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Mall Tail (Oil)

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Mall Tail is an ayurveda oil for strengthening the penis muscles & making harder erections.

Manufactured By: Baidyanath

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Product description

Mall Tail is an ayurveda oil for strengthening the Penis muscles & making harder erections. Mall taila manages erectile dysfunction in male by increasing the flow of blood in the male organ / penis. Harder erections brings more pleasure during sexual intercourse which satisfy the sensual desires of female partner. It increases the girth of penis making the muscle stronger & healthier. Few drop of mall tail prepared from herbal extracts can have amazing effect on your sexual life.

Packaging size : 5 ml. bottle.

Mall Tail Benefits & Uses

  • Used inErectile dysfunction in males.
  • Used inPremature Ejaculation orearly discharge during intercourse.
  • Strengthens the penis nerves & removes weakness from penis.
  • Manages the penis nerves & corrects the erection.
  • Mall Tail brings extra pleasure & confidence in your life.
  • Removes the bad effect of over-masturbation from penis.
  • Mall Tail Constituents

    • Sankhya - Used in reproductive disorders.
    • Jaiphal &Javitri - Used in male infertility & premature ejaculation. Another clever herbs with dual action, it both stimulates erectile function & astringes ejaculation. It is one of the primary aphrodisiacs used to tonify Semen.
    • Khurasani Ajowain - It calms the nerves.
    • Vijaya seed - Useful in genital herpes or any infection in penis or swelling.
    • Lavanga - Useful in Low sex drive, impotence, premature ejaculation & vaginal discharge.
    • Ajwain -Ajwain relaxes tension in the nervous system; especially in the lower abdomen, reproductive system.
    • Ajmoda - Very helpful in managing penis nerves.
    • Malkangni - It has anti-oxidant properties & is useful for penis health.
    • Amber -Amber penetrates deep into the skinand is best to improve blood circulation in the penis nerves.
    • Kesar -It is a renowned aphrodisiac herb that can help manage impotence & low libido. It rejuvenates the Semen & nourishes the reproductive tissues.

    Application & usage of Mall Tail

    Take 8 - 10 drops of Oil & massage on the penis area twice a day. Apply oil only on the skin & not on the tip of penis. For greater pleasure one can apply it half an hour before sexual intercourse.

    Mall Tail Side Effects & Precautions

    • It does not have any side effects but one should not apply it on the penis tip / soft muscle to avoid irritation & itching.
    • Massage it gently for 1 to 2 minutes half an hour before sexual intercourse.
    • This oil is for external use only.
    • Expiry date is 3 years.
    • This oil is only for Men.
    • It is produced by Baidyanath


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    Mall Tail (Oil)

    Mall Tail (Oil)

    Mall Tail is an ayurveda oil for strengthening the penis muscles & making harder erections.

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