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Arth Oil

About the product:
Arth Oil is an ayurveda oil benefits in all kinds of body joints pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, lumbago, gout, backache, joints inflammation, etc.
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Arth Oil

Arth Oil

Arth Oil is an ayurveda oil benefits in all kinds of body joints pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, lumbago, gout, backache, joints inflammation, etc.

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Product description

Accumulation of toxins in the joints can lead to discomfort & inhibit their proper functioning. Arth Oil is a powerful combination of herbs formulated to remove toxins around the joints & support healthy, comfortable movement.

Arth Oil Benefits

  • Very Effective in Joints pain, Arthritis & Gout.
  • Effective in Sciatica, Osteoarthritis & Lumbago.
  • Regular use helps subside inflammation.
  • Gives long lasting relief from backache, etc.
  • Eliminates toxins that impact healthy joint function.
  • Leaves no strain on garments after application.
  • Restores freedom of movement.

If you are diagnosed with arthritis, lumbago, sciatica or any other joint pain, the next step is to seek relief. & clinical management has shown that the arthritis sufferers can benefit greatly from ayurveda management.

Goodcare Arth Oil is the solution for you. Formulated after extensive research undertaken at Goodcare Research Foundation by leading ayurveda Physicians, Scientists & Botanists, Goodcare Arth Oil is an effective remedy for arthritic pain. Composed of 100% natural herbs like Erandmool, Ashwagandha, Shatawari, Ama Haldi & many more, Goodcare Arth Oil helps eliminate pain from joints, nerves & muscles to regain a healthy & comfortable life style. Goodcare Arth Oil synergistically combines the therapeutic values of various herbal extracts making it very efficacious & safe.

Arth Oil Composition

  • Each 5 ml. contains aqua extract of
  • Erandmool - 0.12 grams.
  • Dhatura panchang - 0.125 grams.
  • Ashwagandha - 0.125 grams.
  • Shatavari - 0.125 grams.
  • Ama haldi - 0.125 grams.
  • Kuchala - 0.125 grams.
  • Bachnag - 0.125 grams.
  • Prasarini - 0.125 grams.
  • Gandhapuri tel - 1.35 ml.
  • Tarpeen Tel - 0.5 ml.
  • Karpoor - 0.25 grams.
  • Ligh liquid parafin - q.s to 5 ml.

Arth Oil Direction for Use : To apply gently on the affected areas & massage lightly. For External Use only.

Packaging size : 100 ml.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: I am a arthritis patient.I wish to meet Baba Ramji for my how do i see him? i would like to go to him & also i am ready to stay there if needed for my complete remedy. please reply as soon as possible.Thank you. my full residential Address is given below. Email

Answered by Dr.Sony : Hello, Thank you for writing to us.Arthritis is of several types such as rheumatoid, osteo etc. Thus a proper clinical examination and investigation reports will enable physician to opt out for the best treatment. Assuming this to be a case of rheumatoid arthritis, i shall suggest you medicines which can be taken as an initial line of treatment. Punarnavadi kashaya - This is a classical ayurvedic medicine which is available in decoction form. It helps in overcoming inflammatory reactions of the body system. It shall be taken at a dosage of 30 ml with equal quantity of water. It shall preferably be taken an hour before food. Rasna erandadi kashayam tab - This classical ayurvedic medicine available in tablet form shall be taken at a dosage of 2 tab three times a day with the above mentioned medicine. Arth oil for joint pain relief - This oil shall be applied on the affected joints both at morning and evening. Baidyanath Vatrina tab - This tab shall be taken at a dosage of 1 three times a day after food.
Question: Mam, My self Sabyasachi, from Durgapur Westbenga. My mom suffering Heel Bone spurs from long time,so if you have any solution please with share me.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Calcaneal spur causes more pain due to the extra growth of the bone. The pressure due to excessive weight increases the pain. The intensity of the pain will depend on the growth and the pressure or inflammation around the tendon closer to the ankle joint. Ayurvedic medicines like Rasna saptakam Kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily and MahaYograja guggulu can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Arth oil for joints pain relief can be applied externally which will help to reduce the pain. Leaf poultice will help to reduce the pain. Include horse gram, bottle gourd, turmeric and ginger. Reduce excess canned foods, meat, salt, sugar and oil. Yogasanas like Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, Paschimottasana, Pavanamuktasana, Vajrasana and Triknonasana can be practised after the pain becomes better. Try to take rest when there is pain.
Question: I have moderate knee pain from past 7 months mainly while squatting , and sitting cross legged Have consulted ortho doctors , xray done . Looks like there is cartilage damage in the knees , no swelling on the knees I used work out with heavy weights regularly from past 8-9 yrs and recently from 1 yr started playing badminton , have stopped doing heavy work outs . Is there any way in ayurveda , which will help theknees to regain cartilage . Please help

