbohydrates or fiber. Reduce excess salt, sugar, refined flour, carbonated beverages and foods rich in fat. Eat less and little food in the night. Yogasanas like Pavanamuktasana, Matsyasana, Dhanurasana, Uthithapadasana, Halasana, Utkadasna, Trikonasana, Paschimottasana, Padahastasana or regular exercise like walking, swimming are also beneficial to reduce weight.