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Osteoarthritis is a common problem in which the cartilage around the bony ends will be damaged. It is seen as the age progresses and if there is excessive body weight stressing the knee joint. Ayurvedic medicines and treatments are very effective to manage the pain. Massage increases the circulation of the synovial fluid thereby nourishing the joints. MahaRasnadi Kadha and Rheumartho for Joints pain can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Arth oil for joints pain relief can be used for massage. Ayurvedic treatments like leaf poultice, janu vasti, streaming oil, oil massage and rice poultice will be beneficial. Include cissus quadrangularis, nuts, olive oil, turmeric, cumin, coriander and ginger. Reduce excess cold foods, oil, meat, sugar and salt. It is advisable to maintain a healthy weight.
Question: Hello Doctor, I am suffering from knee pain for last 1 year. It has started after I had a fever attack. The pain is too much. I have taken some allopath medicines but no relief. 1 doctor asked me to go for injection in knees to raise the lubrication level in joints but I am scared if it would have any side effect in long run. please suggest me what kind of ayurvedic medicines are helpful in knee pain management.

Answered by YogaGuru : In case of some fevers knee and joints pain comes as a side effect after fever is over. Like in case of chikungunya and after the fever is over pain in knees can prolong for months and sometimes years. Vitamin rich diet or supplements can be consumed to avoid the pain. Non vegetarian soups if consumed can help in raising the lubrication level in joints. In ayurveda many Guggulus are available for joints pain. Some ayurvedic massage available in the market such as arth oil can be massaged on joints to relieve in pain. Regular practices of pranayama will help you relieving in pain and curing knee problems permanently but it needs to be continued for longer duration such as 6 months. For more information refer to Knee pain management article
Question: Hi Doctor My mother 79 Years Old. She fell down 13/09/11. Immediately we took her hospital. She got brain hemorrhage and right side of body paralysis. She can recognize but can't speak. From her Head Dr made hole and removed blood. After that I took her many hospitals but no use. Than I tried ayurvedic now she's feeling pain in right leg but hand she can't make out. Even I took her many ayurvedic hospitals. Now she want tell something but she can't after that she keep on saying amma amma than she cry like anything. Sometimes she doesn’t want eat. Now days she don’t want sit. We are from Mangalore Karnataka Pls suggest best doctor or medicine or best Ayurvedic hospitals where she can recover as soon as possible. Please advise where I can take her. My email id Thanks and regards Herald

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Post hemiplegic shoulder pain could be due to rotator cuff injury, spastic muscle imbalance, complex pain syndrome or subluxation contracture. Ayurvedic medicines like Varunadi Kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water and twice daily before food and Yograj Guggulu can be taken for a month and review. Arth oil for joints pain relief can be applied with gentle massage for the pain. Ayurvedic treatments like oil massage, leaf poultice or powder poultice will be beneficial to reduce the pain. Include turmeric, cumin, warm soups, horse gram, coriander and ginger. Reduce excess cold foods, oil, meat, sugar, canned foods and salt. Avoid strenuous movements that may stress the shoulder. Rehabilitative exercise will be beneficial for the shoulder pain after the pain has subsided.

Answered by Dr.George : Dear friend, The question is clear....May i directly go to the answer. We advice you to start with Gandharva hastadi kashayam 200ml packing,Dose-10ml kashaya added with 30ml of lukewarm water twice daily before food (7am-7pm). Sukumara grutham one spoon daily at night time. Start these medicines. Apply arth oil in the low back region. Continue the medicines o 15 days. Do contact us after that. Regards Dr George.
Question: Dear Sir/Madam, My Husband is suffering from numbness, pain on his last three right hand fingers extending to the hand, while working with computers. Severe pain and stiffness on his neck. the pain is extending to his back also. totally immobilised. He is 35 years, Doctor said it is task specific dystonia and the MRI scan says lumbar lordosis. The vitamin D3 was very less, he was under TAYO 60 for last month. He is under treatment for 6 months but no change, would request you please help us in curing the same. Thanking you Surya

Answered by YogaGuru : Hi Thanks for your query.If there is no change for the past 6months, you must definitely try Ayurvedic medicines.Your description suggests some compression of the nerves leading to pain and numbness.Please mention your VitD values.Can you please specify the symptoms due to dystonia?Medicines like Baidyanath Maharasnadi Kadha Arth Oil for Joints pain Ostolief Nutra are good. Eat a healthy well balanced diet focussing on VitD like fish, eggs,oysters. fortified soya,milk,cereals, mushroom. Try to get sunlight. Start practicing Padmasana and Vajrasana. The best thing would be to take Pancha karma treatments which would give you better results.Please contact me for futher doubts. Regards Dr.Ramani.
Question: Dear sir, My mother is suffering with high ESR 49 and her hb is 8. she is having severe pain in knees. how to reduce ESR n Increase HB without taking heavy medicines??? Because taking medicines lead to Stomach pain n other problems.

Answered by Dr.George : Dear sister, Knee is the most complex joint which involves three bones and so many ligaments. The problem which your mother is facing may be osteo arthritis. As it is the most weight bearing joint degenrative changes associated with inflammation is the most possible chance. Though mild medication this condition needs constant attention. I suggest you to start with Arth oil for external application twice daily in morning and evening. Asthi sandhanak capsule one tab twice daily is also useful. Start with these medicines for one month and do contact us after that. Regards Dr George.
Question: Hi... I am a female suffering from JRA since the age of 10... now I am 30 years old.. but have not been able to cure it... I have developrd deformities in all my joints.. I am not able to walk or stand properly... I had already tried so many medicines... but not able to get any relief... I have weak digestion too...Since last two years I am following an oil free, gluten free vegan diet.. i have been able to loose some weight and reduce some inflammation.. but I want to reverse the damage... my blood reports shows my HB 11, CRP 6 MM/gm ESR 22 and RA FACTOR NEGATIVE... PLEASE HELP

Answered by Dr.Ramani : The course of juvenile arthritis varies in each person. In advanced stage, it is difficult to reverse it completely. ESR, Anti-CCP and C-reactive protein are markers of inflammation. But the ESR is not always high. You can take Ayurvedic medicines for a month and feel how it works. It will help to improve the digestion also. Ayurvedic medicines like Varunadi Kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water twice daily before food and Yograj Guggulu can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Arth oil for joints pain relief can be applied externally with gentle massage for the pain. Please consult your nearest Ayurvedic doctor for treatemnts with all your reports. Include turmeric, cumin, coriander, berries and ginger. Reduce excess cold foods, oil, sugar and salt. Try to take rest and gentle exercise as per your energy levels and pain tolerance can be practised.
Question: Hi, My age 46, male, wt. 68. 3 years back i got wet in cold rains and while changing my shirt i got sprain in left shoulder till then its frozen cant lift my left arm. In last december again i'd to work hard in chilly winds and my joints got stiff and are cracking all over body. All muscles gets pulled up by slight work. A slight throw of something gives pain in shoulders. Kindly give me the remedy. thanks

Answered by Dr.George : Dear friend, It is important to know your occupation in this case because stress and strain in the joint will aggrevate the pain. This is a ball and socket joint. Once this joint gets inflammed you will have to take proper rest. Otherwise this will be constant spot of pain. Ignoring the pain and continuing the job will definitely result in an arthritic condition of the joint. You can apply Arth oil once in night time over the joint. orthovit caps two tabs twice daily for 15 days and one tab twice daily for 15 days. Some careful ayurveda treatments as per the instructions of an expert physician is also good. Hope you understand the condition of the condition. Regards Dr George.